Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling (Talking Therapy)

Have you ever experienced the power of expressing your emotions and thoughts and talking about them (verbalising them)? This spiritual counselling is for you to express your emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, shame, feeling rejected and excluded and more. You will feel lighter and calmer having counselling with an experienced spiritual counsellor who can support you with compassion, encouragement and spiritual guidance with over 10 years of experience internationally.


There are various types of counselling, and we offer spiritual counselling, which includes the following viewpoints both from the material world and intangible dimensions.

  • The material dimension that we experience every day (work, career, business, money, health, love, sex, relationships, love affairs, dating, divorce, etc.)
  • The invisible dimensions and energy (karma, soul planning, different dimensions such as the galactic universe, past life, law of attraction, and law of the universe)

If we are merely human beings living in the material dimension, and we only look at things only from the material world’s view, your worries and distress are not going to be solved easily without looking at your situation from the bigger picture,

because the material dimension is actually only 1% of all the dimensions.

Ignoring the remaining 99% of the invisible world gives you difficulties for you to get out of your patterns from the physical dimension and you may repeat the same (vicious) cycle again and again.

In our spiritual counselling, we provide a session based on the energy, Law of Attraction, and Laws of the Universe. You will be listened to and can vend out your fume as much as you want freely (privacy is protected). It is the space for you to be you by removing all the masks you put on your face. Also, you may have a couple of spiritual wisdom quotations to gain awareness and learn, if needed.

If you want to not only speak and be refreshed but also to reflect on your situation, yourself and life deeply with the spiritual implications of your situation, this spiritual counselling is recommended. You will be supported to explore your inner world freely, feel and understand what you feel and think, and express it, which is liberating.

This session does not give you advice and suggestions, you will not be influenced by the external factors, come up with your own ideas and align at your centre, which is essential to live your life as you, not as someone else.

Your spiritual counsellor Kei is an experienced psychic counsellor and psychologist who have studied metaphysics, esoteric and psychology for over the past 15 years and have supported various people’s life with success.

Psychic consultations are for people who want to talk about their issues freely and also want to have a psychic consultation (psychic reading, channelling) and guidance from the higher dimensions and guides. This is not a counselling session, and you will have a consultation to look at your situation from the spiritual and metaphysical point of view, and look at the underline psychology, your energy, and your subconscious mind with psychological work and explore the best options and solutions for you to move on in life with suggestions and advice.

Entrepreneurs and business people also often use our psychic consultation to improve their business and their quality of life. They often combine with energy sessions and tend to be able to turn around their situations. Their sales grow as they grow as a person.

Please find further details and choose what session you would like to have below.

  • Type 1) Spiritual Counseling / Talking Therapy: For those who mainly want to talk.
    • When people have pent-up emotions and have some difficulties emotionally and mentally, quite often, they are not ready to move forward yet, You may need to vend out fumes first. You can do that as long as you want. But this session is for you when you desire to make a change and move on. It means you are willing to see your situation from different angles, and ready to get rid of victim consciousness and criticism of others, even though you are still upset or angry. If you keep blaming and criticizing other people, you won’t be able to transform your life as you play a victim or a narcissistic role, though you may not be aware of it.
    • The focus of this session is to let you talk, especially if you have a pattern to suppress your feelings and thoughts. You can talk about anything freely as much as you want. There is no taboo to talk about and it is good for you to learn how to express your feelings and thoughts by getting over fear to express.
    • Your spiritual counsellor will be there to listen to you and hold the space, which means we won’t interrupt your talking and we will create the space for you to be able to talk about anything. The counsellor does not play a proactive role by speaking but will be there to listen to you and hold the space for you. It gives space and energy for you to speak, reflect on your inner world and explore freely without a limitation.
    • Your counsellor asks you questions i.e. to look at the underlying psychology, to summarize your thoughts, and understand your feelings. Since it is counselling from a spiritual point of view, it may include psychological work by quoting the laws of the universe and the laws of attraction in order for you to gain awareness if needed and summarize your ideas.
    • Please note that this session does not have any psychic reading and channeling.
    • This session is suitable for people;
      • You would like to change your life and want to move on, even though you may be still upset.
      • You want to express your emotions and thoughts freely.
      • You want to be listened to attentively and have a session from a spiritual point of view.
      • You can’t easily talk about your feelings and mind to people around you.
      • You want to talk about your issues and become lighter.
      • You want to organize your mind.
      • You have a pattern of suppression and want to practice expressing your emotions and thoughts freely.
    • Please note: If you have a mental illness, a personality disorder, or a symptom you may suspect, please consult a GP or a medical professional too.

