Relaxation Swedish Massage

Relaxation Swedish Massage Therapy (& Detox Healing)  

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Enjoy our Holistic Massage (Swedish Oil Massage) with warm and caring hands through your skin and five sensors. It brings a warm relaxation and relieves pain and tension with gentle but firm pressure on your body. We are specialized in the energy work thus you can also enjoy the healing and hypnosis combination with a massage therapy.

What is Holistic Massage? 

Holistic massage is a full body massage treating your body and mind in view of your physical, emotional and spiritual state, and it is tailored to your specific requirements. It improves your sense of well-being, eases aching muscles and provides health benefits such as increased circulation, improved skin tone and improved immunity through lymphatic drainage with techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, frictions, vibrations and hands free (deep tissue) massage . With easing nods and improving your ‘KI’ energy (life force) and blood circulation, your circulation and natural immune system will improve. Your mental and physical conditions will become more balanced with peace of mind too. The body and mind are interrelated, therefore physical relaxation will also bring mental relaxation and serenity.

Regular massage provides various benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some examples.

Physical benefits

  • Pain relief
    Pain relief is one of the most common benefits of massage. Massage stimulates the secretion of endorphins (the feel-good hormones), relieves pain, tension and headaches. It helps conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia as well as neck and back pain.
  • Detoxification and better circulation
    Massage shows helps in flushing out toxins and waste products through the lymphatic system and helps in improving the blood circulation with more nutrient and oxygen to body cells. Better blood circulation leads to softer, clearer, as well as healthier skin
  • Alleviation of inflammatory conditions
    Inflammatory conditions like tendinitis and arthritis are treatable through massage performed for making the muscles loose and relaxed.
  • Promotes flexibility
    Regular massage supports your body to become flexible in muscle and joint areas, and it works on reducing susceptibility to muscle injuries.
  • Controls blood pressure
    According to a clinical study, it has been observed that even a short and simple touch can result in an instant fall in the blood pressure levels. It forms a great way towards maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Therapeutic abilities
    Massage also has numerous therapeutic abilities. This has led to including massage therapy as an integral part of post-operative care to shorten the stay at NHS.

Mental benefits

  • Allays stress
    Cortisol, a stress reduction hormone, is released generously during massage sessions and helps in reducing stress. Massage improves the emotional health as it makes you feel nurtured not only become relaxed.
  • Reduces anxiety levels
    With lower stress level, anxiety automatically takes a lower place. Relieving yourself from anxiety not only makes you feel better but also improves your mindfulness state with peace of mind.
  • Improved concentration
    Massage makes you feel calm and relaxed thus improves your focus and concentration. Furthermore, it can lead to better productivity and creativity.
  • Better sleep There are numerous people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress or some other illnesses which is a cause for insomnia or a lack of sleep. Massage therapy provides a relaxed body and mind which forms the primary step towards making your body and mind ready for a sound sleep.
  • Improved mood
    Massage has been used as a treatment therapy for those going through depression. This indicates the therapy’s capability of lifting a bad mood. It relaxes your mind through gentle touch.

Before and after your massage therapy, you will have a brief 2-3 min counseling and feedback time, which supports you to lighten up your mind and ease your emotions.

Our massage will use a high quality natural oil such as grape seed, apricot oil or coconut. It contains rich minerals and will help your skin to become soothed and nourished. If you have any allergies, please let us know in prior your session. Massage takes place on a massage couch, and towels are used throughout to cover your body.

1) Holistic Relaxation Swedish Massage Therapy

  • Fee:
    – 25min @ £55 can be booked to add to other session.
    – 50min @ £110

    Payment: Please pay from the Paypal link here.  Or Bank transfer possible if is it 96h/4days before. 

2) Combination of Holistic Massage Therapy with Healing

  • 55min / 85 min
    Massage therapy combined with a Medical Intuition Healing , energy detox healing, and short 5min counselling session. Combined with energy work, stuck energy and blockages will be released from both of your physical and etheric bodies, thus it is more therapeutic being treated as a whole and has the higher healing effect on you. If there is any area you would like to have more massage, please let us know.

    • Fee  – 50 min £ 130
    • Fee  – 80 min £ 160

– For an oil massage – Bond street only
– For a non-oil massage – Moorgate station

It was great to meet you, I found the experience very positive and relaxing. The talking in particular was surprisingly beneficial and the massage very relaxing.”
(English male, business owner, 50s, March 2015)

”Her hands were so warm and I thought she was using something like a heating devise. Even after a massage, I was so relaxed and it was hard to get up from the treatment table. With firm pressured massage to all of my body, my back and leg tension from stress and work is so much better (British male, Banker, 40s, Oct 2014).

”My life is so busy with social and work and I had pain in my back and lower back. After a massage, my shoulder is better and my body became so much lighter. “(Australian female, finance, 30s, July 2014)

”My back and shoulders are so tensed as I’m always so stressed. After a session, I was so relaxed but wanted to have more than one hour. (Italian male, business owner, 40s, Oct 2014).

”I was very stressed at work and the massage therapy was very relaxing and I didn’t feel like getting up from the table. Her hands are so soft and warm, very nice (Italian male, 20s, business analyst, Oct 2014).

”My construction industry’s work is really tough mentally and physical and my stress levels is so high. Massage therapy eased my leg, back and shoulder tension and I feel so much better.”(Serbian male, 40s, construction company, Aug, 2014)

Terms and Conditions
– Please read in prior your booking

  • When you book, we will email you the consultation form and ask your physical and medical conditions. Please fill in the form and send it back to us in prior your session.
  • Please avoid booking a massage therapy if you are pregnant 3-6 months.
  • You will be covered with a towel and keep your underwear all the time.
  • It is not a sexual massage and we will not touch your private body parts.
  • Please take a shower a day before or your appointment date.
  • Please arrive 3-5min before as your session will be conducted as scheduled.
  • Advance booking is required. Please give us 2-5 days before of your preferred booking dates.
  • When you book, please let us know
    • Your name, your mobile no, which session, what time and where with 2-3 preferred options.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer. If preferred, Paypal payment is also available with Paypal charge +3.6%.

Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings depend on availability of time and space and can differ depends on a date.
  • When you need to cancel, please contact us by email in advance till it’s confirmed (Text message may be delayed due to the network failure and please contact us till we reply you).
  • 50% charge will be applied within 48 hours (Minimum £30), and 100% charge within 24 hours of your booked session.
  • If you would like to combine with healing, coaching and hypnosis, please come to our therapy rooms.