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★Learn from Prince Harry & Mehgan VS BTS to destroy/build a good relationship

Forget hiding behind the sofa, the Royal family needed a bullet-proof vest as Harry and Meghan let rip (msn.com)

*This is just my personal view at the moment.

Meghan and Prince Harry
I don’t know how tough it was about what Mehgan went through but she has a full of victim consciousness. What she claims may be true from her point of view, but spiritually she created the situation and does not take responsibility for the consequences, though I’m sure there were so many unfair things that happened to her.

For example, I’m not traditional enough, and I cannot belong anywhere too conservative and too traditional, so the royal family can’t be my choice to be welcomed as a daughter-in-law, even how wonderful the Royal family is. The royal protocol would probably suffocate me. They stay Royal and I choose my path, which is more peaceful, no dramas.

I don’t know how much she knew about the Royal family life style’s restrictions, but she has a vibe of ‘I’m not good enough’ covered with narcissism and has a full of drama energy for an attention-seeking.

Think about it, when Will Smith came to London, I didn’t see any hatred or criticism of him at all. He was so welcomed. Same black Americans. Why was he accepted but why wasn’t she accepted?

I know a couple of guys who are British black but they are very popular among men and women from all sorts of different races and nationalities.

When Donald T, a white guy, came here, so many protests were happening in the UK, even though he is white.

It’s easy to blame the skin colour as being discriminated against, but at the deep bottom, it is not the skin colour, but PERSONALITY, which is the energy people feel. Whether a person can be trusted or not, not messing around, not deceiving, safe or not, etc. that is the first thing people check each other, even without talking about it. It just comes as an impression and a vibration. People are not that stupid. People check others’ behaviours quietly and judge whether they can trust others or feel safe or not.

She said she didn’t get support from the Royal family but the Royal family said there was the same support available when Kate got married.

This just tells me that Meghan was not earning support. People would not give support unless they see ‘something’ there, quite often, especially even risking their positions. I assume there may be a part of Meghan puts off everyone else in the palace and maybe because of that, she didn’t get support. Just an assumption. However, everyone was welcoming her at the beginning, according to Harry. Again, it’s not skin colour, but can be a way or communication, and personality but Oprah didn’t ask any insightful questions to them to think about their own responsibilities on all the consequencies.

I’m not white but some people still like me but some others may not, but it may be because of my skin colour as racism or it could be a personality incompatibility, which I don’t care about. I go for a personality and the way of thinking, not for a skin-colour and the class.

I feel so sorry for the Queen but she also needed to experience this as a lesson for the entire royal family. They should have checked thoroughly taking time more than a year if Mehgan could follow the Royal protocol or not including culture difference, her ambitious mind, class difference, personality compatibility, etc. before she was accepted. Especially the birth chart tells a lot about the person.

She could have addressed issues more in a diplomatic way, not so confrontational by bringing and exposing them to the media. Private life should stay private, and she just keeps burning all the bridges.

At the end of the day, she needs to take responsibility as she chose to marry Harry within only a year before confirming she will be ok with the Royal protocol. Her own consequences are happening but she is not taking responsibility. My prediction was it would not work as she is not compatible with Kate, William and even Harry fundamentally from the birth charts, and more than that because of her own family relationship troubles.

I personally don’t want her into my family and friends’ network. She seems to be a trouble maker though she may not be. Harmony and respect for other family members are not there. I think Prince Harry needed to think twice as many of his friends didn’t get on well with her, which is a sign (depends on a friend), and he is the prince, not an ordinary guy. Wherever she goes with whomever, it would not work with her current consciousness. Hope they will learn and move on, then there will be no more dramas and PR from the US.

However they don’t like the Royal family, they should still be humble and appreciate as they received million pounds of funding and support their LA life from the Royal family without them doing any Royal duties. If the Kingdom cuts out the funding, how would the young couple live in a million-dollar mansion in LA? They should start learning how to make a living on their own without complaining at the same time receiving funds.

Their patterns seem to be
– based on fear and narcissism, and
– demand that things HAVE to be done for their favours.
– no good communication among the family, but bring up personal issues to the public
– if not working in their way, sue others to win the case.
– they need to sell their negative personal stories to the media to claim they are right.

…. where is love, communication and respect?

BTS is a South Korean K-pop group and they massively became popular over 10 years.
They are the first non-western band who reached the US billboard top more than once.

They started receiving training 10 years ago and lived together in a tiny apartment together for 3 years long. Sharing the space, sometimes arguing, but they are known they respect each other and treat well.

If you go to Youtube, there are so many videos posted about them, their life, off-stage lifestyle, etc. You can find so much laughter and they are entertaining. I didn’t get into any Korean entertainment before but they are funny.

7 different guys still young between 23-29 years old, of course, they are still growing, ambitious, and their wants and needs get conflicted each other, as a normal thing but the beauty is they get together and have a meeting every time when they have troubles and issues each other and resolve them.

I was surprised to see these Korean guys were crying and those videos were posted to the public. Korean culture is very famous as a very chauvinistic culture (from my view), and I didn’t expect it but the generation is changing, maybe. They don’t hide it and I kind of like it as men should cry too if they want!

