Testimonial 2 – as of May 2018

Testimonial 2
As of May 2018 – Testimonial after the psychic Healer Training Level 1-2 from our English male student and therapist.
1) Was there a reason you became interested in studying spiritualism? Any special event happened in your life? 
I have been psychic from a young age, i knew i was going to have a sister before my mum knew she was even pregnant. Many psychic events such as these happened to me from very early on in my life. I feel spiritualism found me, however found it challenging to understand.
2) What brought you over to the Galactic Federation Lightworker School and you decided to receive trainings with the school? 
I received a DNA activation after a very challenging time in my life, it empowered me massively. A couple of years later i decided to train with the school as i could see a massive benefit in my life and wanted to be of more service with regards to my healing skills.
3) When did you have a 24/26 DNA Activation?  How was it for you and what significant changes have your experienced after ?
 I had the 24-26 DNA activation back in 2014 at an MBS show, it was very powerful. I remember receiving lots of light and clarity during the session. I experienced subtle yet profounds shifts of energy for the following years, which i feel supported my growth and empowerment.
4) You have completed the Healer & Psychic training level 2 stage 1 and the Japanese  Usui Reiki Practitioner  level 2 course at the school.  How are the trainings for you and how is it developing you?
The trainings work thoroughly and deeply on your mental, emotional and spiritual development. I find with the trainings you are not just learning a new skill, you receive a total shift of psychology and more awareness. I feel the trainings are a very powerful and are at high standard. I had trained in the western lineage of Reiki, however find the non diluted Japanese lineage much stronger and more effective.
5) What aspect of you do you feel most transformed while you were getting trained and shifted to offer holistic services to people? 
The trainings are very empowering, they have enriched my life mentally and spiritually. I now have better boundaries which support me to stand in my own power. My health and energy levels have greatly improved, i no longer feel energetically drained or run down like i used to in the past. Through the self development and training I no longer smoke cigarettes and have cleared up and transformed my energy. I feel it has given me more ability to spread the light and be of better service.
6) In order to provide quality holistic services, what do you do to maintain your energy, mind and body? 
I practice energy clearing and void mediations regularly for my energetic maintenance. For body maintenance i enjoy my Yoga practice, running and swimming 2 to 3 times a week. Motion moves the emotions, I am quite a fast paced person I find Yoga particularly beneficial for slowing and centring the body.
7) Any suggestions for people who want to make a change in their lives, including  people who want to become a psychic or healer? 

Make the decision to commit to your own development. It can be challenging if you have psychic ability however aren’t managing or honouring it properly. If you feel there is something you want to change in your life, be kind, gentle and compassionate with the process, and know that it is possible.