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★ What does it mean to care for and support other members in the group, not only one member trying to stand out as a star? – Organizational Psychology.

Photo from this video – BTS Taehyung Dissed Akgaes at the Award Acceptance Speech..? – YouTube


There are so much we can learn from how BTS members treat people, South-Korean pop singers’ group. I’m so impressed in many ways as many of the cares and respect they show are actually missed or disappeared in a modern life, especially in big cities.

Today is about the teamwork and support for each other.

It may be also related to the culture difference as the Eastern culture is more collective, whilist the Western caulture is more indivualistic. There are pros and cons on both cultures.

At an emergency time like the Corona pandemic, Eastern culture’s collectice approach is more successful as you can see in the Covid-situation. Contracted cases are overall very low and people cooperate more with each other and the government, and they wear masks, social distancing and stay home, which contributes a lot to contain the virus spreading.

On the other hand, the Western countries such as the UK and the US, as you know, it is not the case as many people don’t care, not wearing a face cover, no social distancing, partying, riots against the gov’t and such for asking for individual freedom. People go on holiday, go out for socializing and don’t care they are spreading virus under the pandemic even though the governments are asking them to cooperate to stay home and wear masks.

So the individual system is good to create stars but it creates a lot of competitions, jealousy, and inflating egos. The Eastern way has a lot of downside as it asks you to compromise to go for your unique way, a stardom, etc. but it creates a lot of harmony and care each other.

BTS’s approach on how to treat other members creates harmony and genuine support for each other as the Eastern approach, but they also have a system where an individual member can create songs and utilize their own unique talents. They created a unique mixture of good aspects of the Eastern and Western cultures, which is a cause of their huge worldwide success. BTS as a group are the star and each individual member is also a star.

They use good organizational psychology. It does not create a one-member-standing-out star system but all of them, 7 of them, are the stars as the group. All of them are characters and so I imagine it was not easy to gel each other at the beginning but they found a way. They always have a meeting and talk about issues to solve. Communication is a key.

We can apply this approach anywhere in
-a corporate system
– family dynamic
– marriage
– friendship
and such.

For example,

  • Husband is a star and wife is like a maid, -> it can be gone.
  • Older corporate workers do all the fantastic jobs -> subordinates and assistants can be trained.
  • Star player earns a huge amount of money -> other members should be paid more as they are supporting the star player.

No one can establish an amazing work without support from other people.

BTS has about 100 staff who are supporting them, so they are the extension of BTS, and BTS members know it and acknowledge their support.

Think about how you can make your life better and recognize what support you are receiving from people around you?

It holds the key to turn around your life.