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NEW! From Sep – Remote Group Reiki Healing Session available


Sep has come and what is your plan onward?

About a week ago, I was wishing one thing just briefly and noticed it was actually coming true yesterday. Law of Attraction works.

By the way, from Sep 9th, you and your loved ones, family can receive a remote Reiki Group healing session at a reasonable fee. You can book either a face to face session or a remote session and choose the way more suitable for you.

Reiki is well known worldwide and spread over from Japan to the world. We retain our Original Japanese Traditional Reiki lineage and its connection, no addiction, no dilution, and it is a pure energy and connection. If you drink an orange juice, which one do you like, 100% orange juice or diluted one?

Group remote session will be conducted once or twice a month ad hoc and you can book one single session (Early Bird Offer available) or 3 session package offer with 15pounds off.

Love Story of a husband at the terminal stage, who received remote Reiki sessions…

It was about 10 years ago, one woman booked 7 remote Reiki sessions over 10 days for her husband. Doctor told them he would die anytime, so she wanted him to live even a bit longer, hoping he would get better. Over 10 days, I sent Reiki though I didn’t know what was really going on. After 10 days, she said thank you to me. Her husband lost consciousness most of the time, could not eat, could not talk, could not walk around.

During the 10 days he received Reiki remotely, his condition got improved. His consciousness was fully back, he could eat, he could walk and go to toilet by himself. More than anything else, husband and wife could talk whatever they wanted to talk and shared how much they loved each other.

After they felt satisfied sharing their feeling, husband said to his wife that it is ok to stop Reiki as he is now ready to die.

After all the 7 session he received, he died two days after… but his wife was really happy and content as she had the great loving moment with her husband.

Let me be your help… or You can become a help for someone else or your loved ones? This is one example of mine helping other people with Reiki. I can be your help, your loved ones if they feel down, sick or feel pain physically and emotionally.

My parents  are getting old.  I help them to relieve their pain and issues with Reiki. I also apply Reiki for myself everyday to balance my energy and stay healthy with piece of mind.

Even better if you become trained and help yourself and others as a professional Reiki therapist? We provide a solid Reiki Practitioner course for you to offer an effective Reiki with our lineage and connection.

For further information about the Group Reiki Healing session, or Reiki Seminar, please
– visit the what’s on page for the dates and
–  actual Group session contents, please visit the Reiki Practitioner Seminar page.

For further queries and bookings, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great weekend!











Wed 24th of Sep – Month of Libra, “Unlock the Power Within! – Abundance Attraction& Love” (Early Bird Offer is available)

Since the “Unlock the Power within You” event is very popular, and the new AK 2 energy (Adam Kadmon 2) is down here for us to obtain the God consciousness in the human body and help others to be shifting, you can join “Unlock the Power within!” to transform your life in various aspects.
In Sep/Oct, month of Venus, Love & Beauty, we will download the energy of Air element for you to make a smoother and loving communication and attract abundance, love and beauty. This event offers many activations to unlock “the Keys” within you even further and transform your life with Abundance energy.
Join us and transform your life!
This workshop includes below;
– Energy Clearing Meditation with Coaching Hypno which works on your subconscious mind to transform and heal you emotionally.
– Activate your Air element for good and loving communication.
– Archangel Michael’s support to release negative energies
– Unlock Your Power with the Special Code by the ancient wisdom
– Activate your energy by the guided active meditation
– Abundance Attraction work
– AK2 Shamballa Energy Code Activation
– AK2 Energy Transmission

For booking and further details, please find it below.

★ Original Usui Reiki Seminar – Level 1 and 2 on Sat 18th of Oct / Sat Nov 1st★
Separately, you can learn the Japanese original Lineage, Usui Reiki by the Japanese Reiki Master in Oct. or in Nov. If you are interested in mastering how to heal others with Reiki, please visit the website below. In Oct,/Nov it will be the level 1 and 2 seminar and you can obtain the practitioner certificate.
Currently, it is set on Oct 18th or Nov 1st from 12 noon till 22:oo near Russel Sq at UCL.
Please feel free to contact us and have a good day.
Love and Light
Wed 24th of Sep – Libra New Moon, “Unlock the Power Within! – Abundance Attraction& Love” (Early Bird Offer is available) Wed 24th of Sep – Month of Libra, “Unlock the Power Within! – Abundance Attraction& Love” (Early Bird Offer is available)

Place Warren street, 4 min walk. Location will be notified two days before the event after you book.

Time: Wed 24th of Sep , 20:30-2200 (Please be on time)

Participation fee:
Early Bird Offer is available 
This time, only 4 seats are available.

