Tantric Healing & Emotional Healing Workshop

“Chamber of Love”

– Tantric Healing Workshop on Mind Body Soul.


“All you need is Love”    John Lennon

Just imagine,

Feel a loving and caring touch on your arms and back…
Do you feel the heat and gentle warmness on your body?
Do you feel relaxed and healed with tender touch and love?

Experience sensual healing and become healed mentally and emotionally through male and female love and sensual Kundalini’s Life force energy, passion.

In our modern society, everyone is busy especially if you live in a big city, so you may not have time to get connected with your romantic partner mentally, emotionally and physically in a sensual and romantic way. Or something within you may be blocking you to having a loving sensual relationship.

Do you desire to receive and give love and passion? Then join us and have fun with us with loving energy!

At this workshop, a female and a male will be paired up and will be guided to heal and balance each other’s energy in a loving and sensual way. Sensual energy healing does not require any physical intercourse, which is the key point of this Tantric energy healing workshop. It is the Kundalini energy which everyone of us has, that will be activated.


This life force energy, passion, has power to heal you mentally and emotionally. This workshop focuses on your mental and emotional healing using the sensual energy through gentle touch and hugs which you will be experiencing with your five full perceptions. You will be guided to access and harness divine tantric energy, Life force, passion energy, which is far beyond the physical sexual desire and has more purified love energy, which is the essence of love.

Through a tantric healing and demonstration by the Mystery School Guide, you will learn and experience its benefits to heal you mentally and emotionally and feel relaxed through physical and energetic communication. It is the energy to create our personal Heaven on Earth.

Higher Dimension, Hierarchy of Light, brought down this energy and guidance as “the Chamber of Love”, and they will assist us to become healed and enjoy the divine sensual energy.

Please find the details of this workshop below.

Date and Time : TBC
Venue: 4 mins from Covent Garden station in London


  • Mind and Emotional Clearing Meditation including hypnotic coaching and guidance
  • Power of Hugging
  • Tantric work and its demonstration (no intercourse and sexsual activities touching private parts)
    • Demonstration
    • Pair up and practice with each other
  • Your Sensual energy Activation and Healing
    • Activate your passion and love, Kundalini Energy to heal you
    • Demonstration
    • Pair up and giving and receiving the energy and feel it – hands on healing work.
  • Emotional and mental healing by connecting your inner self – 20min

Fee: Early Bird £45 per person (£90 per pair) by August 14th booking and payment.
After, £50 per person (£100 per pair)
–  Please book first. Once we have 4 pairs, we will request you to make an advance payment by bank transfer.
– You can attend as a pair or as a single. If you attend as a single, we will balance the number of female and male participant.
– You can attend with your friend, or with your partner.
– Seats are limited to 10 pairs so please contact us soon and book your seat.
– Cancelation policy: 2 week notice is required. Within  2 week cancelation 30% fee, within 7 days 50%, within 5 days 80%, within 3 days 100% cancelation fee will be charged.

Things you need to bring
– Drinks and a snack.
– We will spread sheets on the floor but if you prefer, you can bring your own yoga mat.
– Towels – one or two big bath towels and a smaller towel.
– Wipes / Anti-septic wipes.

IMPORTANT – Please note:
– All the participants are requested not to have any contagious skin disease and illnesses as the workshop includes hands on practice healing.
– If you have any psychotic conditions, please consult us first.


Please note:
You can bring your opposite sex friend and it does not have to be your partner. Or you can attend as a couple.
– If you would like to attend as a single, please wait until confirmation of a single opposite sex participant signs up.
– Please bear in mind that if there is a last minute cancellation, you may pair up with the same sex as a practice partner, but we will try to rotate pairs among single participants.
– Advance payment and booking is requested.
– Please wear a T-shirt or tank top, and a loose trouser/ yoga pant etc. to relax your body and feel comfortable.
– Please bring water and snacks for you to consume.
– We will conduct the workshop as scheduled. Please arrive and wait 5 min before the starting time.
– The toilet is downstairs.