★Dec Xmas Newsletter- Asthar Work – Awaken Starseeds and Galactic beings

Hello How are you?    It’s already a holiday time and many of you start heading home to have a lovely Christmas time with your loved ones. 

    Now is the time to clear your energy and your home environment massively to get ready for the year 2020. More and more Galactic beings and star seeds need to be awaken and the school will support this awakening process. 

There are many Galactic star seeds but many of them may experience lots of troubles on this dimension as this place operates totally different and they forget who they really are. 

If you are attracted to our school’s energy, that means you may be one of the Galactic beings and need to awaken your dormant Galactic energies and missions. Here, we offer many support starting from DNA activation. AK3 DNA Activation is the Galactic DNA activation to make your energy as the light body. If you haven’t proceeded to the Galactic DNA Activation, it is highly recommended. Even if you are not Galactic beings, your body will be transformed to the light body anyway. 

This year, I’ve been channelling the Galactic Commander Asthar and we will do the work together more often and especially this weekend he will be there on 22nd Sun Winter Solstice day to support the work to release karma and give guidance. 

Asthar and I met long long time ago, and when I met him I was a supervisor to the healing teachers on Pleiades planet. He was one of the beings asking me to come to the earth and help the ascension. So I came here as an Ascension Technologist and work on the energy and human psychology, but totally forgot who I was when I was born as a human. It took a long time for me to actually make our promise happen with Asthar till this year. 

Currently, I have my initiates who are already awaken as a Galactic Star seed, and I am supporting them to get ready to help humans and ascensions, which is happening gradually. But it’s time for more Galactic beings to be awakening. Since humans have dramas, karmas, curses, spells, negative emotions, etc and it takes time to transform them and become fully pure and transparent to align with the high vibrational Galactic energy. it would not happen over night. No dramas, no ego, no arrogance, no lies, no deception, no gossiping, no competition, not giving in temptations, promiscuous and casual sex, which means a lot for humans as humans have all these. 

If you feel you are called, it is highly recommended to receive 26 DNA Activation when you are ready, attend the Asther work on Dec 22nd, and receive AK3 Galactic DNA Activation, step by step.  Michael Initiation Seminar is planned on Jan 18th, which is the first gate way for you to be initiated under the Galactic Federation’s umbrella. 

Question is
– Who are you? 
– Why are you here? 

The Mindfulness Meditation and Emotion Control Workshop on this Sat 21st is open to anyone, so it is a good first step to learn how to control emotions and experience the peace of mind with divinity within you. Please find the details from the link below. 

In Jan, you can attend the Michael Initiation Seminar and become connected with the part of the Hierarchy of Light properly. . 

Event information is below in this email. 

Please note: I will be away from Dec 26th till Jan 14th. You can have sessions in Japan, face to face. 
– Dec 23rd and 24th – face to face session available in London
– Dec 26th-Jan 5th – Closed fully. All emails will be replied after Jan 5th. 
– Jan 6th, 12th and 13th – limited availability in Osaka and Tokyo. Face to Face sessions.
– Jan 6th-7th, 11th  – limited availability by Skype.   If you are in London, possible 11pm-8:30am (Japan time 8am-17:30). 

Have a good weekend. 


★ Dec 21st – Manage your Mind and Emotions Mindfulness Meditation Workshophttps://uk.gfls.co.uk/uncategorized/manage-your-mind-emotions-mindfulness-meditation-workshop-for-people-who-have-severe-anxiety-no-income-or-no-job-with-severe-childhood-experiences-or-traumas/

★ Dec 22nd Sun – Winter Solstice Day , Galactic Commander Asthar Message and Galactic Light Transmission First event is working together with the galactic Commander called Asthar and release blockages and help you to transform your life. Galactic energy is getting stronger and if you have the Galactic dormant gifts and power, it is time for you to wake up and move on in life.    https://uk.gfls.co.uk/uncategorized/dec-22nd-sun-winter-solstice-day-galactic-commandar-ashtar-message-and-galactic-light-transmission/  

★ Dec 22nd Sun – Winter Solstice Day Karma and Spell Removal & Galactic Light Transmission Group Session with Asther support
Second event is to release unwanted karmas, curses and spells. I don’t do this type of work as a one-off session any more, so if you need to release these and move on for 2020, you cannot wait too long and can book a seat.  You will be protected in the protected space for this group session.    https://uk.gfls.co.uk/uncategorized/dec-22nd-sun-winter-solstice-day-karma-and-spell-removal-galactic-light-transmission/  

★Christmas Gifts for your loved ones.
Many of you have had a DNA Activation. How about presenting it for your loved ones and friends as a Christmas gift? Lots of distresses are caused because your dormant power and gifts are not yet activated to fulfil your potential. Unlike a chocolate or consumable gift, DNA Activation. provides a good impact on life to make a change.

If someone wants to send more tangible gift, deep tissue massage with Reiki is another popular one.  


★Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This works on you 360 degree, including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. Demonstration video is posted on the website so you can see how it works as an example.
Expressing your emotions and thoughts are important, but whatever it is not resonating with you would be strapped off mentally, emotionally and energetically, and you will be re-aligned yourself to balance and manifest your wishes from your conscious and unconscious levels.

This session is recommended after receiving the DNA Activation any time.

For further information, you can find it from the link below.


☆Offers in Jan.
It’s in January and please check and book your seat from the what’s on page, details from the link here..

Events in Dec, onwards

  • In addition to our events, there are special offers as well. Galactic Remote session, full moon event, and more are available. Please find more details from the link here.