  • Type 2) Spiritual & Psychic Consultation – Explore solutions and options.
    • If you want a psychic consultation, energetic assessment, and guidance from the higher dimension.
    • While you are having a consultation, we will talk about the Laws of the Universe and the Law of Attraction accordingly. Your energy, psychology, and conditions will be assessed and you will receive suggestions from the consultant. And guidance from the higher dimensions.
    • From a spiritual point of view, you will look into your situation and explore and receive support to find solutions and options to move on in life.
    • Since it is a spiritual and a psychic consultation, elements of psychic reading, channelling, and mediumship will be included as needed.
    • This session is suitable for people;
      • You want to be listened to attentively from a spiritual point of view and also want to have higher guidance and psychic reading.
      • You want to know how to turn around your situation by learning the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Attraction accordingly and want to transform your life.
      • You want to seek a solution/options from a spiritual point of view as well.
      • You want to explore your inner world and find a direction, etc.
      • You want to understand the spiritual implications of what is happening
      • You want advice and guidance from heaven and guides
      • You want to have an energetic scan and assessment of your energetic states, underlying psychology and subconscious mind patterns.
      • You want to understand yourself and your psychology from the spiritual point of view.

-Please email us which session you would like to have all together with other information, such as
– the type of session, length, online/face to face
– Preferred 3-4 dates and times in the UK time.
– Phone number / Skype address if it is an online session.

1)Type 1 – Online spiritual counselling
– If you add 25 min counselling session to other standard 50 / 80 min sessions, an additional £42 by bank transfer (by Paypal £44).
– 50 -60 min Online Counselling – £70 by bank transfer (within 72h, by Paypal £75).
— Summertime offer for new clients – £45 by bank transfer (within 72h, by Paypal £50).
— Summertime offer for existing clients – £55 by bank transfer (within 72h, by Paypal £60)

– 50 min Face to Face Counselling – £110 by bank transfer (within 72h, by Paypal £120).

** Important
– For a face-to-face session, you need a Covid-19 test negative result.
– After you had the initial counselling session and you need to speak to the counsellor between arranged sessions, please do not email or phone call for free sessions and questions to be answered. Please ask any questions only during the booked sessions.
– Please keep an email correspondence for a booking arrangement only.

2) Type 2 – Spiritual & Psychic Consultation – Explore solutions and options
– You can have it both online or in a face-to-face session.
– For further information and booking, please visit from here.

Terms and Conditions
– Your session will be conducted as scheduled. If it is a face-to-face session, please wait in the reception area 5 min before.
– Cancelation and Rescheduling fee: 50% of cancellations and changes within 48 hours of your booking will be charged. Please note that a 100% charge will be applied for cancellations and changes within 24 hours. Please let us know by email if you have to make a change. If you combine a session with other sessions, please follow the cancellation policy of the main session.
– Please avoid frequent changes.
– Privacy will be protected.

Client feedback samples
‘I know you cannot solve my visa status, but I felt stronger because you were supporting me and backed me up so much. You tried everything you could. Thank you.’
(African female, 60s, Greater London, June 2022)

‘Yesterday’s reading was spot on. Actually, incredible.’
(English male, 60s, Medium, London, June 2021)

’My Anxiety level is ’’lowered and I can start eating better.’
(British female, London, June 2021)

‘My relationship with my parent has improved. We will have a family outing soon for the first time. Work, relationship, everything goes well now.’
(English male, 30s, entrepreneur, London, May 2021)

“My relationship with my family has improved. We can understand each other better.”
(English male, 30s, consultant, London, April 2021)

‘I can express myself better than before.’
(Japanese female, 40s, corporate, London, 2019).

‘I know how to handle a situation with my family and mother-in-law. It’s getting better now with a boundary. ‘
(British female, 30s, finance, London, 2018).