★ Update on Our Business Hours, Online sessions, Offers, Full Moon Event on Apr 8th, Remote Galactic session and more


Hope you are coping well.

Since we should stay at home working from home, I decided to take the last airplane to my home city in Japan and work from there for a time-being before the all London airports get closed as a last minute decision in March.

Due to the circumstances, for a time-being, all the sessions are available via Skype, Zoom for now, and the session hours are changed between the UK late night and the morning time. In Japan time, it is about 11am – 20:00. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Things look very negative, but there is always a positive side. Many of us feel like our daily life and future perspective have been falling apart and you may feel like you don’t know what to do under this uncertain situation.

There is always a hope.
There is always a light.

In order to help your transition, we offer various special offers against Corona virus fear, online full moon events, online meditation, free YouTube videos, psychic development training and more.

For further information, please visit our what on page.

Nearest group online event is available on April 8th on the Libra full moon day.


See you soon!