Awakening Course

Awakening Course
– Manifest Your Unique Life Purpose
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In our esoteric tradition, all of our initiates are requested to think and feel about the following questions;

Who are you?
Where are you coming from?
Why are you here?
What are you supposed to do?
Where are you going?

If you have a mission as a Lightworker, Galactic-being or Starseed, somewhere in your mind you may be feeling like, ‘I have something to do here but don’t know what it is”. We are educated at schools and are expected to find what you want to do from a ‘conventional’ type of work such as working for companies, hospitals, shops, factories, banks, law firms, etc. but you may feel like ‘I don’t really know what I really want to do’.

Under the current ascension process, things are changing very quickly and you may want to awaken yourself further with a higher vibration. Awaken your divine True-you and your soul fully”.

First step is, the DNA Activation which was verified by King Solomon over 3000 years ago, supports everyone to become connected with the light and opens up their gifts and power. If you are a galactic-being or a Starseed, Amaterasu DNA Activation is highly recommended as it is the latest vibration and technology to awaken your energy and fulfil your life purpose.

The first step, King Solomon said… –  first you need to connect with the the DNA Activation.
3000 years ago, “Until you receive the DNA Activation, your essential gifts and powers will remain dormant”.  DNA Activation is the universal tool which works for everyone beyond race, gender and nationality”. Unlike New Age modalities, this was verified and works for everyone in our mystery school traditions. It has been handed down only to kings and priests in the past as it is a divine tool to retain power.

With your power and gifts remaining dormant, it is difficult for you to live as “True-you” and fulfil your life purpose that your spirit had wanted to do and had planned before you were born here. With opening up your gifts and power, you will be able to access them and can develop a life you wanted to have as a spirit, as you will be on your divine path.

Secondly, you need to have a God-consciousness with Light body transformation.
To fulfil your life purpose, you need to ascend your consciousness and energetic bodies with higher vibrations (as a Galactic-being) and have a light body transformation. This is enabled by AK2 DNA (Adam Kadmon 2) Activation and King Solomon Healing Modality. However, AK2 DNA Activation is 52 DNA Activation on your DNA strands related the physical dimensional energy as well as your Galactic DNA strands for the Light body, it is a very high vibration and you need to shed off lots of your internal and external shadow aspects to prepare your energy.

This Light Body transformation with the god consciousness, will give you an amazing shift and a good foundation to awaken your Galactic-energy and Starseed energy.

Thirdly, if you are attracted to the Galactic Commander Ashtar, you may be an Ashtar Starseed or you are related to his project. 
Some of you are a Starseed, and some Starseeds have an agreement with the commander Ashtar to do the Ascension work together. If not, you may have other Starseeds contracts with other Galactic functions. Some others have contracts with the Ascended Master Magical Marline, for example. If you are not an Ashtar Starseed, he and the Hierarchy of Light will help you to activate your lightworker, Starseed or Galactic energy.

However, the school does not intend to attract only galactic seeds or star seeds,  and it does not matter in the end. What matters is whether you have or want to be ready to have the vibration to serve to the humanity as a ‘support’ with light and love, whoever you are and wherever you are coming from, not inflating your ego with knowing about your spirit origin and connection. Sometimes your spirit experience itself could have a dark history, which means everything is not coming from ‘light’.

However, there are obstacles – external and internal.
The above 3 steps are the shortest courses to awaken your lightworker, galactic/ Starseed energies. However, in many cases, its process can be interrupted to align us with the Galactic high vibration as we have been exposed to and affected by human conditions, ego and dark energies.

For example, we, humans, live in this dimension various invisible beings are living together in the same space though many of us cannot see them. We are talking about the dark forces and dark souls. They attach to us or influence us in various forms as “Spirit Attachments”, and they try to live their life with their own purpose, NOT YOURS. These are external influences on you.

There are other interferences such as past life karma, memory, energetic contract and such, which no longer serve for your highest good. Your way of thinking, feelings and behaviours, are all influenced by these externally and internally. However the biggest obstacle is quite often your own ego and your shadow aspects to resist changes and not to choose love and light, but to choose money, victim consciousness, greediness, power, fame and status, which belong to this physical dimension.  

