★Sacred Womb Healing & Goddess Feminine Energy Empowerment

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As the ascension progresses, modern society is gradually transforming into a world where women are also given various opportunities. In Middle Eastern countries, women are still often oppressed because they are not given opportunities or power, but even so, there is an active movement to give women human rights, as seen in Iran and other countries today.

Especially in developed countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Europe, women are now given the right to vote, educate and work, allowing them to freely fall in love, marry and have families, as well as to achieve their dreams and the quality of life.

On the other hand, while it has become possible to enjoy love freely, marriage, and freedom as a positive aspect, there are also negative experiences in which the feminine aspect is oppressed or suppressed by negative events and experiences. For example,

– Concerned about marriage, childbearing age, stable life to have a family and bring up babies, leading to too much pressure and enforcement looking for or rushing to an undesirable marriage, partner and relationship.
– Oppression by a man/partner in love, dating, or marriage, physical and mental abuse, rape, etc.
– Childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and moral harassment
– Sexual harassment, moral harassment, and power harassment at work as an adult
– Unwanted pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage;
– Putting up with relationships where you can’t even say what you want to say freely or are emotionally or mentally controlled
– Undesirable affects of sex and relationships with men who don’t value you
– Effects of romance, dating, marriage, heartbreak, divorce, infidelity, or neglect with a man who ignores, does not empathize or understands your emotions and feelings.
– Womb-related diseases, menstrual cramps, irregular periods, infertility
– Diseases of the bladder, genitals, STD, and intercourse pain

Various heart-wrenching experiences such as the above are energetically absorbed by the woman’s uterus and chakras. And if you do not detoxify and heal it, it will remain as residual toxins in the energy body which is affecting your body and emotions. In particular, if you have sex without contraception, you will also receive the negative energy of your partner, so you will be affected even more by it.

Even after a breakup, as your ex (partner) will continue to suck your energy out for more than 7 years, you need to cut the negative sexual-cord that would continue to affect you otherwise. In addition to the sexual cord, if your ex-partner wants to dominate and control you continuously, that energy will also keep coming in and it will enter your auric field, making it difficult to live as your true self and manage your love life.

Mind, energy and body are inter- connected, so if you have a painful experience, you can heal both energetically, physically and emotionally from this energetic session.

In addition to healing and detoxification, we will energetically activate and awaken your feminine energy and bring you closer to what you should be by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis and the Abundance and Love of Goddess, Lakshmi.

Expected effects
– Discern the differences between genuine love and fake love
– Bring back your own feminine power to re-align with your divinity
– Heal your heart, mind, body and emotions
– Express what you need to communicate, not ignoring your feelings
– Decide to walk away, finish or improve bad relationships
– More awareness of building a better relationship and not fall into pitfalls
– Happier love life, sex and quality of life
– Safe sex, free from STDs and HIV
   (Be aware: In London, 1 out of 46 XXX  men have HIV)
– Manage your standard with positiveness, radiate your feminine energies
– Attract an ideal date or partner who is emotionally and mentally available
– Identify a pattern of trap and gaslighting/manipulating techniques
– Better communication

It is a very private session in which you will unravel why you had such a painful experience and what you should do, to heal it, and attract better love or build a better relationship.

– (Birthday) and energy while receiving psychic counselling (about 15 minutes).
– Energy and sexual cord-cutting & healing
Feminine energy healing by the Egyptian goddess Isis 
Activation of the energy of love and abundance by Goddess Lakshmi (if time allows)
– Crystal Healing – Focusing especially on the womb and the heart.
– If you have a mental or physical illness, Reiki will be added
– Balance your overall energy
– Feedback (10 minutes)
Options – You can book a Delax session which includes a 30 min additional psychic consultation to improve relationships, build healthy relationships, a selection of a man you want to have a relationship, etc. if you need.

– Please email us your preferred session, 3 convenient times and dates, your birthday & birth time, place, and Skype name.

– For a face-to-face session –  you can book it if you can follow the procedure. Please check the Corona prevention procedure on the What on page.

 For the time being, you can receive the following offers.
– Online standard session 80 minutes  – limited time £150 (PayPal £160)  
– Online Deluxe Session 110 minutes – Limited time £210 (PayPal £220)
– In-person Standard Session 80 minutes – Limited time £200 (PayPal £210) 
– In-Person Deluxe Session 110 minutes – Limited time £250 (PayPal £260)

Since we will work on the various energy bodies, we recommend that you take 3 sessions while the offer price is still applied.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

– Please email us any changes soon. It will be charged 50% within 48 hours,  and 100% within 24 hours of the booking date.
– Session will be conducted as scheduled and please come in time. For face-to-face sessions, please arrive about 5 minutes in advance.
Face-to-face session location: Moorgate/ Bank, Covent Garden or Farringdon