★Quantum Re-Birth Session

Ascension is being in progress even though its process is slow. There are various sessions we offer and this Quantum Re-Birth session works on the very roots of your existing as a human, a soul and a spirit and transform your consciousness and your mind. We are more than a human and are energetic-beings, though many of us have been trapped in the physical reality mostly.

Why were you born in your country?
Where are you here as a human?
Why did you come to the earth?
Where are you from?
and such.

Most of the people cannot answer these questions as they don’t remember who they really are and they have lost the divine connections within themselves. That’s why we fight, kill others, bad-mouthing on social media, work for money without passions, and don’t stop and think why things are happening for us.

-IF you haven’t awakened your inner divinity,
– IF you don’t know why you are here and you are not on your divine path.
– IF you don’t know what you want to do and wonder what life is about
– IF you feel stuck and cannot move on in life with passion

what do you want to do?

The Quantum Re-Birth session supports you to;
– Awaken your inner divinity
– Shift your path to the divine path
– Explore, find or acknowledge your life purport, and shift with its flow.
– Understand who you are.
– Release blockage psychologically and energetically, and enhance your gifts and potential.
– Transform your reality and manifest what you need to achieve as a divine spirit.
– Feel safety ness, peace and harmony.
– Ease mental and emotional conflicts.
– Understand spirituality and energy, and enhance psychic senses.
– Become connected with guides and light-beings.

There will be individual differences but this session is the energetic session. Depends on your needs, ascended masters, galactic-beings or angels will be also there to support your transformational process too and awaken your inner divinity.

Additionally, higher-guidance is: even if you have been on the path to ascend, there is always the next level to awaken your deeper divine consciousness and transform you. Ascension and transformation are the continuous processes and there is always the next conscious level.

Session Outline
– Psychic Consultation
– Individual session – at a personal, country, earth, and universe level. It is a quantum level re-birth work you are going to receive.
‐ Receive support to shift your vibration and identity as a new version of you.
– Feedback

Session Attendance:
Live Zoom as a personal session. From Jan 8th – 29th Japan time. After that, planned in the UK time.

Booking & Payment
‐ 110min @£260 by bank transfer(by Paypal, £270)->Offer:2.5h for now

Terms and Conditions – please read in advance.
– Session will be conducted as scheduled so please sign in as schedules. If you are late, you will lose time.
– After we confirm your booking time and date, please pay the fee within 24h. If your payment is not confirmed within 24 hours, your session will be cancelled automatically.
‐ If your booking is scheduled within 72 hours, please pay by Paypal payment.
‐ If you want to cancel or re-schedule your booking, please notify it by email.
‐Cancellation and Re-scheduling policy: Within 72 hours, it is a 50% charge, and within 48hours, it is a 100% charge.
– Your privacy will be protected.