Remote Usui Reiki Group session

If you feel unwell, anxious, worried, Japanese non-diluted and authentic Usui Reiki works on your mind, emotion and body to ease your states.

Under the pandemic situation, drastic changes gave us a huge impact in many ways in our life.

In order to reduce all the anxieties and un-wellness, you can utilize our remote group Usui Reiki session and feel calmer, balanced and harmonized. Remote, but it is very powerful and you can utilise this to balance your emotions and life. Our remote session is designed to work like an individual session and each person will receive a full Reiki energy. We have received various testimonials from our clients telling us that they felt the powerful energy to their hands, arms, felt warmness, heat and such.

If you suffer from illness, Reiki works well with mental and physical illness, and we recommend you to receive it regularly,

Remote Group session
- Usui Reiki – 30min £45
*Please note that counselling and feedback are not included. Only Remote Reiki session. If you prefer to have feedback, please book a private session,

*Time and date:
– Please check What’s on page for time and date and what the remote session will focus on.

*Booking & Payment Deadline: 10 hours before the session time. Please book by booking by Paypal from below.

*Payment Method :
– Please make a payment from the below Paypal buttons (no refund)
– Once you make a payment, a payment notice comes to the practitioner, and you will receive a booking confirmation email. Then you will receive Reiki at the time when the session starts. Please intend to receive Reiki.
– You can do anything you want, but please avoid driving a car and using heavy machinery during the session.
– Once the session is finished, please drink plenty of water and rest well.

*IMPORTANT – Please read:
Please make sure to email us separately with your real full name, your birthday and the postcode and the city where you will be at the session time, no later than 6 hours before.
– If you forget to send it, the energy will be directed to the information on the Paypal payment notice.