Spirit Release Hypno

Spirit Release Hypnotherapy & Damonic Damge Recovery Healing
– this is not offered any more unless you really need to have it. Alternatively please check the Quantum Energy Block  Release Session please. 

You might be horrified to hear the words, “spirit attachment”. You perhaps visualize a horror movie’s image. Surprisingly, spirit attachment is a very common phenomenon we find through our practices. Many people have some kind of attachments for years without being aware of them. Some attachments even come from the past lives.

Attachments are various and, in some cases, they may be affecting lightly and in others, severely. Their damage and interference can be seen as problems in various aspects of life, such as

– career development obstacle,
– redundancies,
– financial situation, money loss, debts
– ill-health,
– Mental illness
– bad, toxic and abusive relationships, rape, domestic violence
– murder, crime
– accidents
– bad marriage and divorce,
– family issues,
– Any addiction to drug, alcohol, sex, shopping, etc.
– depression, split personality (especially very psychotic and temperamental trait with violence) plus more.

Through Spirit Release Hypnosis, you will be detached from entities and cleansed through calling the Light-being within a safe and protected environment with our professionally trained hypnotherapist and Ritual Master. You will be sitting in a comfortable chair and fully aware of your surroundings without any uncomfortable experiences. All will be handled smoothly by a therapist through our unique and secret method.

Some people have only 2 entities, but others have over 3,000 and even more! On average, people have between 10-300. If you are a healer, therapist or psychic without doing any proper protections on you, or if you are a drug and alcohol addict, the numbers of attachments we have seen so far is usually well over 200 and upwards towards 10,000. If you hear voices and have already some symptoms, it is likely over 2,000 attachments will be found.

However, the good news is that we have a 99% success rate in removing spirits with one session, including heavy cases. You might wonder about the remaining 1%. Sometimes, people do not want to release attachments and resist at the subconscious level although this is rare. Generally, we have a 100% success rate to release spirits in one single session and the maximum time so far has been 2.5 hours. In Japan, a “spirit attachment release” session is usually conducted many times and it costs often more than a thousand pounds. Ours is a simple, clean, all-in-one-go session which is reasonable and quick.

In order to keep the lasting effects and protect you from further attachment – we recommend you to come in to the healing and protection class beforehand. Therefore, right after the Spirit release session, you will know how to protect yourself and not be attached any more.


– Spirit Release Hypno and Damonic Damage Recovery Healing: 2h 20min £300

* depends on your condition, you may need to have additional sessions.
* Please book and pay in advance.

Please note:
– Highly recommended to learn how to protect yourself with the Protection and Energy Management Class 1 first.
– Our special damage repair follow -up healing session is recommended so as not to be attached;
——— Aura repair, Crystal Healing, Cord Cutting and Reiki combined session (60 mins £120 / 90 mins £180)



“I didn’t think I had that many, 1000s within me. I now know they were causing me to become ill, sick and have some troubles in my life. I had a very negative hearing voice before but I don’t hear anything at all any more. I feel much lighter now. Thank you so much. I will do protect myself properly from now.” (Japanese female, 20s, London, April 2014)

“I didn’t think I had any entities within me. I had about 20 of them! and it is scary which were affecting my life” (Female in 40s, Designer, Entity Release Hypnosis)

“Kay performed entity release therapy on me, I was surprised to find there was something else inside me but reassured by her skill and calm demeanour in sending the entities to the light. She is a very professional and compassionate therapist. I felt much lighter and re invigorated after the session” (English male in 30s, Media & Broadcasting, Entity Release Hypnosis)

“I had a spirit release hypnosis twice and am glad I feel much lighter now. It’s nothing good to keep them within me and being disturbed in life” (Female in 40s, Doc, EntityRelease Hypnosis)

“I couldn’t believe I had a murdered male entity within me which attached me for a long time ago, and was asking for help to me. When it was released I was in tear as he was happy being understood and returning to the Light. I also found two evils transferred into me through a sexual relationship with my boy friend. I knew there was something wrong and I’m glad they are gone as well. You never know what you get from others and have to be really careful. Through an entity release hypno, I feel much better and centred now. ”
(Female in 40s, Psychic, Entity Release Hypnosis)

“I had a feeling there was an entity within me. As expected, there were some disturbing my life, health, and relationship. I’m glad they are gone now and feel much more comfortable ” (Female in 50s, Entity Release Hypnosis)

“I didn’t expect I had an entity though I found it out during the Weight Loss session.It attached to me when I was a kid and since then, it was within me for years.I cannot believe it was really real! I feel good now.”