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★ How to Turn Around Your Life – Dealing with Depressive Feelings or Depression

Roman Kemp on feeling ‘trapped’ by depression – BBC Three

More people are suffering from depression, mental illness or from depressive feelings.

I’m surprised to hear that 75% of people who committed suicide are men. Listening to his TV programme makes me feel many of them take too much of others’ opinions and expectations to assess whether they are doing alright or not, and they feel they are under pressure. If they are not meeting others’ expectations, then they feel they are not worthy, not useful, not worthy. Is it really the case? What makes them feel why it matters so much to worry about others’ opinions on you?

Don’t worry too much about how others are expecting you to live your life, but make a decision based on what you really want to do with passion. You need to live your life as you, not someone else. You don’t need to satisfy others’ needs all the time, which is impossible. Trying to meet is a wonderful thing IF you want to.

Life is too short. If there are any problems, there are so many counsellors and therapists available. It’s ok to cry and feel sad, which happens sometimes in life.

Literally, you can get any help living in the UK, developed countries. You need to think about how fortunate you are by having something to eat, a place to live, health, a body you can move around, money however small, info and support available online and offline, etc. Life is never a perfect thing and shit happens but you can get out of there sometime.

I have posted many free videos on my Youtube channel about how to get over difficult situations. Have a look? Or simply get your phone to ask for help to any organizations or groups you want to reach out.

One video –
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