Qabalah Tree of Life

Qabalah Tree of Life Healing and Activation
– Face to face only – 80 mins at £210  (£200 if you pay by UK bank transfer 96 hours/4 days before).  

Thousands years ago, Archangel Raziel brought down the Kabalah wisdom, Tree of Life, for humans who will go back to Heaven one day (this concept is not related to any religion). Within our human energy body we have the divine Tree of Life energy which can be activated at a personal level for us to grow spiritually and consciously.

Once your Tree of Life is healed and activated you will be able to progress further and learn from your life events and grow. This modality will remove negative energies. It will heal and activate your Divine energies at the 10 major energetic points. It will support you to fulfill your life and your divine journey.

– Brief counseling
– Connection strengthening between the 7th chakra and the Higher Dimension
– Balance the entire energy bodies
– Anointing with the Holy Water and Purification
– Removal of negative crystal from the energetic body
– Removal of negative energy using crystal stones
– Working with the Archangels, your energetic points will be purified, healed and  activated powerfully.
– Protection
– Feedback

<Expected generic benefits>
– Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
– Enables you to bring in and hold more light in your physical body
– Releasing negative energy enables you to receive more energy and clarity
– Assists in releasing unconscious patterns
– Increases your ability to use more of your brain
– Creates the greatest potential for full connection and integration with your Higher Self
– You will become more intuitive

– You can see things clearly and make the best decision.
– You can learn more deeply