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NEW! From Sep – Remote Group Reiki Healing Session available


Sep has come and what is your plan onward?

About a week ago, I was wishing one thing just briefly and noticed it was actually coming true yesterday. Law of Attraction works.

By the way, from Sep 9th, you and your loved ones, family can receive a remote Reiki Group healing session at a reasonable fee. You can book either a face to face session or a remote session and choose the way more suitable for you.

Reiki is well known worldwide and spread over from Japan to the world. We retain our Original Japanese Traditional Reiki lineage and its connection, no addiction, no dilution, and it is a pure energy and connection. If you drink an orange juice, which one do you like, 100% orange juice or diluted one?

Group remote session will be conducted once or twice a month ad hoc and you can book one single session (Early Bird Offer available) or 3 session package offer with 15pounds off.

Love Story of a husband at the terminal stage, who received remote Reiki sessions…

It was about 10 years ago, one woman booked 7 remote Reiki sessions over 10 days for her husband. Doctor told them he would die anytime, so she wanted him to live even a bit longer, hoping he would get better. Over 10 days, I sent Reiki though I didn’t know what was really going on. After 10 days, she said thank you to me. Her husband lost consciousness most of the time, could not eat, could not talk, could not walk around.

During the 10 days he received Reiki remotely, his condition got improved. His consciousness was fully back, he could eat, he could walk and go to toilet by himself. More than anything else, husband and wife could talk whatever they wanted to talk and shared how much they loved each other.

After they felt satisfied sharing their feeling, husband said to his wife that it is ok to stop Reiki as he is now ready to die.

After all the 7 session he received, he died two days after… but his wife was really happy and content as she had the great loving moment with her husband.

Let me be your help… or You can become a help for someone else or your loved ones? This is one example of mine helping other people with Reiki. I can be your help, your loved ones if they feel down, sick or feel pain physically and emotionally.

My parents  are getting old.  I help them to relieve their pain and issues with Reiki. I also apply Reiki for myself everyday to balance my energy and stay healthy with piece of mind.

Even better if you become trained and help yourself and others as a professional Reiki therapist? We provide a solid Reiki Practitioner course for you to offer an effective Reiki with our lineage and connection.

For further information about the Group Reiki Healing session, or Reiki Seminar, please
– visit the what’s on page for the dates and
–  actual Group session contents, please visit the Reiki Practitioner Seminar page.

For further queries and bookings, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great weekend!