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★Free Covid-19 Home Testing Kit (PCR Test) from NHS



If you have a symptom, you can order a free Covid-19 home testing kit (PCR test) online. In my case, it was delivered next day, and the result came back as negative in 3 nights. Very quick.

Even if you are Covid positive, somehow symptoms don’t appear, so this is a reason why you need to be away from other people with social distancing and wear a mask, as you may contract other people, and therefore you need to be careful for other’s well-beings as a responsibility.

It is a swab test and you just need to follow the simple protocol. You need to check important matters.

  • Check what time is the collection time for the kit at the specified ”Priority Postbox” near you after you take a test. Test is time sensitive, and it is recommended to take a test about 1h before you intend to post it (don’t miss posting it within the same day).
  • You need to find where your tonsils are in your mouth, not touching any other parts (ask your family or friends, or even check the youtube about the tonsil location).

Once you order a kit, NHS will send you a link of how to do a home test in a video so watch it before you take a test.

Some people say PCR-test is not really accurate and it can come back as a false positive. However, so far, none of my clients reported positive after taking a PCR test.

You can arrange to receive a free Covid-19 test home kit from the government, at least 14-10 days before of your face to face session from this link,

★June Newsletter – Can You Ascend or Stay in This Dimension? Jun 5th Zoom Sagittarius Full Moon & Eclipse Detox, 20th Summer Solstice & Sun God Ra Work.

How are you?

There are  some protests related to the stay home restrictions and racism triggered by the US event. Sentiment in the society has not been recovered yet and it can increase troubles and crimes, so please be aware you may need to have extra pre-cautions during the crisis such as against potential crimes, burglars and such. Three major planets are still retrograding so please take it easy on yourself and others with compassion. 

What’s Happening Now in the Sky….
My previous Japanese teacher has been kindly sending me his monthly newsletter over 10 years by post but I haven’t seen him for 11 years. Due to the Corona virus, I was curious about his view in the sky and had his session as he is an ‘ET’ soul in our mystery school tradition and I liked his channelled guidance from the universe. 

I liked this teacher as he was/is VERY strict, disciplined and says what he has to say, right or wrong, to whoever it is including his clients without fluffy words, no compromise, no sugar-coating, no deceptions, and keeps his pure and high vibration, not seeking for power, status and money. He is one of the rare types not giving in temptations. Lots of ‘spiritual’ practitioners do not have this level of disciplines and integrity, though I understand it is not an easy path. Spiritualism without practice, morality and discipline simply inflates ego and pride, and it can be harmful to  yourself and others. I was told off so many times when I was receiving his training but I was lucky to have had it at the beginning of my spiritual journey back in 2007.  It matters who you get trained by and I personally don’t trust any spiritual trainers seeking for power, money and sex, which leads you to connect with the darkness.  

Anyway, overall, his channelled guidance and my channelled guidance receiving from the universe was the same, yeah!. Ascension process is going on right now and the universe is filtering us to which dimension we are moving into as I have been communicating so far. 

We needed to work on our consciousness but many of us have been distracted to seek for money, power, sex, status, drugs, richer life style, etc, and didn’t have time to really become connected to ourselves and the nature working on our spirituality and practice it, and in the end, Corona virus pandemic was triggered and we have to stay home now and review how and where we are.

Under this situation, only 3% of us can ascend to the 5th dimension as of today, and the rest of us, most of us, 97%, will stay in this dimension or go somewhere else, if we don’t take it serious and work on our consciousness and vibration. 

He said 90% of us has been already assessed and the higher dimension already decided where we are going, however, I feel we still have the last minute chance to make a change in the decision if we work on ourselves really hard. 

There are more contents, but I communicate more contents in the dimensional work or private consultation sessions. 

Dimensional Shift Work session is the one to shift your consicousness so visit the webpage for further information and book it to make a change. 

Why Is It Important for Us to Ascend? 
There are many reasons but the question is

Why did you decide to come to this earth? 
What is your mission? 

