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Remote Group Session – April 7th – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation

Remote Group Session – April 7th – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation


We are organizing a special Galactic Light Body Transformation at London Covent Garden, but if you cannot attend the event, you can book a remote group session for Galatic Light Body Transformation and Activation on April 7th. This group session has 2 stages and please find the details below.

Why is this new shift and new energy good? What is a Light Body Transformation?
We human beings are also the energy-being and have certain frequencies/ vibration. This vibration differs individually but if you have a higher frequency, you can also grow as a human and attract more loving and positive matters in life.

If your own frequency raises, what happens?
-> Your mind and energetic bodies are exposed higher frequencies and you will be influenced by that. You will be filled with more light and love, which can transform you to have a light/lighter body.
-> This will more likely enable you to become connected with the higher-dimensional light beings. Because of the Law of attraction on the frequency, you can become connected easier with angels, your higher-self and guardian angels
– > You will be able to have a stronger connection and have more support from these light beings to fulfill your purpose of life.

What is the Galactic Light?
Since the earth and human started another big shift called Ascension from Dec 2012, higher dimensional energy is coming down more and more, especially from the Galaxy beyond the Solar system. This is the 8th dimensional frequency, related to the Adam Kadmon 2 and 3’s energy (God-consciousness within a human body).

This is the highest frequency we can receive on this dimension so far.

This Galactic Light
- is the Love of the God –
– gives us the energy to create the own universe as a god while living here.
– helps us find divinity within us as a god.
– helps us purify us and gives clarity where to head to as a living god.
– helps us open up our gifts and talents to fulfill our purpose of life.
– helps us shift to the higher vibration.

So the Part 1 of this remote session helps you to clear your own energy and helps your mind and body to shift to the next consciousness.

What is a Galactic Light Body Activation?
This is offered in the part 2. To receive light and transform your body to become a light body is good enough, but just receiving a light is not enough. In order to manifest who you really are with your purpose of life, you also need to activate your light body and “re-direct” the energy to manifest your purpose and dreams.

In the part 2, this re-direction and manifestation support are offered to unify your energetic bodies and harmonize them for smooth energetic flow.

So, what can I expect from this remote group session?
– unlock gifts and talents – live a life along with my purpose of life
– Awaken from the soul level and do what you want to do.
– You want to do what I passionately do and become abundant.
– You want to understand who you are more.
– Stronger connection with your higherself and want to have more divine guidance and support.
– You want to keep a higher frequency and emotionally stable.
– You want to receive inspiration from higher vibrational-beings and attract something better.

What should I do during a session?
You don’t have to come and see us or skype as it is a remote session. Please intend to receive the energy during a session. You can be anywhere but it is best if you can stay home, not in public space such as bars,restaurants and clubs. At home, it is ok for you to move around, eat, sleep, but it is better if you can sit in a quiet room and meditate or sleep.

For further information, please see below.

Have a good day.



Part 1 – Clearing, Transmission and Light Body Transformation. About 50-60 min.
- Energy Clearing with high frequency light.
– Clear old mental and emotional patterns which you don’t need any more and which are not helping for your highest good.
– receive Galactic Light at your emotional body, mental body, aura, chakra and more to shift your consciousness and transform your body.
– fill your bodies with Galactic Light. If there is any group message during a session, we will email you a message after a session.

Part 2 – Galactic Light Body Activation – for about 50-60 min
– Harmonizing your energetic bodies to flow the received high-frequency energy smoothly.
– Re-direct the received energy for you to have a shift and manifest what you want to manifest
– Activate your master-template if allowed by your higher self to manifest your purpose of life. If not ready, we will work on you to adjust your energy and prepare for the future.
– If there is any group message during a session, we will email you a message after a session.
IMPORTANT – After this part 2 session is completed, you will receive a worksheet from us for you to complete this part 2’s energetic work. In order to make a change in your life, ultimately you need to take actions and execute what you want. This one worksheet will give you space and time to explorer within you, find out what you want and take actions. Please use a pencil and take about 1-2 hours to work on this sheet to complete the process.
– you don’t have to send us this worksheet, and it is entirely private.