– £27 by Thur 4th of Sep (Booking and payment by 22:00) – only for two persons
– £32 by Thur 11th of Sep (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £37 by Thur 20th of Sep (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £45 by door after 20th..Payment is by cash only by door . Please contact us first

Booking: Please email to book your seat to contact@armusuk.com
Please read first before you book.
– Please email me first to book your seat, and then you will be notified to make a payment by bank transfer.
– If you cancel after your booking, cancellation fee will be charged, £3

– After Sep 9th, fee will not be refunded unless we cancel the event.
– There will be a meditation and please arrive 2-3min before.
– If you are late and come in, please come in quietly.
– please bring water, etc. for you to drink. You may feel thirsty.
Testimonials from participants. Events on March 30th
“I feel I’m changing from the first event and feel I am receiving more light. I can create the design better with more ides and my design and preference has been really changing in this couple of years receiving sessions. After the Ancestral Healing, I can get up early in the morning without feeling bad, which was difficult before. “ (Female in her 30s, Designer
“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the event and learned so much. I would refresh both physically and mentally. I want to continue to meditate every day. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker
“Thank you so much. At the Archangel Michael Initiation, when I was walking down to the initiation room, I felt massive divine energy there. Since I received the initiation, I feel Michael is protecting me. Protection I learned at the seminar is really changing my room energy instantly. I also started feeling the dark energy at my work, which I wasn’t feeling before.” (Female in her 40s, Medical
“Thank you so much. I had many visions to heal others and felt how it is like to be connected with the Guides. Also at the intuitive healing energy drawing by color, it was so much fun and I thought about my childhood when I had many creative and innocent ideas. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker

Special Offer till end of June – Summer Special

Special Offer on till the end of June – Summer Special

Hello. How is everything? Hope you are feeling lighter and going out to enjoy the summer energy.

There are many people coming in for DNA Activation, Spirit Release Hypno, Ancestral Healing, Tarot Reading, etc. You can also come in and receive support how to get out of the current situation and mental state and move on to the next stage in your life.

We offer the special deal on Fri 13th of June as once a year summer special. You can try and receive a session which you are interested in.

If you introduce your friend, and and you and your friend book sessions, you can also receive the special gift (Clearing Water Spray bottle and transformational energy charged crystal).

For the special offer, please see below.

★One Day Summer Special★

– Once a year special offer till end of June
– If you never had a session and seminar with us, you can book a shorter special session from the menu below.
– If you had any sessions and seminars, please book the regular session.
– Please quote the Code no when you book: SVJun132014E


•Core 24+/26/28 DNAActivation (55 min @ £80)
•Remaining Clearing and Healing elements after the short  24+/26/28 DNAActivation (55 min @ £80) – recommend for people who had the core 26/28 DNA Activation before to complete your process.
•Negative EmotionalCord Cutting and Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Aura Healing andRepair and Counseling (55min @ £65)
•Usui Reiki &Ascended Master Reiki Healing and Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Psychic Reading,Counseling and Counseling (55 min @£65)
•Tarot Reading, Counselingand Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Weight Loss Hypnosisand Consultation (55 min @ £80)
•Relationship and LoveConsultation and Coaching (55 min @£65)
•Career and Business Consultationand Coaching (55 min @ £65)
•Self EsteemImprovement and Assertiveness Consultation and Coaching (55 min @ £65)
•Any other Consultationand Coaching (55 min @ £65)

You can find the details of the description of each session from the links above, but these special offers are the shorter session.

Venue: Covent Garden/Warren Street, London
Booking: please email us to contact@armsuk.com.
Payment: Please make a payment by bank transfer within a couple of days in advance after booking.
Cancelation policy: Within 10 days from your session @£10, within 7 days@50%, within 3 days @ 100%

•Please come in and wait in the lobby. If a session before you hasn’t finished yet, you may need to wait for 5min or so


Please feel free to contact us for queries and booking.




Kay Nishimura (BA, Grad Dip in Psychology, Dip. in Hypnotherapy, MASC, Ad.C.S)

Archangel Ray Metaphysical Mystery School Founder, Guide, Teacher and Ritual Master

GHR Accredited Hypnotherapist (Dip. in Hypnotherapy)

Graduate Diploma holder in Psychology at University in London (British Psychology Society Accredited) .

Ensof Ray Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
MASC Accredited Coach, Counsellor, Psychic Counsellor and Crystal Healer


kayrksps@gmail.com / contact@armsuk.com

Phone: 0796 991 8772
Covent Garden, London, UK


Ascended Master Reiki


We are pleased to announce that there is the upgraded Reiki called Ascended Master Reiki. Original Usui reiki is very powerful but this Reiki is even more powerful as the Ascended Masters will be there to help you become healed.

For further information, please have a look from the link. We have started training people not only with the original Usui Reiki seminar but also with the Ascended Master Reiki seminar as a practitioner too. You can join us and become an effective healer by learning from the Japanese Reiki Master who knows about the Japanese culture and history really well.




Starseed Era


Hope you are enjoying the spring and the Sun. We’ve been waiting for this season.

Since 1st of March, energy has changed further and the Starseed Era has been started. What does it mean?

Do you think things or situation, or people you meet, are changing?  Beyond the resources from the Solar level, there is the resources coming in from the universe, Galaxy level. I ‘m not the cosmologist but the energy is so high, pure and so loving.  It is the time for us to be awaken and walk the path as “you”, Divine you. In this modern-day, we have all the freedom if you are living in the democratic countries. If not, situation may not be the same, but as we see from the news, there has been “revelation” going on in all over the world.

