Sanatokumara Work

Ascended Master of Light, Sanatokumara, is an advanced master of light to clear negative energies, release spirit attachments and expel demonic energies.

There are two sessions available conducted by Sanatokumara and Kei’s energetic exprcism team as following.

– Sanatokumara Spirit Release & Clearing Group session (type 1-3, monthly) – Remote session
This is a group session and mainly intends to release spirit attachments to help you to become lighter and happier. There are three types and it is recommended to receive type 1 -3. This group work does not involve any exorcism sessions to expel demonic energies. If you are not bothered by demonic energies heavily, this is more suitable.

– Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release course (private sessions, Remote as well).
This is a set course to expel demonic energies and more, as well as release spirit attachments. It is highly recommended to everyone to receive this course to clear your energies deeply. There are type 1 and 2. If you are not suffering from addiction, demonic attack, hearing voices, etc. type 1 is recommended.