★Quantum Re-Birth & Past Life Karma Release

Video – Galactic-seed & Starseed Awakening★ Quantum Re-Birth, and Release Karma & Past Life Energy – YouTube

Video – Galactic-seed & Starseed Awakening★ Quantum Re-Birth, and Release Karma & Past Life Energy – YouTube


Ascension is being in progress even though its process is slow. There are various sessions we offer and this Quantum Re-Birth session works on the very roots of your existing as a human, a soul and a spirit and transforms your consciousness and your mind. We are more than human and are energetic beings, though many of us have been trapped in the physical reality mostly.

Why were you born in your country?
Where are you here as a human?
Why did you come to the earth?
Where are you from?
and such.

Most of the people cannot answer these questions as they don’t remember who they really are and they have lost the divine connections within themselves. That’s why we fight, kill others, bad-mouthing on social media, work for money without passion, and don’t stop and think about why things are happening for us.

Especially as parents are ageing, parents become more “selfish”, and dark aspects of brothers and sisters come up to the surface to compete for (toxic) parental love and attention, especially when inheritance problems are involved. Some people pretend nothing bad is happening, whilst others are in a rage with exposed emotions. As such, the number of people who have been troubled by family relationships has increased, especially in the past year or two.

In particular, in recent years, issues related to toxic parents, adult children, and unhealthy attachment between parents/ family and (adult) children have been coming up to the surface more and more. Some people say ‘cut the ties!’ and break the toxic parent-child / family relationship. However you cut off and walk away from them, karma and carried-over energy are STILL there, unless you FACE it and deal with it. It will come back to you as an ‘UNFINISHED business’ at some point beyond time and space.

Pain may be temporary, but as fundamental problems become resolved one by one, other areas of life (money, partnerships, health, relationships) can be also positively influenced.

Unfortunately, this is part of the process for us to go through to ascend.

If you have a spiritually aware family, that would be great. If not, it would be probably a huge challenge to go through as many of us don’t want to take accountability.

-IF you haven’t awakened your inner divinity,
– IF you don’t know why you are here and you are not on your divine path.
– IF you don’t know what you want to do and wonder what life is about
– IF you feel stuck and cannot move on in life with passion

what do you want to do?

The Quantum Re-Birth session supports you to;
– Awaken your inner divinity
– Shift your path to the divine path
– Release carried over energies and karma from the past life.
– Explore, find or acknowledge your life purpose, and shift with its flow.
– Understand who you are.
– Release blockage psychologically and energetically, and enhance your gifts and potential.
– Transform your reality and manifest what you need to achieve as a divine spirit.
– Feel safeness, peace and harmony.
– Ease mental and emotional conflicts.
– Understand spirituality and energy, and enhance psychic senses.
– Become connected with guides and light beings.


– Many past life Hypno sessions or regressions do NOT release carried over energies, patterns and karmas as you only see or get informed about what your experience was in the past.
– Our past life session is the energy session which releases various negative influences from the past to transform your life, so it is not the same with other hypno sessions just seeing the past life.

There will be individual differences but this session is the energetic session. Depending on your needs, ascended masters, galactic beings or angels will be also there to support your transformational process too and awaken your inner divinity.

Additionally, higher-guidance: even if you have been on the path to ascend, there is always the next level to awaken your deeper divine consciousness and transform you. Ascension and transformation are continuous processes and there is always the next conscious level.


Session Outline Overview (for Sessions 2 & 3)

  • Session 1 especially – We will ask you about your current situation and your concerns. Counselling especially in relationships and problems, especially with your parents (and your family).
  • Session 2 onward
  • – Psychic Consultation and channelled guidance
  • -Quantum rebirth session at multidimensional levels.
  • -Rebuild the state of birth and release unnecessary energy.
  • -Karma and carried-over energies (and more) will be released from past lives (Kei will tell you what she finds. If you want to go back to your previous life and experience it, please book past life hypnosis.
  • -Energy work, psychological work, healing work
  • -In addition, there are many secret methods that are not disclosed, so we will combine them to perform treatments so that they can maximize their effects.
  • -Feedback

– The above contents will be covered as a minimum content, and the treatment contents will change according to your condition. Since it is a fairly deep clearing and restructuring, the session consists of three parts.
– Important – Since part of this session requires your collaboration such as brief information gathering, please book this session only if you are ready to receive and complete this course within 4-8 weeks.

Session 1: First of all, please receive spiritual counselling.

  • Private session (50 minutes)
    – You can talk about anything and become emotional too. The more the mask is removed and the true complaint is made, the easier it is to see the core of the problem.
  • After Session 1 – Please leave for about one week till Session 2. You need to collect some information from your parents and send it to Kei.  

Session 2: Private Session Only: to work on current patterns, fundamental problems, energy release, healing, karma and carried over energy clearing from past life, Rebirth energy work related to this life, and psychological work

Session 3: Private Session Only: to work on Rebirth energy work at a multidimensional Level, karma and carried over energy clearing from past life, and psychological work

After this, you can continue if you want to continue to release more. If you would like to build a firm energetic foundation, attending classes 1 and 2, the Mind revolution course, Amaterasu DNA Activation and a Quantum psychosomatic emotion detox session, are recommended.

Booking & Payment
– Session 1: Offer- 50 – 60 min specific Spiritual Counselling @£70 by bank transferby Paypal, £75) .
– Session 2: 110min @£300 by bank transferby Paypal, £315) .
– Session 3: 110min @£300 by bank transferby Paypal, £315) .
– You can stop at session 2 if you wish.
– Please do not leave more than 2-3 weeks between sessions as we are going to work on the specific patterns analyzed in Session 1, especially between Sessions 1 and 2.
– You need to have a minimum of 7-14 days between sessions 2 and 3.

Preparation for your session
We need to prepare your session (especially Session 2) in advance.
– Please email us your full name, birthday, birthplace (and the exact birth time if you know).
– Please have a pen and paper ready for each session.

Terms and Conditions – please read in advance.
– Session will be conducted as scheduled so please sign in as scheduled. If you are late, you will lose time.
– After we confirm your booking time and date, please pay the fee within 24h. If your payment is not confirmed within 24 hours, your session will be cancelled automatically.
‐ If your booking is scheduled within 72 hours, please pay by Paypal payment.
‐ If you want to cancel or re-schedule your booking, please notify it by email.
‐Cancellation and Re-scheduling policy: Within 72 hours, it is a 50% charge, and within 48hours, it is a 100% charge.
– Your privacy will be protected.
– Please choose a private and quiet space for this session and switch off all the noise such as mobile phones, TVs and any alarms and vibrations for Sessions 2 and 3. Using an earphone or headset is recommended.

Client feedback sample
”I could feel the energy was changing between me and my mother during the session. I never felt this way before. After the session, I’m feeling great. I am noticing and embodying a lot of changes too.”
(English male, 30s, business owner, June 2022, London) 

”Clearing was very powerful and I could now understand why I cannot be confident in certain things and don’t like xxxx. Past life influenced me a lot. I feel lighter now. ”
(English male, consultant, 30s, London, May 2022).