So, they never accuse each other in public and media, and you can see they gel each other really well and you can feel it from their songs and dances. There are many humorous videos about them and how they are playful with each other and have fun in practices, travels, shooting, and even on the actual stage performances.

They are so open to talk about what they have gone through and put them into their lyrics as they think many other people probably go through similar situations and issues like them and encourage them.

They are very down to earth and I just found out you will get a lot of fan service if you go to their concerts. Various fun entertainments are there on site. BTS is famous they treat their fan really well, and it is not only for money-making.

What I sense from them are
– choose love, not ego, not fear, not competition, no narcissism.
– respect each other’s differences and love each other.
– they take care of themselves knowing their own limit.
– not pretending they are someone else like a celebrity. Very much they are who they are and down to earth.
– communicate among them and find a solution.
– they wear masks and care for others not to get contracted.
– help and support each other, especially other members’ weakness, not blame others.
– and more than anything else, they practised hard 12-16h a day and earned their success taking over 10 years.

You may think it is a cultural difference. Of course, there is a cultural and environmental difference. But the question is, what is more comfortable for you beyond skin colours and cultures?

If you choose someone to become friends, who will you choose?

We can even learn from that choice you make as it reflects your own important values.

How to improve your communication, relationships and life?
Have you ever thought about,
– If Mehgan was brought up by Korean parents in Korea?
– If BTS members were brought up by American parents in the US?

What changes may be possible?

Many of our personality and way of thinkings are shaped by how we were brought up and how we interpret it.

If you want to make a change in life, you can change yourself, not others, especially you can learn from the relationship with your parents.

For further information, you can have a look from here.
★Awaken Your Divinity Within Programme 1 – Secret Message from a Difficult Relationship with Your Parents Course | Galactic Federation Light Worker School (gfls.co.uk)

Have a good day.


★ What does it mean to care for and support other members in the group, not only one member trying to stand out as a star? – Organizational Psychology.

Photo from this video – BTS Taehyung Dissed Akgaes at the Award Acceptance Speech..? – YouTube


There are so much we can learn from how BTS members treat people, South-Korean pop singers’ group. I’m so impressed in many ways as many of the cares and respect they show are actually missed or disappeared in a modern life, especially in big cities.

Today is about the teamwork and support for each other.

It may be also related to the culture difference as the Eastern culture is more collective, whilist the Western caulture is more indivualistic. There are pros and cons on both cultures.

At an emergency time like the Corona pandemic, Eastern culture’s collectice approach is more successful as you can see in the Covid-situation. Contracted cases are overall very low and people cooperate more with each other and the government, and they wear masks, social distancing and stay home, which contributes a lot to contain the virus spreading.

On the other hand, the Western countries such as the UK and the US, as you know, it is not the case as many people don’t care, not wearing a face cover, no social distancing, partying, riots against the gov’t and such for asking for individual freedom. People go on holiday, go out for socializing and don’t care they are spreading virus under the pandemic even though the governments are asking them to cooperate to stay home and wear masks.

So the individual system is good to create stars but it creates a lot of competitions, jealousy, and inflating egos. The Eastern way has a lot of downside as it asks you to compromise to go for your unique way, a stardom, etc. but it creates a lot of harmony and care each other.

BTS’s approach on how to treat other members creates harmony and genuine support for each other as the Eastern approach, but they also have a system where an individual member can create songs and utilize their own unique talents. They created a unique mixture of good aspects of the Eastern and Western cultures, which is a cause of their huge worldwide success. BTS as a group are the star and each individual member is also a star.

They use good organizational psychology. It does not create a one-member-standing-out star system but all of them, 7 of them, are the stars as the group. All of them are characters and so I imagine it was not easy to gel each other at the beginning but they found a way. They always have a meeting and talk about issues to solve. Communication is a key.

We can apply this approach anywhere in
-a corporate system
– family dynamic
– marriage
– friendship
and such.

For example,

  • Husband is a star and wife is like a maid, -> it can be gone.
  • Older corporate workers do all the fantastic jobs -> subordinates and assistants can be trained.
  • Star player earns a huge amount of money -> other members should be paid more as they are supporting the star player.

No one can establish an amazing work without support from other people.

BTS has about 100 staff who are supporting them, so they are the extension of BTS, and BTS members know it and acknowledge their support.

Think about how you can make your life better and recognize what support you are receiving from people around you?

It holds the key to turn around your life.


★Why is BTS JUNGKOOK so popular? – Astrological & Galactic Energy Analysis (BTS 정국 왜 그렇게 인기가 있을까?)

Do you know BTS?

BTS’s Golden Manne, Jongkook, is very charming and popular all over the world. He has a lots of quality and downloads the galactic energy via singing and dancing, even from his off-stage playful time.

I’ve unravelled his attractive 5th-dimensional energy, Galactic energy from an astrological and energetic point of view. 5th-dimensional energy is the energy of paradise creation on earth.

This is one good example how you can manigest your life pupoer as a Galactic being.


(469) Why is BTS JUNGKOOK so popular? – Astrological & Galactic Energy Analysis (BTS 정국 왜 그렇게 인기가 있을까?) – YouTube