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“Ensof Ray Reiki Healing Seminar” – West meets East – Heal Yourself, or Get Trained as the Highest Reiki Healer By the Japanese Reiki Master (Early Bird Offer Available)

This is for people

– Who want to learn how to Heal Self effectively after the Reiki Attunement (Level 1).
– Who want to learn how to Heal others as a Practitioner (Level 2 and above).

Ensof Ray Reiki Practitioner Seminar and training is available for anyone.

Have you ever heard people are saying that Reiki is not that effective?

I heard that too, so many times,  and experienced it. Many Reiki practitioners are not properly trained and do not have the proper original “Reiki” connection with the proper source. Also Reiki seminar attendance does not mean only learning skills and knowledge, but also gaining connection with the original pure energy source  which originated from Japan. You can become trained by the Japanese Reiki Master, who has the Reiki energy within and also teaches deeply what Reiki is about associated with the Japanese culture and history. 

Reiki Healing is effective if they are properly trained and become connected with the original Reiki. Reiki is more effective and works better if practitioners are not egoistical but can flow pure and original energy, and have high compassion and virtues. Our trained Reiki healers offer high quality reiki healing which is effective mentally and physically.

Even if you are not interested in healing others, but if you want to heal yourself and your families, you can learn at the level 1 workshop. If you would like to heal others as a practitioners, the next level, level 2 and above are offered for you to become a Reiki practitioner.
Since I, Kay, Japanese Reiki Master,  received a Reiki energy, it’s been about 16 years passed. I learned a bit of the Western Reiki, Japanese Original Usui Reiki and also learned esoteric and metaphysics through the Western Mystery School’s Lineage since. Since the Ascension started in Dec in 2012, the energy has been changing however, there is still lots of issues we experience and we see in our life and others life, which are manifested as mental illness, physical illness, conflicts, disaster, wars and more.
I’ve been teaching Reiki and metaphysics separately so far, but have updated the old Reiki teaching which started about 100 years ago to meet the current energy and the needs. At this seminar, you will learn the Western metaphysics and the East Original Usui Reiki teaching  combined as one, and you can learn both at our seminars. This is more effective as a self-healing and healing for others.

Additionally, Reiki was taught by the Higher Dimension to Mr Usui, Japanese gentleman, about 100 years ago at the sacred Mount Kurama. This original pure energy and Usui Reiki teaching is also succeeded into our Usui Reiki teaching.

However, from the Level 3 and above, these are the latest modalities which are available for us and opened up due to the Ascension energy and shift, which is called “Ensof Ray Reiki”. With training, your energy will be shifted and you will be able to access the Source and provide healing for others. This is the highest and purest energy healing in this modern day, and it is beyond the current Reiki energy.

Would you like to become an effective Reiki healer to heal others and self ? Join our training and become trained!

Details and Early Bird Offer -> from the link.

Looking forward to meeting you.


April 20th Original Usui Reiki Introduction Seminar & Practitioner Seminar



Since the energy is so changing this March with the AK 2 energy, we will offer the updated and upgraded Reiki Healing called “Ensof Ray Reiki” seminar. It has 5 levels.

Even if you are not interested in becoming a healer, you can learn and heal yourself and your families. Everyone has a moment to become sick or depressed. At that time, if you know how to heal yourself, you can flow the Reiki energy and heal you anytime and anywhere.

Level 1 and 2 are the Original Usui Reiki Healing. Above that level, level 3 and above are offered as the latest modality from the Hierarchy of Light. Level 5 is the highest level healing as reiki called Ensof Ray Reiki.

Details will be posted soon but the level 1 and 2 will be offered on April 20th Sun. Save the day for your own benefits!

You can learn the original Usui Reiki properly from the Japanese reiki master, Kay who is from where Reiki came from. Seminar is not only offering the skills and knowledge, but the original energy as well for you to connect with the pure Japanese reiki source and understand.