We are in the dimension with lots of deceptions, lies, manipulations, killing, judging, seeking for power and money rather than love and care for each other. At the same time, there are happiness, love, care and compassion, but how much percentage is shared totally overall in our daily life? 

Current situation is – G10 may happen excluding China as China has hidden lots of information about how the Corona virus started prevailing after SARS, asked WHO to delay the pandemic announcement, banned exporting the 50% of the world production of the masks under the crisis, etc., Moreover, the second wave with even more aggressive virus pandemic is predicted over the winter season from Dec till March 2021 which we would not have any ways to stop. 

This is just a reflection of our inner world, especially the shadow aspect.

If we don’t work on our shadow aspect now, at this critical time before the possible second massive wave, you may have to experience this troubled dimension again.

If we do work on ourselves, possibly we can experience the ascended dimensional reality, such as no more pandemic, no financial crisis, economic recovery, more respect for each other with more love, less crimes. happier life, happier relationships, enjoying the nature, etc. 

What do you want to experience? 

It’s really up to you. 

What Can We Do? 
In order to make a change, it’s better to become connected with our inner world and have a professional support and guidance to get a deeper insight. Many of us think we need to change or we want to change, but don’t take actions with various excuses. Excuse, procrastination. ego and pride are the ones to stop our spiritual growth, and we need a humbleness.

Question is,

When will you take an action to change your life?

Today, 10 days later, or 6 months later? 

Some of my clients decided to receive the set of course of exorcism (Quantum Spirit Release sessions), class 1 or quantum psychosomatic detox sessions, etc. and have already experienced some shift. Some people came back with their feedback as  life issues got resolved, cancer got cured, etc. So you never know how the higher dimension can help you via our sessions. I just channel the energy and guidance and help your transformation (I don’t guarantee any results). If you are serious, higher dimension is serious to treat you too.  

Take some time of how you want to make a change, and see which session or workshop can help you.

This month, there are three powerful group events and offers you can utilize, if not a private session.

5th  Fri 9:00 am UK time – Online Zoom – Sagittarius Full Moon Mindfulness Meditation, Eclipse & Galactic Transmission (Live)
11th Thu 7-8am UK time –  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Crown Chakra block release  (not Live)
20th Sat 8-9am UK time – Summer Solstice Day Clearing and Activation by the Sun God Ra and the Galactic Transmission  (not Live)

Offer on the Class 1 – till the end of June
– Class 1 can be booked up to 3 persons at one person’s fee by Zoom. It’s important to protect you especially under this crisis. 
– Payment should be made by one payment and please sort out how each of you make a payment in group. 
– Booking by email. 


Enjoy your day and feel free to contact me. 

Thank you. 


June Events
Everything is available by online Zoom or Skype now and you can join our events or sessions. 
– Offers on counselling, psychic consultation, etc to keep you sane. 


*YOUR Own Future And Direction
Join us for the Dimensional Shift Work by utilising the special offer. 

Or utilize a psychic reading, Coaching session, etc., special offer. 

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading


How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★May 4th – 10th: Second podcast will go air via the Radio stations: ”Why Are You Experiencing Corona and How to Transform Your Life?”


This is the second podcast and you can choose either 7am or 19:00 every day next week, or Tue at 3pm.

Topic is, why are you experiencing Corona and how to transform your life?

I’m talking from the important 5 key aspects.

Tune in and enjoy.



★4th Mon – 10th Sun: 7am and 19:00 everyday for 30 min.
– My second podcast will go on air  via the Women’s Radio Station.
– Topic is,  ‘‘Why are you experiencing Corona and How to Transform your life ?”.
– You can listen to it via the ‘Listen Live Now’ animated icon at the right bottom of the website’.  https://womensradiostation.com/

★ 5th Tue : 15:00 -15:30, for30 min.  
– My second podcast will go on air  via the Men’s Radio Station.
– Topic is,  ‘‘Why are you experiencing Corona and How to Transform your life ?”.
– You can listen to it via the ‘Listen Live Now’ animated icon at the right bottom of the website. www.mensradiostation.com

*March Newsletter- Corona Virus Prevention Channelled Guidance Video. March 10th Full Moon Meditation, 11th Zoom Group Healing to remove fear, 20th Spring Equinox Remote Galactic Session


How have you been? 

