Self Hypnosis Workshop

Self-Hypnosis Workshop
– Anyone can attend.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of  mind in which the analytical and logical mind ceases, thereby suggested  thinking can be established on an unconscious level in order to reset your  mind. By learning how to hypnotize yourself, you will be able to reset your mind in a positive manner as well as relax your mind and body anytime you feel  it necessary. You can apply the techniques in various ways, in order to achieve your targets and goals, and also, to manage your mental and emotional issues.

You will learn what self-hypnosis is about  and experiment with it by guided hypnosis in order for you to learn effective  self-hypnosis techniques.

Anyone can learn simple but effective self-hypnosis for their own benefits.

<What you will learn>

  • Understanding the types of the Mind
  • What Mind Power is
  • Various Hypnotic States in day-to-day life.
  • The levels of hypnotic states
  • Perceptions – how we perceive  external stimulations.
  • Perception exercises
  • How to clear your mind and relax.
  • What “suggestion” really is.
  • How to make suggestions
  • How to apply suggestions for your self-hypnosis effectively.
  • To experience Self-Hypnosis.
  • How to hypnotize yourself through guided-practice.

<Expected Outcomes>

  • You can achieve relaxation for your mind and body.
  • You can apply these techniques for your goal achievements such as,  weight loss, bad habit improvement and work performance enhancement.
  • You can apply these techniques to alleviate your mental and  emotional issues.
  • You will learn how to reset and change your mind positively.

Fee: £120 for 4 hours by Group workshop / £200 for 4 hours by Private workshop

Please contact us for bookings. Group Workshop schedule is at the top page.