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Do you have a spiritual contract to release your karma for your family lineage? Ancestral Healing and Karma Release –


I would like to talk and share about family karma. Some people are born in to their families with contract to settle or clear lots of Karmic debris and inheritance coming from their ancestors. It can get heavier and heavier and if it is left, that family lineage will be finished as there will be no babies born into the family, who agree and clear heavy karmas for that family. Sometimes, it can be explained due to family karma, that family does not have any kids and no marriage is happening. Do you know why?  As even wife/husband comes into the family lineage, that means that he/she agrees to clear negative inheritance from that family, although not all the current life problems and issues are only due to ancestral karmas, but it is affecting us a lot.


There have been some clients who have completed Ancestors Healing and Karma Release session’s 1st round so far. There is an individual difference but so far about 6-11 sessions can complete the process to the certain level and  each session can release and clear energy, and can heal ancestors up to the certain good level.  

If you would like, this session, Ancestral Healing Private sessions is highly recommended to start. We will accept session start only up to mid May to complete in July/early August as we don’t know yet if we can offer this session after Sep for about one year or not.

Only requirement is you need to make a commitment 100% to continue this session till the therapist tells you it is completed. Incompletion is really bad as it may cause another bad karma on you.


If you are interested in and if you feel you have a contract at a spirit level to release ancestral karma and heal your ancestors, please visit the Ancestral Healing website from below.


Please Note:
– Please read the required advance preparation part.
– Skype is also possible.
– Please be aware you can start only from now till mid May to complete the first round to heal your ancestors to certain level and complete it. You don’t have to do the second round unless you prefer.


Testimonials for Ancestral Healing and Karma Release
There are many testimonials so far but some of them are
– “My cousins will be engaged though there was no relationship going on before in the relative, and family lineage was expected to be finished before the sessions.”
–  “My brother is getting married finally”
– “My monthly period heavy pain which was really suffered me, was completely gone.”
– “ I feel much lighter than before and the relationship with my mother has been improved a lot”
– “Many things Kay told me was really the things which my family was told by another psychic and it made sense a lot.. I also felt the divine door opened and feel its connection.”
– “I was so scared with women before but now I have a lovely girlfriend.”
– “Relationship with my relatives have been massively better and we can spend time together with joy.”

And more.  

– Spirit Release Hypnosis, AK2, DNA Activation, AK3 DNA Activation, King Solomon Healing can be accepted only before end July at the moment, as they are very powerful.
– If you would like to book a session to transform your life, it is recommended to book it soon.  

New Session and popular one…
– There is an integrated session called “Emotional Block Release and Manifestation Coaching” Session. This focuses on solving whatever the issues you have, and working on the emotional and mental level to identify blocks and releases them, and then you will also receive a crystal and reiki healing to work on your energetic level to release blocks and move on to the ideal situation.
–  In addition to the energy and therapy work, it has the coaching element to unblock your old mental and emotional patterns and supports you to manifest what you want using the energy work and hypnosis at the multi dimensional levels.

– starting from 90 min and please contact us if you are interested in.
– We will add this into the menu sometime soon.


Have a good day and please feel free to contact us.