★ Clear All the Deceptions in Leo month. 21st New Moon and Eclipse coming up.


How are you?

Due to powerful 2 eclipse, many of you may have some challenging time in love, dating, relationships and partnerships. More clients come for love related readings last month and this month. Common questions are

“Is he/she truthful or messing around behind my back?”
“What is he/she thinking?”

What is your situation do you feel? If you don’t feel right, you should be right but if you don’t get the ‘evidence’ and don’t get convinced, you cannot move on isn’t it? .

Clear all the deceptions this month before Aug 22nd.
If you are dealing with others and if they are very smooth and slick telling lies or convincing, manipulative, or hiding things, you would probably feel it should be ok as the reality is well ‘distorted’ and presented to you. If you are deceived and in the middle of a “hot” relationship or partnership, it is very difficult to be objective.

Some people may not have bad intensions to you but they are just playing games for their own selfish short term gratification, benefits, and even casual sex whether they are aware of it or not. Key is if she or he is causing troubles to you, that is what it matters.

Karma law definitely works but if you are deceived, it would not be funny isn’t it?

Here is a check point, whatever your situation it is, in order to clear all the deceptions, check the below points with you and feel how you feel. If you need further reality check and energetic assessment, you can book a psychic reading to clear your situation.

1. Feel how you feel with THE person or THE situation you feel uncomfortable.
2. Feel how your heart is telling you – uncomfortable, something cooking behind the scene? not settling? deceived or manipulated? Trust your intuition.
3. Ask specific questions you want to ask and ask for answers to share the information and facts, see their reactions and answers are. Feel if it is honest, sincere answer or not with your heart. Look at how they react.
4. Ask the same questions again some days later and see if the answer is the same or not.  Liers forget what they said and they easily get contradicted from what they said from what they tell you now.
5. (If it is a biz/legal matter) create an agreement or contract with clear specific terms and conditions including money, payment and cancelation policy including their full names, addresses, delivery time and signatures. Check thoroughly and ask your lawyer to check it too.
6. Specify the date, time and location to commit for next meeting, phone calls, etc. and see if the other party does commit or not. If they don’t, they would tell you whatever the excuse it is, including excuses for the last minute cancelation. Last minute cancelation is nothing more than a non-commitment to you unless it is a natural disaster. serious illness etc.
7. (If it is for love) Daily routine suddenly changes. Suddenly he/she is not available or becomes busier, especially weekends. They say work or someone’s birthday, no commitment to you. Ask them to show their event  pictures or ‘evidence’. If they are hiding or not sharing, acting funny, it can be a sign.  Give a call in the evening and weekends, not text, and see and feel how it is. If he/she does not pick up calls, what does it tell you?
7. There are many other check points to prevent any fraud, deceptions, lies, manipulation if you would like to know. You can book a psychic consultation if you wonder  about your situation and find a solution.

There are many nice honest genuine people out there but unfortunately there are some scams and liers out there too by covering up who they really are. Usually their vibrations are low and it cannot hide it. They may tell you they are professional doctors, lawyers, bankers, genuine healers and psychic, medium, single not married, no other partners, etc , but you need to discern who they are and what your situation is by an objective reality check to prevent short term and life long troubles. Life is too short to deal with deceptive people and situations.  Find out, finish it and move on to avoid bigger unwanted damage.

Leo month is a good month to clear all the deceptions and move on.

21st Eclipse and New Moon day – set your new energy releasing all the deceptions.
We will have another eclipse on the new moon day, 21st,  and it is quite important for all of us as we get influenced by the planet energy.

Time to release all the lower human conditions called negative emotions and limiting beliefs as much as possible and to shift your consciousness onto your divine path.

This month is a month for us to release heavy unwanted energies and memories to become happier and more successful, but if you don’t recognise and acknowledge issues and uncomfortableness, you won’t learn and grow for better.

NEW !Aug 21st 11:30am – Block Release, Eclipse Day’s New Moon & Venus Energy Transmission & Magic Work, Galactic Light body Transmission Group Session @ Covent Garden

This is the time for you to learn basic but important ancient metaphysics to receive transmission from the planets of Moon and Venus.

It is designed to release blocks both at subconscious and conscious levels and to shift your life to the divine path. Audio will be provided in advance as well.

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Aug 21st – New Moon, Eclipse Days for the Remote Galactic Light Body Transmission

Eclipse has the power to break through and release blocks, so on 21st new moon day, is even more powerful time for you to shift your consciousness. If you are attracted to this offer and want to shift your life, further details can be found from the link below.

Important Month with 2 Eclipse in the Leo Month – 7th and 21st – Remote  Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Galactic Light Transmission, Reiki seminar, more

Sep 14th  Night – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
Michael seminar is conducted only couple of times a year. You will learn metaphysics and strong ancient protection rituals. If you want to work together with the Higher Dimensions, you need to have its connection essentially as a lightworker.

Sacred Geometry Space Protection Seminar, Usui Reiki Seminar, Law of Attraction Seminar
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Private sessions and classes are also available.
Feel free for any queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light

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