★Self Spirit-Release Course

‘Am I under bad spirit influence or a psychic attack? ’
‘There are a lot of unexpected troubles. ’

If you are wondering or suspecting bad spirit influence or want to learn how to raise your vibration and clear your energy, this course will help you.

Psychic attacks and spirit attachments are very common. Since the onset of the Corona pandemic, more people are experiencing physical and mental health deterioration, relationship issues, family conflict, financial worries and more.

Various factors cause or influence illness and troubles, such as by psychological factors, state of mind, thought patterns, emotional behaviour patterns, etc., but one of the major influences is invisible energetic factors.

For example,

  • Negative emotions, energy, and thoughts
  • Psychic attacks from others (including family members and ancestors)
  • Spirit influence entered into your energy body (e.g., aura)
  • Extra-terrestrial influences, such as ETs
  • Envy, jealousy or bitterness from family and others
  • Resentment, anger, jealousy, etc. from others due to deceiving others or lying

The following matters are not easy to tackle by yourselves to release and heal or need help from an experienced practitioner.

  • Karma and spells carried over from past lives
  • Attachment by animal spirits
  • Adverse effects by lust spirits
  • Grudges and curses via ancestry and family relationships
  • Evil spirits involving demonic influence 
  • Non-diseased spirits, earthbound spirits, or unsatisfied ancestral spirits that have not been attained 
  • Environment, house, land, geographical energy
  • In addition, psychological factors are also involved in energy factors, such as focusing on negative matters intensively, not being grateful, complaining, etc.

And so on.

Some energies may not be easy to release and need help from professional exorcists. But this self-exorcism & purification course, you will learn how to release spirits, purify and protect yourself, and adjust energy in relation to the above four highlighted energies in purple. It will help you to raise your viration and have a happier and harmonious life.

The method and techniques you are learning are
– Our school uses these methods to treat our clients for sprit release, energy clearing and protection effectively over the past 16 years.
– Some of the contents have been secretly taught as ancient techniques.

If you are interested, please read the following and apply for the course.

Location – all sessions are conducted as an online private session in live.


1) Characteristics of being possessed by a spirit or under negative influence
There are much more to it, but there are some patterns of spirit attachments as below. The more apply to you, higher possibility you are influenced by spirits and others.

A) Easily influenced and affected
When you are sensitive to energy or the emotions of others, you become emotionally unstable, your body becomes heavier and sluggish, and your energy, physical strength, thinking ability decrease, etc. Seeing or feeling spirits, you attract unpurified spirits, earthbound spirits, evil spirits, etc., and you may suffer from their influence and energy disturbances. If you are an empath (energetic sponge), you may feel sick, unstable, or depressed because you breathe in or be influenced by the energy of others or places easily and you may become dysfunctional. This pattern is often seen in so-called HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) too.

It is often improved by learning energy management, clearing, spirit release and protection. In addition, if those who engage with divination, psychic reading, spiritual healing, mediumship, channelling or massage, do not practice energy management, clearing daily, they absorb negative energy of clients and others and become physically or mentally ill or experience more troubles.

B) Light attachment and influence:
Emotions, thoughts, or energies that you are emitting even if you are not conscious, attracts spirits that have similar vibrations. Spirits attach to humans who have similar values and emotions. For example, depending on others, greediness with money, promiscuous, material-driven or power orientation attract spirits which have the same values and try to achieve what they could not achieve. These spirits are stubborn and do not respond to divine guidance to move on. If you do not change your own vibrations, feelings, and thought patterns even after your attachments are released, other spirits may come to you and become attached to you. For this reason, it is also necessary to fundamentally transform yourself and review your life. Heavier attachments than these need professional help.

Now, how much of these applies to you?

As it is a case-by-case, it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between how light and heavy the influence is. But learning our techniques will help you to remove attachments, clear your energies, and raise your vibrations to have a happier life.

2) Signs of attachments or attacks
It’s a case by case but for example,
– Looks dull and dark
– Insomnia
– Cleanliness is lost
– Strange eyes and facial expressions
– No energy or tired looking
– Personality may change
– They may become abnormally attached to some activity
– They become aggressive or very intensive
– Loosing motivation, feeling unwell, unexplained pain, deteriorating relationships, and more.



Our sessions often include spirit release and energy clearing, which effectively works. In this course you will be able to systematically learn how to release spirits like the above in purple, clear your energy and protect yourself to raise your vibration.

The following order is the best energetically as the standard flow. However, the order may be changed depending on your energy. All these are available online in live as individual sessions.

We will teach you the techniques which do not require a psychic sense. Even if you don’t have any experiences in energy work and psychic development, you can use these techniques effectively.

You can take only level 1 or only 1&2, but if you want to perform a full-fledged self spirit-release, we recommend that you finish level 3. Those who complete each level can advance to the next level. You cannot start from somewhere in the middle.

Level 1 ‐ Basic ‐ Working on your energy

Level 2 ‐ Working on your psychology, patterns and lifestyle.

  • Mind Revolution session course  – you learn the ancient knowledge and Universal Principles to turn around your life for better. Ultimate awareness transformation course. Consultation is included.
  • (Optional) Reiki seminar level 1 – this is the first authentic connection with a part of the Hierarchy of Light. You will learn what the authentic and non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki to heal and balance yourself.
  • Class 2 Level 1 – Learn Self-Healing psychologically based on cognitive and emotional therapy. Change your patterns of thoughts and feelings and transform yourself to become positive. Build a good relationship with yourself.
  • Awaken Your Divinity – Secret Message from a Relationship with Your Parents Course – Work on your relationship with your parents to transform programmes within you and have a better life. Video course.
  • Class 2 Level 2 – Learn Self Healing to build better relationships with others.

Level 3 Advance level – You should be ready to deal more complicated spirit release and matters. Each session also includes a psychic consultation which will support your situation to be transformed.

  • Archangel Michael Initiation seminar–  You can receive protection from the Archangel Michael’s office, and you will learn the proven ancient method
  • Protections against Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire Workshop
  • Self Spirit-release and energy clearing workshop – 3 hours of class followed by 1 x 80-minute practice exercise @ £650
    • Learn how to safely exorcise spirit release that are entering your aura and your energy body. If your energetic vibration reaches to a certain level of balanced vibration, you may be able to send spirits to the certain dimensions, but this needs practising.
    • For those who want to continue their practice, £200 per 80-minute practice monthly for 6-12 months is available. 

Other recommended individual sessions
While learning how to release spirits and clear your energy, you can also receive individual sessions to expel more complicated energies if you wish and raise your vibration. The more you clear your energy, your vibration goes higher and make a change in the reality.

  • Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox and Restructure Your Energy 1-3/4 x 80 min session – Many of us have some dysfunctional thoughts and emotions. This session includes NLP elements as a private session to release outdated emotional, mental, behaviour patterns to move on effectively and efficiently and raise your awareness.
  • Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release Course – If you finish level 2 and level 3’s Michael initiation, you can have this course.
  • King Solomon Healing  – To have the AK2 light body, this is an essential session.
  • Ancestral healing sessions – release negative influence from your ancestors such as ancestral karma, curses and spells as well as heal the vast number of ancestors.
  • Psychic consultation 
  • Ashtar work – Your birth experience as a spirit with guided meditation and guidance. Ashtar supports to remove negative entities from the cosmic universe beyond the solar system and release blockages out of you to play a role as a Starseed.

How to Apply

  • Please email us to participate in this course. Courses can be completed online at your own pace. We recommend one to four times a month.
  • Please see the details of cancellation terms and conditions from each session.