Quantum Release

Quantum Release – Attachments, Energetic Contracts, Karma and Ancestral Healing

This is the massive area where each individual has vast amount of data within him. It is impossible to remove unwanted energies simply by one session, but it will make a change if you receive sessions.

There are two types of approach to remove unwanted energies, by private session or a semi-private group work.

Private session
– In order to release anything unique to yourself, highly recommended to receive the private Quantum Mind Body Emotion Psychosomatic Detox & Restrucruting session.
– You can book this session anytime you want.

Semi-private Group session
– There are many common elements we have and store unwanted energies. These can be handled and released by a semi-private session, called Karma release, Contract upgrade and Ancestor’s healing semi private group work vol 1.
– This is run irregularly as a group work. Please check the time and date on the page.

Choose what you want and book your session for your happier fulfilled life.