That’s why in our school, our clients/students go thorough various sessions and training to make a change from 360 degrees including mind, body, spirit, energy and psychology consistently to be able to manage their shadow aspects. Some of them are to become a guide to guide other people with Light and serve to the humanity with humbleness, light, sincerity, balance, love and compassion. Others utilize our training partially for their own spiritual and psychological developments to raise their awareness. How much you want to learn from us is totally up to you in this course.  Some will finish all and others will only take partially.

We welcome everyone in this course to support your journey. If you wish, you can receive the Archangel Michael initiation and obtain the Michael connection for your growth.

This awakening course does…
With private sessions and classes in this awakening course, you will be supported to release external influence and transform your energy to become you, e.g. by releasing and transforming heavy energy, some karma, outdated ideas, victim consciousness, narcissistic patterns, unhealthy ego, false identities, etc.. and also aim to shine your divine energy to fulfil your life.

For you to keep healthy mental, emotional and energetic states, you can learn how to protect your energy field and to learn how to clear the emotion and energies to maintaining the “Energetic Health”. There are reasons why dark-beings come and attach to you but if you can clear your energy and maintain your energy level, you can prevent them from being attached or interrupted by invisible beings and other people’s emotions and thoughts.

With our authentic ancient Mystery School Lineage and Galactic Connection…
We offer classes for you to learn the ancient and effective protection and energy management. You also support you to transform your patterns of feelings and thinking to fulfil your life purpose. You need to understand how the higher dimension will work with you and upgrade yourself with the high vibration and consciousness with the Galactic Light and become “True-YOU”.

However please bear in mind that we are not here to guarantee anything such as more income, better health, better job, spiritual enhancement, etc. We help your journey and it is up to you what you learn from what you receive and how to utilize it for your journey. You have all the keys to make a fundamental change with your free will and responsibility for your life journey. 

Course Outline
– The following is the course outline for you to build up your energy and skills and transform your life. For details, please click on each link. It will work on all aspects of you, emotion, body, spirit, and psychology, 360 degrees to make a change in your life.
– You can start this course anytime you want at your own pace. To maximize its effectiveness, weekly /bi-weekly training is recommended (at least 1-2 times a month).

– How to book: the course is a mixture of private sessions, classes and group seminars. You can start from the Amaterasu DNA activation private session or what you would like.
– Please send 2-3 preferred times  and dates to book, which session, session length and your name  ALL together by email.
– The following order is recommended but the order of sessions can be adjusted and changed to meet your needs.

  • Psychic consultation – if you would like to have.
  • Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation session– Open up your gifts and power. Awaken you with the divine connection. Recommended as the first session.
  •  Spark of Life remote session – this activates your spirit side of DNA strands.
  • Class 1 – Learn Energy Protection and Energy Management
  • Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox and Restructure Your Energy 1-3 x 80 min session – Many of us have some dysfunctional thoughts and emotions. This session includes NLP elements as a private session to release outdated emotional, mental, behaviour patterns to move on effectively and efficiently and raise your awareness.
  • the Archangel Michael Initiation –  Whenever you are ready. Open to everyone. You can receive protection from the Archangel Michael’s office, and this is the first step for you to align with the Hierarchy of Light. This is offered only a few times a year. Please contact us if you would like to attend this.
  • Mind Revolution session x 7 times as a course  – you learn the ancient knowledge and Universal Principles to turn around your life for better. Ultimate awareness transformation course.
  • Class 2 Level 1 – Learn Self-Healing psychologically based on cognitive and emotional therapy. Change your patterns of thoughts and feelings and transform yourself to become positive. Build a good relationship with yourself.
  • Reiki seminar level 1 – this is the first authentic connection with a part of the Hierarchy of Light. You will learn what the authentic and non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki and heal yourself and your energetic wounds.
  • Deep Healing 1-3  This helps to raise your energy level.
  • Class 2 Level 2 – Learn Self Healing to build better relationships with others.
  • Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release Course
    – This is only for the Galactic initiate.
    – If you are non-initiate – Instead of the Exorcism course, alternative energy management and self-clearing lessons are recommended (Amaterasu Clearing and more). You will learn how to expel attachments and entities and clear your energies with a higher vibration, instead. 


