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★ June 20th Summer Solstice Sun God Ra Clearing. Sanatokumara & Kurama Tengu Exorcism session

image of Tengu in Kei’s new team


Hope you are well. London is opening up gradually so hope you can get back to normal with masks and pre-cautions at the moment. 

Sun energy is getting stronger, and it is a good news against the Corona pandemic. June 20th is the Summer Solstice day when the Sun God Ra energy becomes the strongest. This Solstice work includes clearing negative energy by the fire, Sun energy. 

★June 20th Sat 8-9am UK time – Summer Solstice Day Clearing and Activation by the Sun God Ra and the Galactic Transmission  (not a Zoom, but remote session)

Ascended Master Sanatokumara Exorcism Work (Previous Quantum Block Release Session). 

Kei visited Kurama yesterday… 

Many people know about Jesus Christ but may not know about Sanatokumara. He is one of the very high level advanced Ascended Masters in the Hierarchy of Light, and knows how to deal with the darkness and fight against them.

Usually even at the channelling sessions and therapy sessions, light-beings in the Hierarchy of Light do not mention who they are but they simply support my work. This is changing gradually.

Sanatokumara came down to Mt. Kurama in Kyoto 6,500,000 years ago and is in charge of creating the ‘Heaven-on-earth’, Shambalah world. In order to create it and support this ascension, critical process is to
– release demonic and dark energy from the energy field and the world, and
– clear dark energy from the soul and your psychology.

Sanatokumara has assigned extra exorcism members in Kei’s exorcism guide and team. He himself joined but also some Tengu, Fudomyouou, etc. to release darkness, then her exorcism and spirit release work  is now amplified further with the fire energy. 

In the recent severe case, Sanatokumara and Fudomyouou, joined the exorcism work, and one client completely does not hear voices any more. 

This work is highly recommended for everyone at this ascension time and release dark energy out of you, if you haven’t had one. Everyone has more or less dark energy, and it is not about, you are a bad person or a good person. We are humans made of light and darkness, and it is time to release dark energy. This planet receives various types of souls, dark, light, mixed, etc.  
For further information, please visit the website from here. 

Master of Rays with Exorcism work – Remote Spark of Life Session
Have you heard of the Great Central Sun? Everyone of us went through this planet before we were born as a human and we received thousands of rays to create us. 

Spark of Life session (remote session) activates your spirit aspect of DNA, whilst the 26/40 DNA Activation activates your energetic DNA aspect related to the physical dimension. If you haven’t had the Spark of Life session yet, it is recommended to receive its type 1 soon. 

Separately, there is the new one, type 2 of Spark of Life session, combined with the Exorcism. 

For some of the exorcism sessions, in a very severe case, soul is literally possessed by demonic beings. This can be repaired by combination with the Spark of Life session by Masters of Rays and also Exorcism. This is a new one, as the type 2 of Spark of Life, recommended after the Sanatokumara Exorcism session to clear your soul energy.

In a recent severe case, it worked successfully removing the demonic-beings and voices.
For further information, please visit here. 

If you don’t suffer from any severe issues, it is important for you to create your future and direct your energy there,  however you need to be here in NOW. 

Corona pandemic period is a good time as many of you have a plenty of time to spend on yourself.
Time to find out who you are, why you are here, and what you want to create.

Dimensional workAsthtar work, and Class 1-2 Higherself connection meditation will help you.

Ancestral Healing
I’ve done a lot of ancestral healing and demonic energy, spells and curse release out of my ancestors but it seems like another big dose is required during this critical ascension period.

Ancestors energy is diverse as you can imagine, and some of them had some troubles like spelled, cursed, killed, or troubling or killing others, killed themselves, died suddenly by accidents and illness, etc. Some are attached by demons and cannot go back to the spiritual dimensions yet, and all these need to be released to bring happiness for you and your family life including your off springs. 

If there is any pattern of troubles in your family lineage, such as violence, addiction, love affairs, no kids, divorce, sudden death, suicide, poverty, etc.,  you may want to have the Sanatokumara exorcism session first to change your own energy, and then receive this ancestral healing sessions. 

All the exorcism session can be conducted as a remote session and for me it is easier as I can purely work on the energy aspect without seeing the physical body. 

Further information is from here. 

Important to know…
We need to understand what we are experiencing is what we have created so far as a result. 
How are you managing your energy and your psychology? 
If you don’t like about something, try and make a change something about you.. 

Feel free to make a query and have a good week. 

Thank you. 



*YOUR Own Future And Direction
Join us for the Dimensional Shift Work by utilising the special offer. 

