Spirit Release

Spirit Release and Exorcism

We receive requests for spirit release and exorcism. We have been offering this service over 15 years but noticed a certain pattern.

Even if evil spirits or spirit attachments are cleared, something else can come back to clients if they don’t change their mental, energetic, emotional and behaviour patterns such as;
– They continue to use substance
– They have addiction issues of substance, alcohol or sex.
– If they don’t learn to protect themselves energetically and clear undesirable energies
– If they are still suffering from suicidal, self-harm, depression, anxiety, or serious mental illnesses
– If they tend to complain and blame others as a narcissistic pattern,

and more.

Therefore, we don’t offer spirit release or exorcism course to general public anymore, but you can learn how to clear your energy and protect you by yourself step by step.

Our admitted school initiates will be eventually offered the spirit release course as part of their training to serve to humanity.

If you would like to clear your energy and start learning protection and clearing, please look at the self- clearing course below.

If you would like to have a session to clear various energies (not exorcism), please have a look at Quantum Mind Body Psychosomatic Emotional Detoxing session.