Spiritual Consultation

Spiritual Consultation

Have you ever experienced the power of expressing your emotions and thoughts and talking about them (verbalising and hearing about them by your ears and feeling them) and exploring your inner world with spiritual wisdom?

This spiritual, transformation consultation is for you to express your emotions, your thoughts and your opinions, re-align yourself with your values and direct your energy to manifest your divine dreams and wishes. Experienced spiritual consultant supports you with spiritual guidance over 17 years of experience.


Our spiritual transformation consultation offers the following viewpoints both from the material world and intangible dimensions, but not limited to;

  • The material dimension that we experience every day (work, career, business, money, health, love, sex, relationships, love affairs, dating, divorce, etc.)
  • The invisible dimensions and energy (karma, soul planning, different dimensions such as the galactic universe, past life, law of attraction, and law of the universe)

If we only look at things only from the material world’s view, we can not be able to see our life and our situation from the bigger picture,

because the material dimension is actually only 1% of all the dimensions.

Ignoring the remaining 99% of the invisible world gives you difficulties for you to get out of your patterns from the physical dimension and you may repeat the same (vicious) cycle again and again.

In our spiritual consultation, we provide a session based on energy, the Law of Attraction, and the Laws of the Universe. You will be supported to listen to your inner voice which has all the answers for you to know. It is the space for you to be yourself while at the same time learning spiritual wisdom.

Please note that this is not a psychic consultation and there is no higher guidance or psychic reading, but you will learn spiritual wisdom accordingly to turn around a situation and learn how to apply them to your real life. This is for you to reassess and realign yourself with your values to manifest your wishes and divinity.

Your spiritual consultant Kei is an experienced psychic consultant and psychologist (MSc in Health Psychology and Psychology) who have studied metaphysics, esoteric and psychology for over the past 17 years and have supported various people’s life with success.

Entrepreneurs and business people also often use our services to improve their businesses and their quality of life. They often combine with energy sessions and tend to be able to turn around their situations. Their sales grow as they grow as a person.

Please find further details and choose what session you would like to have below.

This session is suitable for people, but not limited to;
– Express your emotions and thoughts freely.
– Change your life and transform your life better.
– Be listened to attentively and have a session from a spiritual point of view.
– You can’t easily talk about your feelings and mind to people around you.
– You would like to organize your mind.

If you would like to have a Psychic Consultation instead, please visit from here.

-Please email us which session you would like to have all together with other information, such as
– the type of session, length, online/face to face
– Preferred 3-4 dates and times in the UK time.
– Phone number / Skype address if it is an online session.

30 min online consultation – £25 by bank transfer (within 72h, by PayPal £30)
50 min online consultation – £55 by bank transfer (within 72h, by PayPal £60)
50 min Face to Face consultation – £130 by bank transfer (within 72h, by PayPal £135)

** Important
– For a face-to-face session, please check a Covid-19 prevention requirement on the What’s on page.
– Please keep an email correspondence for a booking arrangement only, and we will talk during your consultation.

** If you would like to learn the wisdom of the universe and have a consultation to transform your life, the Mind Revolution Course is recommended to receive.

Terms and Conditions
– Your session will be conducted as scheduled.
– If it is a face-to-face session, please wait in the reception area 5 min before.
– Cancelation and Rescheduling fee: 50% of cancellations and changes within 48 hours of your booking will be charged. Please note that a 100% charge will be applied for cancellations and changes within 24 hours. Please let us know by email if you have to make a change.
– Your privacy will be protected.

Client feedback
‘I know you cannot solve my visa status, but I felt stronger because you were supporting me and backed me up so much. You tried everything you could. Thank you.’
(African female, 60s, Greater London, June 2022)

‘Yesterday’s reading was spot on. Actually, incredible.’
(English male, 60s, Medium, London, June 2021)

’My Anxiety level is ’’lowered and I can start eating better.’
(British female, London, June 2021)

‘My relationship with my parent has improved. We will have a family outing soon for the first time. Work, relationship, everything goes well now.’
(English male, 30s, entrepreneur, London, May 2021)

“My relationship with my family has improved. We can understand each other better.”
(English male, 30s, consultant, London, April 2021)

‘I can express myself better than before.’
(Japanese female, 40s, corporate, London, 2019).

‘I know how to handle a situation with my family and mother-in-law. It’s getting better now with a boundary. ‘
(British female, 30s, finance, London, 2018).