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★ Mind Revolution – Ego or Humbleness

Mind Revolution – Ego or Humbleness

Do you tend to talk a lot about you and what you know when you meet new people?
What are you feeling as an underline psychology when you are  talking a lot and not listening to others?

If you focus on talking, you may be missing opportunities to learn from others and their experiences. We don’t know everything and we are not all the time right. It is often said that wiser ones tend to observe and listen to others , so they get better insights, learn  and see things deeper.

Age does not matter, but attitude to life matters. If you want to learn from others or change your life, not the ego but humbleness should be there to listen and learn from others.

There is always something to learn irrespective of age and experiences.

Why do we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth, not 2 mouths and 1 ear?

Listen to others and their needs, not making a presentation about your knowledge and about you for long, which bore others as they may want to know something else, or they don’t need a long speech.

– if you want to make good friends and have a good relationship,
– if you want to become a good coach, (professional and properly trained coach does not do any advices and suggestions)
– If you want to become a good psychic, healer, therapist or counsellor
– If you want to solve issues,

humbleness and listening skills are the essential quality, otherwise your ego is screaming for attention seeking. It is not love-based, but ego-based whose vibration consume the energy of the place and the people.

Conversation is a 2 way stream, not 1 way.

If you would like to build up the essential qualities to grow yourself and life, learn the universal principles and practice to apply them in your life. Mind Revolution course is available.

If you don’t know the “Rules of the Game of Life”, you may be swayed all the time and carried away easily even if you are older. Learn, become wiser and stronger to live a life with full of joy and happiness.

I was seeking for a way to become happier and found Kabalist teachers. They taught me and I learned the universal principles deeper from them. My life is more settled with less troubles and less trouble makers as I know what to do better than before, though I’m still learning every day from small and big things.

Psychic reading and healing can be your help but if you don’t learn the principles, you may be just in the same cycle again and again without exit.

What matters is, if you have a courage to let go your ego and learn from others with humbleness. Inflated ego may be a big enemy within you to transform you, however you are famous and powerful in the society.