Teacher Training

Teacher Training Course
– Assessment and interview will be conducted. Eligible for people with maturity, honesty, integrity and life experiences over 38 years old.
– School will nominate school GF initiates when they are ready.

Certified Meditation Teacher Training Course
The school offers a certified Meditation Teacher Training course for meditation teaching, clearing meditation and energy protection ( to teach class 1 level 1).

All our training course contents are based on ancient metaphysics and wisdom. The school not only provides teacher candidates with knowledge and skills but also supports them to transform their psychology and consciousness:
– to become connected with the light as a lightworker first.
– to serve from the heart, not from the ego and mind.
– Teacher candidates need to practice meditation under the school’s supervision for a minimum set period of time and need to complete assignments fully before commencing this training course.
– Consciousness is reflected to personal daily habits, so people who use drugs, smoke or/and drink alcohol heavily are not accepted to become the school’s teachers.
– The school would like teacher candidates to have had some life experiences before becoming a meditation teacher so that they can also take a role to support people better with understanding and compassion.

<Outline of the Meditation Teacher Training Course>
– This training is for Galactic Federation Lightworker School’s GF initiates who want to teach meditation to others as our school teacher.
– Teacher candidates will be certified with a certificate to teach the school teaching, class 1 level 1 upon completion of the course and the energy assessment.
– All the training is designed to be completed within 3 months including the exam.
– Assignment completion is required within 3-4 months including the post-requisites.
– Once you finish all the pre-requisites, then you will be assessed to start this training course and can start training.

Three Month Training structure:

  • 1st month – Initial teaching hand down & training – 4.5-5 hours including brief break.
  • 2nd month – Hands on teaching practice and supervisions monthly – 2 hours.
  • 3rd month – Hands on teaching practice and supervisions monthly – 2 hours.
  • End of the 3rd month – Final exam of the class 1 teaching and supervision – 2 hours.
  • Complete the post-requisites during the training period.
  • Audio listening and guided meditation practice during the training period.
  • Meditation practice at home
  • Report submission.

–        What to prepare: pen, notebook

Minimum pre-requisite – Requirement to attend the training
–        Attend the Class 1 level 1 – Basic – face to face session
–        Receive Quantum Block Release 80 min session 3 times
–        Complete the Self-Healing Class 2 level 1 and 2
–        Deep healing 1-3
–        Spark of Life
–        Receive AK2 (52) DNA Activation
–        King Salomon Healing 1-10
–        Attend our Meditation Monthly event part 1 and 2 at least 6 times and understand how it is operated and learn how to do a guided meditation
–        Attend the Mind Revolution 6 sessions x 1 hour Course (1 cycle is 6 sessions) with a report submission.
–        Sacred Geometry Healing private session 6 & 7
–        Sacred Geometry Space Protection Workshop
–        Start practicing hands-on Clearing Meditation for yourself. 15 mins per time and per day x 360 times. 30 min Void Meditation x 60 times. 60 min Void Meditation x 30 times. Keep a log and submit a report.
–        Archangel Michael Initiation
–        GFLS outer circle initiation (inner circle member with the Usui Reiki Level 2 practitioner license  is a priority to receive a hand down training).

Minimum post-requisite – Requirements to be certified as a teacher.
–        Attend out Meditation Monthly event at least 3 times during the training.
–        Start practicing hands-on Clearing Meditation for yourself. 15 mins per time and per day x 90 times. 30 min Void Meditation x 30 times. 60 min Void Meditation x 30 times. Keep a log and submit a report.
–        School will send you the 5 types of Audio Guided meditation. Please listen to each of the guided meditations minimum 3 times, actually meditate while listening and submit a brief report on each.
–        Practice the given meditation class script with your practice clients 7 times within 3 months (at least with 4 different persons), and submit the feedback forms for each session from your client and from you.
–        Book 2 supervision sessions (2 hours each) with Kei, within 30 days and 60 days of the seminar attendance. Spread them evenly across the 2 months.
–        Attend the final exam (3rd supervision) in the third month.
–        After you pass and finish all the assignments and requirements, a certificate will be issued for you.
–        If you fail, please take another exam after practicing within a month. The re-sit fee is 2 hours at £160 and is a separate fee that is not included in the initial training fee.

Please note
–        Your energy will be also assessed. If you have many attachments and heavy emotional issues, judgmental, criticising, deceptive, addicted, competitiveness, victim consciousness, not coming from the space of love, etc., commencement of the training course may not be offered until your energy, mind and emotional state become healthy, loving and balanced to a certain desired level. The school will assess your energy before you start.
–        In order to become a certified meditation teacher, you will be requested to balance your energy and become compassionate for yourself and others. If your energetic and conscious level is not reaching the required healthy-loving state, you may be requested to undertake extra meditation assignments and private sessions to be certified. In this case the training period may take longer and it may need extra training fees. In order to avoid this as much as possible, we will assess and accept people who seem to be potentially fine to be certified within our pre-set required training period, fee and contents.
–        If you have a mental illness or heavy unresolved emotional or physical issues, please receive private healing sessions and classes first and take care of yourself as a priority.
–        We don’t accept people with drug and alcohol addiction and severe mental illness, but not limited to, for this training course.
–        Please be aware that the school reserves all rights to assess your energy and submitted training assignment quality, and make a decision on whether we will certify you or not even after you complete all the training. It depends on whether you meet the standard or not. In order to meet the criteria, you may have to have follow-up session(s) or training, such as extra training on how to do the effective guided meditation, training on how to run a meditation class smoothly and properly, or re-sit exam, not limited to with additional fees.
–        Assignment completion within 3-4 months is also another requirement to complete the course.
–        If you fail to complete all the training, 2 supervisions and final exam within 3 month of the commencement of training, including all the sessions and classes, we do not guarantee to offer the remaining training after 3 months.
–        If you sign up with this course, it is regarded that you have understood this and agreed with our policy and commence the course. We will support you to complete the course and to be certified, whilst you also need to make the required effort on your side as well.

Cancelation Policy:
Within 7 days of your first session/class/training, £200 will be charged, within 72 hours, £400 will be charged.
– After we start the training, the training fee will not be refunded.

Please pay in advance by bank transfer.
– Payment can be made by one payment, or by 2 payments to be completed within 1 month of commencement of your first training.

Total training fee inclusive above
Please contact the school.

* Face to face training and sessions are based on the bookings for
–        a weekday up to 3pm and Sat afternoon at Bond st,
–        – weekday day time and evening time in Covent Garden, or
–        whole day training on Tue/Thu or Sat at Liverpool Street.
–        Any other times, the training may incur additional fees due to the School incurring a room rental fee surcharge.

What you can teach once you are certified
–        We will teach you how to teach our Meditation Class’s Level 1 with scripts and manuals.
–        We will provide you 5 scripts so you can facilitate your own mediation night.
–        If you want to run your own course contents, please check with your insurance company and its policy and ensure you are insured.
–        Please note that if you are teaching your own meditation teaching contents, you cannot use the school’s name for your own teaching contents. Please make it clear to your clients who are interested in learning a meditation.

Please note:
Our Meditation teacher certificate is the one to certify you to become a meditation teacher. You can teach meditation to people, but it does not mean you can issue a Meditation teacher Certificate to people.
– Our Meditation teaching certificate is insured by Balens insurance company. Please check with your insurance company whether you can be covered as a meditation teacher with our certificate, just in case before you start the training course.