Corona Virus news is everywhere. Some people become very fearful and talk about it. We don’t really know what it is and the medicine for that is not ready yet. I would like to share a prevention guidance coming from the Hierarchy of Light and I created a quick video. You can watch it from here and it would be great if you could share it with your loved ones. Fear energy circulates quickly and we need to stop it. 


Fear = energy 
You may laugh when I was very young in my early 20s, getting on an airplane for a long distance to the US was very scary and I was bothering a travel agency, asking a question like “What if my airplane falls? What should I do?”. I don’t remember how she answered. At that time I was serious but how hilarious it is  now right?

Depends on where you are coming from and what you experienced, what you see, how you things are totally different. Two different people, for example, can give a totally different view on the same thing, let’s say including Corona Virus. 

Human is designed to feel emotions such as fear and worries. If we don’t manage our emotions, your life would be managed by something else, like Corona Virus as Virus has its own intelligence and has its power to invade you if you allow them, and to write over your system, that’s why some people may be dead, however, that is not the only reason.

Learn bow to manage your emotions, energy and become a master of your life.

Class 1’s energy management is your life management tool (once you finish, you will be able to receive a class 1 attendance certificate within the assignment completion within 5 months). Class 2 is the tool for you to manage your emotions and evolve your consciousness, which comes with the universal wisdom learning to apply to your life and make a change in life. Or receive a Quantum Psychosomatic and Emotion Detox session. 

If you don’t do anything with your emotions, or deal with emotions only on the superficial level, they would be still sitting there operating in the back to create your reality based on that. Girls who came in the other day realised how deeply seated anger and fear emotions were still there without their awareness. 

Mercury is still retrograding till March 7th-ish so be aware of checking emails, text messages, public transportation disruptions, etc.  This is a good time to retrospect what is going on within you. 

★ March 10th Full Moon Meditation-  Regain Your Feminine Power on the Virgo Full Moon in Pieces month. 
February’s Leo full moon meditation focused on regaining your power. In March, we will focus on the feminine power. If your feminine energy is imbalanced,  for example, it would not be easy to attract a desirable male partner or build a good social network. This event is both for guys and girls. 
Further details and booking is from here. ——————————————-

★11th Wed night – Online Group Guided Healing Energetic Session – Get Healed and Release Fear, Fear of Success including the prevention against Corona Virus

So much fear is out there triggered by Corona Virus.

However, is it the Corona virus people are fearful? Are you also fearful about other things? Is it triggered by some events or memories happened to you in the past?

It is a handy guided meditation before you go to bed.

★26 DNA Activation – to awaken your gifts and power  –   Private session. 
I am now writing a script for the coming online broadcast about my experience of the DNA Activation. I realized how powerful it is after I had received it in 2006. Major 8 dreams came true I realized. (immigration, visa, soulmate, life style, time freedom, etc.)

If you haven’t received it yet, it is highly recommended to receive it. 
If you received it before, it is recommended to upgrade to 40 DNA activation to receive to power up your creation power.

Details is from here.  


★Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 

Vibrational and psychological work is like a very new concept I think but it is essential. That’s why in this session, it is integrated. It works on the vibrational level and you may not even realise how it is working. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.


Have a good week, and look forward to seeing you soon. 

☆Offers  and Events
– please check and book your seat from the what’s on page, details from the link here..

★ Prevention against Corona Virus and Guided Meditation Video


As many people hear from the news, Corona virus is spreading rapidly everywhere in the world. Many people have become fearful, and feeling fearful is an invitation to get a virus.

I have created a quick prevention video against Corona virus and you will learn how to protect you from the virus.

Have a look and hope it helps you. It would be great if you could sent a link to your loved ones to protect them too.