  • Quantum Re-birth, Karma Release & Past Life Energy session – You will re-birth at the quantum levels.
  • Amaterasu 40 DNA Activation standard session– Upgrade and activate your creative energy. Recommended to have this within about 4 weeks of Life purpose reading.
  • Life Purpose Reading – Finding out the purpose of life helps you understand who you are and what your gifts are if you want.
  • Adam Kadmon (AK2/3) Light Body Transformation Theory Seminar – If you complete the light body transformation, you become very sensitive and need to learn how to maintain your light body.
  • AK2 DNA Activation –  to transform your consciousness to higher and have a light body.
  • King Solomon Healing  – To have the AK2 light body, this is an essential session.
  • Ancestral healing sessions – release negative influence from your ancestors such as ancestral karma, curses and spells as well as heal the vast number of ancestors.
  • AK2/8th Dimensional Galactic Transformational Healing & Activation session – After you receive the King Solomon healing, this session helps you to promote the galactic energy and activate it.  DNA Activation is related to the physical dimension whilst this session is related to the Galactic dimension.
  • Online Qabalah & Galactic Transformation Course  – Utilizing the support of 10 Archangels and the Galactic-beings, you will be supported to release old patterns and raise your vibration.
  • Class 1- 2 – Connect with Your Higherself and Create Your Life. The first step to develop your psychic sense further. Assessment will be conducted first.
  • EMDR& NLP  session x 8 times – As a human, we store a vast amount of information in our conscious and unconscious mind as a painful or traumatic experience but they may be suppressed and frozen. This works on your psychology and heals your wounds quicker and deeper as it also works on your energy.
  • Ashtar work – Your birth experience as a spirit with guided meditation and guidance. Ashtar supports to remove negative entities from the cosmic universe beyond the solar system and release blockages out of you to play a role as a Starseed.
  • Reiki seminar level 2 – If you want to become a lightworker as a therapist to heal others, this is highly recommended to become certified as the original authentic Reiki is the base for any healing. Your energy will be assessed first. 

If you are not sure which session you would like to receive, though the above course is recommended, please contact us and you can book a psychic reading and consultation session.

You can also add a psychic consultation whenever you need to.

**Further More**
There are different paths available in our Mystery School lineage once your energetic vibration is assessed and admitted, please see below.

  • If you want to become a psychic healer, psychic or a lightworker, please click on the Healer and Psychic training.
    – This course will provide you with a solid foundation and transform your consciousness to a higher vibration and become a high quality and love-driven psychic healer.
  • If you want to become a psychic or become more intuitive and inspirational for creative work, please click on the Psychic training.
    You will learn the foundation and will learn various methods to read people and empower them.
  • If you want to work with us as a Lightworker to download the Highest vibrational light, Galactic Light, and help other people from our authentic mystery school lineage and connection,
    – please contact us and start the Healer & Psychic Training Course.
    – This is the path for the Initiation to the Mystery School and work as a Lightworker.
    – If you want to download the Galactic energy and serve to humanity for the ascension, it is the level 5 Healer and Psychic training step by step. It is a very pure and high vibrational energy and you need to shed off the human lower vibration first to resonate with this energy.
  • If you want to maximize your potential, not necessarily related to therapies, but creative artist, writer, composer, business success, etc., you can start this Awakening course and can customise it.

Or we can tailor-made if you don’t fit in the above, please contact us. 

★Testimonials ★
‘’I have experienced problems with addiction for my whole life, particularly substance abuse, this has improved dramatically since working with Kei moving mainly through the Galactic Awakening course. As I near the end of that course I am proud to say I have not used any substances for over 6 months now. Kei’s support has been the key to my progress and my personal and spiritual development. I have noticed that life is gradually becoming better in every way. ’’
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, Nov 2020)