Sacred Geometry Site Protection

Sacred Geometry Space Gridding & Protection Handdown Workshop
– For Michael Initiates and GFLS Initiates only.

”There is geometry in the humming of the strings… There is music in the spacing of the s”
by Pythagoras

(Pythagoras taught that Geometry is the Harmonic Vibration)

A long time ago, before the earth was made, there were many sacred symbols and energies made within the universe by the Creator. Each Sacred Symbol has its own unique energy and its own special function.  You will learn how to use these Sacred Symbols for your own space and house.

<Workshop Contents>

  • You will learn what the Sacred Symbols are: their meanings, energies and the effects of using them.
  • Activate the sacred energy within you.
  • You will learn how to use the Sacred Symbols. By using them, you can grid, seal and protect your work or home space for meditation, seminar, healing and psychic reading session. This is a simple and effective way to set the energy at site.
  • You will also learn how to set the space energy with the higher vibration as the Temple Space. This is suitable to use if you would like to conduct a special ceremony which requires a strong protection and higher vibrations.
  • Kay’s additional tools from her experiences.
    • Finding out what your intension is to clear the energy and protect the given space.
    • Tips to work with the higher dimension and your space.
    • How to protect your site using crystal stones and gridding – additional tools.
    • How to apply these techniques to solve different issues.
    • How to clear the energy in the space – additional tools.
    • How to “download” the light and fill the site with “the light”.
    • How to clean up the space after you finish your work at the site.

<Expected Outcomes>

  • Protect your space safely with various powerful protection and sealing methods.
  • Being able to apply these techniques for different issues.
  • Clearing the energy and making the site vibration higher.
  • Keeping your energy space clean and protected.
  • Being able to conduct your work and private sessions at site safely with good protection. Good for Astral travelling, Channelling, Healing and Meditation work.


  • 26/40/AK2 DNA Activation
  • Class 1
  • Quantum Block Release 1-3
  • Deep Healing 1-3
  • Class 2 Level 1 report submission
  • Mind Revolution  course – pre-requisite of the class 2 level 2 – need to start before this workshop attendance.
  • (Class 2 level 2 –  class attendance is desirable)
  • If you are in a healer training course  – Usui Reiki Seminar 1 and 2 / Psychic Training Level 2

– 3h Private workshop @ £320 (after 3pm on weekdays, 340 pounds)