Quantum Mind Body Emo Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring

Introduction of Kei and this session – https://youtu.be/8OdptR7v4Qs
Testimonial of this session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOJojLE2Bts
Short Demonstration of this session for you to understand how it is like (please note, it’s only one example, not the whole session). – From the link here. 11minutes.

*** This is an integrative session working on your psychology, dimensional bodies and realities by psychic psychology and healing work. It is a combination of work to heal you 360 degree, so you become healed from the deeper psychological and energetic level by a psychic psychologist Kei.  ***

Are you sick and tired of your situations where you are now, or wondering why you are stuck and keep repeating similar patterns?

If you just work on the effects or the results, you would most likely repeat similar patterns and it won’t make any changes as you haven’t learned what is causing the issues, or you haven’t released blocked energies. You need to tackle to solve it from the deep-seated route cause of your issues, not only the surfaced effects.

In a conventional talking therapy, you talk about your issues in this current life time’s issues, maybe back to your childhood for months and years, which is good and it serves its purpose in a certain way but the downside is it takes longer to raise the awareness and make a change quickly.  Also, it’s confined only in this life time, but we are quantum beings! As we reincarnate in many lifetimes not only on this earth but into other universes, we also need to go back to our past life, life between life and spirit life as well to find the cause and solve issues from there. Just talking issues and being analysed by the human’s limited brain would not really be effective as you need to work on the energy aspect and get involved with the higher intelligence guidance, which is provided by this specific session as it is an integrated approach from the mind-body-spirit, timeline and higher intelligence.  

We are beyond humans and if you also receive our integrated session, you would be able to maximize your potential to full. It is an integrated and tailor-made session from mind-body spirit holistic approach.


Do you know we have more than one body?

We are the energetic-beings and we have many different layers and dimensions dealing with emotion, mind, body, different dimensions, time travels such as past, current and future, etc.

How are you creating your reality, good and bad? What are you manifesting?  Are you troubled as you keep manifesting same patterns and troubles in relationships, money, career, health and more? 

Are you aware how much of your emotions, thoughts, behaviours, painful and traumatic experiences, decisions and more are suppressed in your quantum bodies in this lifetime and past life experiences are influencing your life and your reality?  We have accumulated negative energetic charges within us whether you are aware or not including both conscious and unconscious minds.

Who is in charge of your life?
Who is influencing you?
Where is your emotional, mental and behaviour patterns coming from? 

Are you experiencing unknown cause or doctors cannot give you a reason why you are experiencing pain or ailments? 

What is the Quantum Mind-Body Emo Detox & Restructuring Session?
We, humans, are complicated-beings and if you are just working on your physical aspect, it is difficult to make any changes or shift. This session works on the integrated aspect of you, mind, emotion, body and energy aspect, and support your shift and change. We are interacting at mind, emotion, body and energy every second, and any aspect cannot be missed to make a change as they are interrelated each other.

Key point of this session is it goes to the deep-seated cause of your problem, not only in this life time but back into your past lives, life between life and the spiritual life if necessary. I personally experienced counselling sessions and talking therapies but they are not deep enough to solve issues from the route cause. I went back to hundreds of years, thousand years, million years ago, and found causes and carried over karma and energies, and then released and healed them. It has made a huge difference.

This session works for any areas; relationship, money, career, business development, health, divorce and separation, spiritual development, dream manifestation, and more.

This session is made of two parts (mainly for the standard session).

The first part, Quantum Mind-Body Emotion Detox, is to work on all of your different aspects interactively such as mind, body, emotion and energy in various quantum dimensions,  and then detox any pain, dysfunctional and old patterns, and negative energetic charge out of your mind, emotion, behaviours, and unconscious mind and time line.

The session will be customised for your needs from our range of services, such as talking therapy, psychological work, psychic surgery, Reiki, block release, chakra and aura healing, cord cutting, karma and contract release, cord-cutting, crystal healing, energy balancing, emotional healing, Reiki and EMDR,  massage, psychic healing and Coaching elements). Therefore, we need your brief information in advance by email what issues/ailments you have and we will bring our tools. 

Past life regression
– If you wonder and cannot find any specific reason or cause of your current situation and issues, quite often it can be traced back to your past life and you have carried over karma, karmic contract, negative energetic charges and more, which need to be released and healed raising your awareness. During the session, you will not only regress to past lives, but will be releasing karmic ties, karmic contracts, negative emotional charge, irrational thoughts and decisions, etc., and heal you to move on in your current life.

  • Past life regression may happy during any session time even briefly even as a flashback as well. In that case, we will deal with the important element and release energetic charges.

At some point, past life regression full 110 min session will be also incorporated but for this, it takes the whole time to detox you (session is 110 min for this currently at Farringdon or Liverpool st, or maybe Bond street in the evening).