Part 3 – You can choose 2 persons and we can send the Galactic Light to them. For 15 min.
- If you booked part 1 and 2, Part 3 is also available. You can choose 2 persons and we will send the Galactic Light to them for love, health, prosperity, abundance, joy etc,
- This is free of charge. Please make sure to receive their permissions to receive Light. If they would like to receive the light, please let us know their full name and birthday. If they don’t agree to receive, please do not force and do not send me their names to us as it will create bad karma on yourself.
– There will be no feedback for this part.

Time and Date:Thur, April 7th
Part 1 : from 20:30-
Part 2: From 21:30-
(Part 3: From 22:40- )

Please book and pay from the Paypal link below, either Part1 or Part 1&2.
– Please let us know your full name, your birthday and your address where you will be at the session.
– If you would like to use part 3, please also send us the information too.

Part 1 – Early Bird available.

Part 1&2 – Early Bird available.

Booking Deadline: Till 10am on April 7th.
*Please note there will be no refund after you make a payment.

Wed 17th of Sep – Law of Abundance Attraction and Energy Detox

Law of Abundance Attraction and Energy Detox

September is a good time to cleanse, detox and achieve what you set as a new year resolution. Are things happening as you planned, as you expected or are you still struggling to achieve? 

On Wed 17th, you will learn a simple but effective technique and mind set to transform your life and attract more abundance in various part of your life such as income, career, business, love and more. In order to attract abundance, if you have a lot of energetic garbage in your energetic field, it can be an obstacle and you will be gently guided to clear and detox your emotion and mind.  

Come and join us, and book your seat by email.

 Time and Date: Wed 17th of Sep, 7-8pm

Venue: Covent Garden

Fee: £15

Booking: Please email to contact@armsuk.com by Sun Sep 14th


Thank you



Mind Body Spirit – Aries New Moon March 30th Event – Healing & Psychic Reading Exploring Day


March 30th is the Aries New Moon Day. This is a good day to start something new and ignite your passion with the Aries Fire element. Many of us have the epidemic disease called, “Fear”. Based on fear, many of us stop moving forward or trying something you are interested in. On this, day, we will wipe it out and fill in with the passion energy, and you can fulfil your life with joy and happiness.

At this special New Moon event, we will explore various energies and techniques and make a positive change within you energetically. It is also related to build your confidence and open up your psychic senses. If you are interested in the healing and psychic development, heal others, and receive guidance for you and others eventually, you can come and join us and experience it.
You will transform on all of your levels, Mind, Body and Spirit!

You will experiment of the healing and psychic reading, and also transform your energy for better  having fun together.


–       New Moon day message
–       Clearing meditation injecting the Aries Fire energy to ignite passion and love
–   “Unlock the power within!” Code activation and guided meditation.
–  “Shambala Code” Activation

–    Brief Body Work –  light exercise to absorb more light into your body
–       What is the energy, healing and reading?
–       Learn the basic skills of how to heal yourself. Am I a healer?
–       Touch the aura and clear the energy, experiment time.
–       What is the psychic reading and channelling? Can I receive a message? Am I a psychic? What is my talents?
–       Experience and practice reading and receiving messages for you and others. Experiment time of  psychic reading.  If you have a tarot deck, you can bring it with you.

Date: Sun March 30th 12:00 – 17:00

Place: Covent Garden

*Attending with your friends together, you and your friend will receive £4 off/person!

- £ 49 by  March 4th Tue till 22:00 booking and payment.  only for 3 persons. not refundable.
- £ 58 by  March 7th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 67 by  March 14th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 77 by  March 21st Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 87 by  March 28th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 110 by  March 29th Sat  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 120 Sun  by cash by door.

Please note:
–       Door will be opened 5 mins before.
–       Please book in advance with a payment.
–       cancellation policy: until 19th March. £20 will be refunded. After, no refund unless we cancel the event.
–       Seats are limited and please email us to secure your seats.


Looking forward to seeing you there.
Love and Light