Or utilize a psychic reading, Coaching session, etc., special offer. 


Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading


How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★April Newsletter -1st Christ & St Germaine Purification Remote Session, 6th Reiki Offer, 7th Psychic Attack Protection and more

Happy Easter!

How are you?

Christ energy is stronger and more accessible this weekend, it is a good time for us to meditate and pray regardless any religious background. If you want to get rid of negativity, and attachments, it would be even better.

Since I feel the connection with Christ getting stronger and felt the needs to visit Hungary somehow, I visited Budapest short while. I found the oldest Christ monastery in Europe on the mountain of PennonHalma, I went there getting on a train and bus taking 3-4 hours on the way. It was in such a country side and I should have arranged in advance as I struggled communicating buying tickets, time schedule and how to get there in English, broken Spanish and hands gesture lol.

Anyway, the energy there was very high, transparent and pure. I uploaded couple of photos and hope you can feel its energy. Since there were in such an isolated place and there were not that many visitors there. I could sit down in the church, meditated, become connected with the God and Christ and received messages.


One of the messages I received was as many of you know, “I am the Way”. In order to develop your divinity, personality, personal development and spirituality, it is essential to become connected with him, learn from him, receive support from him and grow. I heard this phrase many times but this time I could understand deeper with an answer which I had been seeking for in the past 12 years. Finally I got an answer to my question, which I was asking over 12 years. It was sinking well and deeper within me.

What is your personal experience and connection with the God and Christ?
This is not about a religion but about your own personal connection with them.

April 1st – Christ & St Germaine Purification, Healing & Negative Energy Clearing Remote Group Session.
Another message I received was that their energies are very strong this Easter weekend and they would be able to help people purify, heal and remove negative energies even more powerfully this weekend. So, this remote group session becomes available to support you to cleanse your energies strongly and release unwanted energies out of your multi-dimensional bodies.

Unwanted negative energies would sit there in your system if you don’t do anything with it. This weekend is a good week as the Light support is stronger than usual. You can come and attend the psychic attack protection seminar in London on April 7th, but this one is for you if you want to receive the energy at home or you cannot come in London.

Details for this remote session is from this link.

Separately, tomorrow is the Libra Full moon Day in the Mercury retrograde. Energy-wise, it can be a very chaotic and tough period so watch out how you communicate. Gentle and loving as much as possible. You can attend the Libra Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Light Transmission event from the morning 11am tomorrow.

At the Easter time, you can book sessions and classes on Fri, Sat and Sun afternoon, (not Mon.)

After the Easter, we offer you a special Reiki healing offer on April 6th (info is below) . Get healed and protected with love.

Hope you have a happy Easter.

Feel free to make a query and a booking.

Love and Light.


DO protect against Psychic attack and Energy Vampire – April 7th workshop 
I didn’t know till I studied that I am an Empass, which means extremely sensitive and easily affected by energies and emotions WITHOUT an extra protection.  Unfortunately this dimension is not 100% light and  there is the dark forces here. You might get attacked by psychic attack, verbal abusiveness, actual violence  or even more serious form.

When I worked for one of the top international corporates, almost every day it was like a war. At that time, I didn’t know that much of the protection methods, so I was completely drained everyday after work.
Sounds familiar to you too?

In order to protect you, on April 7th, you can learn it at the group class 1 (meditation and energy clearing and protection) and the Prevention against Psychic Attack and Energy Vampire Workshop.

Mar 31st Sat  – Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Crystal Transmission 
On the Powerful full moon day, release unwanted energies and receive the high vibrational energy transmission.  Come and join us.
★ Details from here 

★Apr 6th Fri – Special Offer. Energy Balancing & Reiki Healing 70 min
– You can receive an energy balance and Reiki healing session from the school trainee and Reiki therapist. If interested in, please book soon.  

Time and Date  April 6th 19:10 start

Venue: Covent garden London
Fee:  15 pounds by bank transfer, non-refundable.
– Please book by email.  Before April 2nd.

★ Sat April 7th morning – Class 1 level 1- Meditation and Energy Clearing and Protection. 
Details from here.  (from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★ Sat April 7th afternoon – Protection seminar against Psychic Attack and Energy Vampire 
Details will be updated soon and it will be posted to the what on page with a link
(from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★ Sat April 7th afternoon – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar 
Details from here.  (from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★April 12th night- Mindfulness Meditation & Reiki Sharing – Inner Connection
* Early Bird offer is available.
– If you would like to have a quiet time to connect within and become healed to receive Reiki, then this is your night. Open to everyone.
Details -> uk.gfls.co.uk/event/feb-8th-mindfulness-meditation-reiki-sharing-night/

April TBC – New Moon Meditation and Be Magnificent Coaching session 
Are you moving closer to your goals?