The second part is the reconstruction part. Once you release negative energies and charge out of your emotion, mind and body, your energetic space and patterns need to be restructured in a positive way. Until you release heavy energies and detox, initially, sessions may mainly focus on detoxing as the main priority, but once all the detox is reaching to the certain stage, we will be restructuring your energy, mind, emotion and behaviour patterns to attract positivity and manifest your dreams and wishes.

The session will be customised for your needs from our range of services, such as Reiki, chakra and aura work, crystal healing, energy balancing, emotional healing, NLP, hypnosis, Coaching and more.

How to start
– You can email us briefly what sort of issues you have in advance, Assessment will be conducted at the beginning of your first session.

What is included in a customised session?
– Consultation and a brief explanation of what entails in the sessions for your customised sessions.
– Energetic assessment
– Psychological work – digging deeper layers on your emotions and thoughts, including accessing part life info and unconscious mind to release stuck emotions and patterns and get healed. Please note this is the energetic and psychic work involved, so it is not a scientific and evidence-based session like CBT.
– Energetic treatment and interactive talking therapies (please be aware we don’t do any passive talking therapies for the entire time). Our aim is to make a change so, during the energetic session, you can express your feelings, thoughts and needs for specific purposes. If you just want to talk without any energetic work, you can book a talking therapy or psychic consultation.
– short feedback

Time and date:
– Anytime you can book between Tue – Sat. Please email 3-4 preferred time and date to book. 

Booking and Payment
– Please email us your preferred 2-3 time and dates, and brief symptoms/issues, especially anything related to medical matters and illnesses.

* Sessions fee & Payment
80 min @ 200 pounds by bank transfer (By Paypal, 210 pounds).
– 110 min @ 240 pounds by bank transfer. (By Paypal, 250 pounds).
(Within 72 hours of your appointment time and payment during Fri night -Sun weekend, payment is required by Paypal). Online Paypal payment is from here. 

– For the past life regression fee, please refer to it from here. it is for 110 min.

Client feedback
– (80 min session)

”I feel so much lighter as a whole and more positive and focused and my shoulder feels lighter too”.
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, 2021 Jan)

”Thank you for today. I felt like a huge fog within me got cleared 🙂 things are already shifting for the better it seems.”
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, London, 2020 May)

”I’m ready to work on releasing some energetic and psychological blockages more after the first session.”
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, 2020 Feb).

”I have been feeling really good since we last met. ”
(English female, 30s, music, London, 2019 Nov).

”Thank you for yesterday Kei, it was powerful and deeply cleansing. I feel so much peace and love since the session last night.”.
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, London, 2019 Oct.)

“I had an unbearable and stabbing pain in the lower abdomen but doctors and medical check-ups didn’t find any cause and solutions. After receiving two sessions, it is manageable now.”
(European female, 30s, corporate, London, 2019 June)

– (110 min past life regression combined with quantum detox session)
”After a few days of the session. I can say that I feel overall better. :). My head is quieter, less thoughts, I feel I am more present on day-to-day. This is also helping me to meditate with more presence.. Very few thoughts coming while meditating, I get aware of them, and I continue.. All in a very gentle way and therefore, I feel more relaxed after that. So, thank you very much indeed for what you do, I really think it must be really exciting to be able to help people so immensely. I really can tell there is a difference in you works than with others., that is Amazing for me.”

(European female, corporate, 40s, London, 2019 Nov).

”I definitely feel lighter and can recognise many of the parallels between my life now, and my perspective on life, and the things I saw during our session. I’m not eating much, strangely not hungry (is that normal?), but feel ok. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t feel inclined to limit myself, but rather just eat when I want to. I must say I really enjoyed our session together and would love to have another.”
(English female, 30s, London, 2019, June)

Terms and Conditions
– Please note that we are not medical professional and don’t offer any diagnosis and cure, but we give support from energetic aspect as we are energetic-beings and energy can be healed and transformed which can change your reality. In this energetic work, we have experienced over 14 years and treated many people supporting to change their life. If you have any physical and mental ailments, please continue to consult your doctors and GPs.
– There are individual differences and we cannot say or guarantee how many times the sessions would take and how it works in advance even though many clients experience improvement or changes with a couple of sessions.
– Please arrive in time and wait as the session will be conducted as scheduled.

– Fee will not be refunded for late arrival, no show and within 72h cancellation.
– Cancelation & rescheduling policy: within 72hours of your booking, it is 100% charged. Please notify if you need to make a change by email as soon as possible.
– Important: if you already know you have attachments, symptoms, or possessed, it is highly recommended to book the Quantum Block Release session for Exorcism. But we can offer you the energetic assessment at the initial session if you would like.
– A day before your appointment: Please do not drink alcohol and take any substances as it creates the energy of not accessing your emotional truth as an avoidance pattern. Please sleep well as well.