Psychic & Intuition Development Training

Psychic & Intuition Development Training

This Psychic training course is designed to develop your intuition and psychic senses safely and step-by-step by building a solid foundation and raising awareness. It covers the following topics and each element is critical in order to develop your senses;

  • Clear your energy field, heal your wounds, balance your emotion and your mind.
  • Become connected with the light.
  • Raise your awareness and vibrations.
  • Cover broad topics, esoteric study and tools such as symbols and numbers.
  • Additionally, you will learn ethics, code of conduct to avoid pitfalls, spirit attachments and possessions, which occasionally happen to people who go to various workshops and classes without knowing the basics and without being aware of its potential dangers.
  • You will be supported to understand how you are sensing, your psychic type, and how to interpret what you receive and communicate.

Overall you will learn how to become a quality psychic/sensor to offer high quality, accurate, compassionate readings/work to transform people’s lives. If you would like to offer professional services, you need to build a proper solid foundation with an experienced mentor and support. Simply learning skills will not take you to the appropriate level as you also need to develop your awareness and your capacity of love and compassion to share it with your clients.

That’s why the course is designed to combine theories, hands-on practice in classes and private sessions to develop you through a 360-degree approach.

Below is the suggested standard training programme broken down step by step. 

Step  1 – If you are curious about developing intuition and psychic senses, you can watch The Intuition and Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course for free. It includes a psychic development exercise to give you a good understanding of how this works. 

Step  2 –  You can sign up to the Intuition and Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course.  This covers some important points and therefore it is also suitable for advanced practitioners as well as beginners. Please sign up to this course before you move on to the next level. 

Step  3 – Optional: You have the option to attend the Psychic and Awareness Development Workshop in order to gain hands-on practical experience in this area if they wish to do so. This is purely optional and therefore the participant has the option to advance directly from Step 2 to Step 4 if preferred.  

Step  4 – If you strive to build a solid foundation in order to become a good quality psychic, you can learn about the numbers, colours, energies, Kaballah, tarot and more by undertaking the Psychic Training Level 3 course. 

Step 5After proceeding to Lecture 5 of the psychic training level 3, you may attend the Channeling Basic Workshop – Level 1, if you wish to do so. This is the foundation course of working towards becoming a Channeler. Level 2 mainly aims to develop your reading skills and hands-on practical experience.

If you would like to learn both Psychic Training and Healer Training then Psychic Training Level 1 is recommended in the first instance. After you proceed to the intermediate level and complete the necessary assignments you will have sufficient time and space to learn the Level 3 contents.

What students have gained from our training…
We have a range of courses to suit both beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. Previous students have learned the basic and necessary elements which then allowed them to put such techniques into practice.

Even if they could not give an accurate or detailed reading before undertaking the course, after the course they were able to understand and sense energy, receive details and give a compassionate and accurate reading. 

More experienced practitioners have been able to improve on techniques and skills such as;
– Understanding where you are connecting to. This is very basic but critically important. 
– How to discern your energy from the energy of the guidance. 
– How to interpret and understand what to receive accurately. 
– How to communicate guidance with compassion and accuracy to your sitters. 
– How to deal with difficult clients. 
– How to give an accurate reading.
– Understanding your habits and patterns in order to improve.
and more.