Since I’m writing so much and post messages in Japanese, I don’t have enough time to translate all into English and post them. However, simple message today, is

Awaken Self and Unlock the Power within you!

We had the amazing workshop on the new moon day on Mar 1st, and there will be another one on Mar 30th. Seats are limited and come and join us to unlock the power within you.

We will start the psychic development course from May and to attend it, Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar on Mar 29th will be a prerequisite. There are so much out there, light and dark, and it is vital to protect you first and for most. This seminar will be giving you the strong protection. After one of the initiate received this initiation, he is not chased after by dark-beings so badly any more.

In April, you can learn how to do Reiki properly by the Japanese Reiki Master. Proper and authentic onnection with Reiki and propert training matters to become a proper and effective Reiki Healer.

There are lots of other seminars coming up and if you are interested in any seminars, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange a day flexibly.

in March
29th – Archangel Michael Initiation
30th – Unlock the Power within
30th – Healer & Psychic Experience – Mind Body Spirit Experience

In April

April 19th – Ensof Ray Reiki Seminar – level 1 and 2
June or July  – AK2 Seminar
June – ARMMS Initiation Seminar


Have a good night

Love and Light












“Ensof Ray Reiki Healing Seminar” – West meets East – Heal Yourself, or Get Trained as the Highest Reiki Healer By the Japanese Reiki Master (Early Bird Offer Available)

This is for people

– Who want to learn how to Heal Self effectively after the Reiki Attunement (Level 1).
– Who want to learn how to Heal others as a Practitioner (Level 2 and above).

Ensof Ray Reiki Practitioner Seminar and training is available for anyone.

Have you ever heard people are saying that Reiki is not that effective?

I heard that too, so many times,  and experienced it. Many Reiki practitioners are not properly trained and do not have the proper original “Reiki” connection with the proper source. Also Reiki seminar attendance does not mean only learning skills and knowledge, but also gaining connection with the original pure energy source  which originated from Japan. You can become trained by the Japanese Reiki Master, who has the Reiki energy within and also teaches deeply what Reiki is about associated with the Japanese culture and history. 

Reiki Healing is effective if they are properly trained and become connected with the original Reiki. Reiki is more effective and works better if practitioners are not egoistical but can flow pure and original energy, and have high compassion and virtues. Our trained Reiki healers offer high quality reiki healing which is effective mentally and physically.

Even if you are not interested in healing others, but if you want to heal yourself and your families, you can learn at the level 1 workshop. If you would like to heal others as a practitioners, the next level, level 2 and above are offered for you to become a Reiki practitioner.
Since I, Kay, Japanese Reiki Master,  received a Reiki energy, it’s been about 16 years passed. I learned a bit of the Western Reiki, Japanese Original Usui Reiki and also learned esoteric and metaphysics through the Western Mystery School’s Lineage since. Since the Ascension started in Dec in 2012, the energy has been changing however, there is still lots of issues we experience and we see in our life and others life, which are manifested as mental illness, physical illness, conflicts, disaster, wars and more.
I’ve been teaching Reiki and metaphysics separately so far, but have updated the old Reiki teaching which started about 100 years ago to meet the current energy and the needs. At this seminar, you will learn the Western metaphysics and the East Original Usui Reiki teaching  combined as one, and you can learn both at our seminars. This is more effective as a self-healing and healing for others.

Additionally, Reiki was taught by the Higher Dimension to Mr Usui, Japanese gentleman, about 100 years ago at the sacred Mount Kurama. This original pure energy and Usui Reiki teaching is also succeeded into our Usui Reiki teaching.

However, from the Level 3 and above, these are the latest modalities which are available for us and opened up due to the Ascension energy and shift, which is called “Ensof Ray Reiki”. With training, your energy will be shifted and you will be able to access the Source and provide healing for others. This is the highest and purest energy healing in this modern day, and it is beyond the current Reiki energy.

Would you like to become an effective Reiki healer to heal others and self ? Join our training and become trained!

Details and Early Bird Offer -> from the link.

Looking forward to meeting you.


April 20th Original Usui Reiki Introduction Seminar & Practitioner Seminar



Since the energy is so changing this March with the AK 2 energy, we will offer the updated and upgraded Reiki Healing called “Ensof Ray Reiki” seminar. It has 5 levels.

Even if you are not interested in becoming a healer, you can learn and heal yourself and your families. Everyone has a moment to become sick or depressed. At that time, if you know how to heal yourself, you can flow the Reiki energy and heal you anytime and anywhere.

Level 1 and 2 are the Original Usui Reiki Healing. Above that level, level 3 and above are offered as the latest modality from the Hierarchy of Light. Level 5 is the highest level healing as reiki called Ensof Ray Reiki.

Details will be posted soon but the level 1 and 2 will be offered on April 20th Sun. Save the day for your own benefits!

You can learn the original Usui Reiki properly from the Japanese reiki master, Kay who is from where Reiki came from. Seminar is not only offering the skills and knowledge, but the original energy as well for you to connect with the pure Japanese reiki source and understand.