Come along and find out what matters to you and what you can do to the most important person in the word which is you.

Details  -> uk.gfls.co.uk/mindful-meditation-dream-manifestation/

TBC April –  Non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar 1 
– Our Reiki training develops and cultivate your consciousness and love aspect as well as offers authentic connection and effective healing. Please contact us with preferred dates to book.  
-> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/ensofrayreiki/

NEW – Hypno and Past Life Regression session venue
I have added Farringdon station’s therapy room for a quieter Hypno session in addition to Liverpool st. if you prefer.  It is about 9 min walk from the station or you can come by bus. If you prefer a quieter place or hypno session, please mention Farringdon when you book a session with 2-3 preferred time. Alternatively, Fri at Bond and Liverpool over weekend are farily quiet as well.


★TBC April / May- Abundance attraction and Karma Release 
Details from http://uk.gfls.co.uk/abundance-attraction-karma-release-contract-removal-and-ancestral-healing-vol-4/ 


0) 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation and Spark of Life
DNA Activation is the very first session we recommend to everyone as you can become connected with your own power and essence to fulfil your life.

If you received once, we recommend you to receive 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation as well as Spark of Life, because….. every single time you receive more light into your core, you would be more and more awakening, which is based on our spirit awakening as well.

There are so many new age modalities out there, but we recommend the DNA Activation to receive first  as this was tested and verified by Wise King Solomon over 3000 years ago. It works for everyone beyond nationalities and colours, etc.

If you had a DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is highly recommended as it awakens your spirit side.

1) Clinically proven EMDR session special offers for you to release blocks and restructure your emotional and mental patterns.
 (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) was invented by a psychologist Francis S getting an idea from NLP back in 1987 and developed this EMDR modality. It has been clinically proven and there have been many successful case studies reported so far.

 Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP EMDR Hypno session

This session can be combined with EMDR
It will be good for people who cannot move on from the past, abusiveness, self-harm, trauma, lost love, bullied, redundant, anger management etc.

Further details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/emotional-release-and-chrystal-healing/


Class 1 level 1
(Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/

Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Channelling session
– on Fri, you can have a reading from 25 min shorter session. 
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

 Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.

Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/
Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/



For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.


Nov 1st- 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group Session

Nov 1st– 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group  Session



Have you ever watched the Lord of the Ring film? There are Elfs playing their roles in the film. In Iceland, more than half of the people believe in them and have personal experiences. They help Humans and Humans sometimes help them.

We live as Humans but some of us have Elf and Fairies energies and I am one of them.

Some of my clients found out they also have its energy when they received Life Purpose Reading as well. People who have this energy, can better off if they relate to the Nature, high frequency, pure energy.

In Nov, you can receive the Magical Icelandic energy, Elf, Fairies and the Dynamic Nature. If the weather is clear, I will also send off the Northern Night Light energy as well (Weather permitted)

If you are interested in this remote session, please see below.

Separately, there is a Psychic Reading Consultation Day on Nov 6th as a preferable rate. If you have any distresses, please book and come along.

–        Remote Group Session to receive the energy from Iceland.

Time and Date: Nov 1st night-4th morning.
- between 1st-3rd: Northern Light Magical energy if weather permitted.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 2nd: Dynamic Nature’s energy from the Unesco heritage national park, waterfall, hot spring, and more. (Minimum 20 min) - 3rd: Elf, fairy energy from their capital and the park.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 3rd/4th: Icelandic energy from the Church (Minimum 10 -15min. ). If you don’t want to have the energy from the church, please request and I will not send from here to you but the fee will be the same.

- 4th morning: Icelandic energy for 30 min.(If the above time is needed to be compensated, I will add the time on top. )


–        After Nov 7th, I will send you a short feedback, Elf story and some photos from Iceland to share. There will be no individual feedback.
Booking and Payment: Early Bird available (After Sun,£130)
– Please make a payment from the link below . – Please send your full name, address and birthday.




Booking deadline: 19:00 on Mon 31st of Oct.


Please read before you book.
–        Above time indicates the minimum time. Depends on a situation, I will send you longer.
–        It is not refundable.
–        Due to the weather and transport, time cannot be fixed.
–        Please intend to receive the energy during this period and you can do anything anywhere. However, it may be better to minimize your driving time as much as possible.
–        Time difference is 1h (Iceland is behind)
–        In case the remote session cannot be conducted, full refund will be made.