★Jan 2019 – Newsletter – Regaing your Power and set the energy

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a good holiday and rested well to start the new year.  

I went to the Japanese most sacred and ancient place, Ise Shrine in Mie prefecture with my family. (Photo attached).

Many Japanese people visit there at least once in their life time  and there is Amaterasu Goddess there with many other divine beings. She has the divine mother-nature and nurture and grow our divinity.  Its divine power and ancient story are very famous, so it is highly recommended to visit there if you visit Japan. 

2019 – Energy has shifted from 2018. 
I’m back from Japan last night and will start face to face session from 17th in London.

Up to 2018, Energetic nature of the cycle was to release the past pain, trauma, and old patterns and shift your consciousness to the divine one to fulfil your life, mainly. Higher dimension has been filtering and selecting people who can work closely with them when people are ready, so some limited number of people who transformed their consciousness with love by removing their shadow and ego, have started moving into a certain higher dimension, but many other people are be still in the same old cycle to learn whatever they haven’t learned yet, shed the negative ego and raise their vibration. There are many different portals however, this is the overall trend so far.

How is your life and consciousness shifted so far?
How happy and authentic are you?
How divine are you?
How much love do you share?

Higher dimension don’t care how much money you have, and what social status you have even though they can help you for that.

2019, the aspect of the yearly energy has been shifted to push you further to your divine path. In another word,  you would be able to start enjoying the outcomes of your efforts you made so far gradually, step by step. If you haven’t made efforts yet to transform, you would be still in the cycle of learning till you learn and make a change.

2019 New Year Work – 21st Super Blood Full Moon work (2 of them, at Covent Garden in a day time and by online at night)
Time is NOW to shift your consciousness, at the beginning of the new year.
If you don’t set your intensions for this year to manifest your divinity now, when would you do?

This weekend?
in Feb?

Power of intention cannot be underestimated f you want to make a change.

What is the biggest difference between people who live with a “survival mentality” and a “happy and abundant mentality”?
How ‘successful and happy’ people differ from people who are complaining about their life with no money, no love, no friends?
How can you transform you to the best version of YOU?

You will have opportunities to learn and make a change in life from our special Jan events below.

Having said that, if you haven’t received 26 DNA Activation or Remote Spark of Life session, to activate your physical and spiritual aspects of you, it is highly recommended to received both of them soon.

There are many energy work available but DNA Activation is a solid activation which was tested and handed down from the wise king, King Solomon 3000 years ago, nothing new age about. Authentic and powerful activation.

I personally was impressed by Spark of Life remote session as you receive the energy from the Great Central Sun to repair your energy and activate your light body by the ancient mystery school method of King Solomon lineage. These sessions are nothing new age about, same with DNA Activation. When I was learning a new age method over 14 years ago at the beginning, there was no solid and universal and esoteric contents I learned. It means it was too weak and didn’t make a change from the deep core level as there was no solid and authentic  connection with the Hierarchy of Light, which is the spiritual governing body of this earth and they are the authority.

Any proper healing and reading need to have the solid connection with the light, not the darkness. Humans / gurus do not have any divine power, and all the divine healing power and divine messages are coming from the Hierarchy of Light.  We are only the “pipes” in that sense. Healing and reading without  this connection,  what do you think what it is? If you gain the connection, how does it make a change in your life?

In Feb, you can attend the Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar on Feb 22nd, or Usui Reiki Seminar Level 1 on Feb 16th, if it is your interest to gain the connection.

I wish you a happy new year.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. For queries ad bookings, please send an email.



update is from the what’s on page. 

26 or 40 DNA Activation
Have a look at the following sessions and activate or upgrade your core and divine energy for  the new year as your divine life creator. You are the director of your own life, isn’t it? If not, activate this energy and change your life.

Face to face session –  from Jan 18th.

– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation  –  face to face session only
– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face. 

16th- 19th  SKYPE/Phone New Year Reading and Psychic Consultation or Coaching session – 55min- Offer. 
– Anyone can have a new year reading and psychic consultation by skype or phone at the new customer rate.
– valid for 55 min session only at 79 pounds.
– If you prefer face to face, standard rate is applied.

Please email 3-4 preferred time, and pay from the online Paypal link from here. a psychic consultation. 

★  21st Jan – Leo Full Moon Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission. Part 1 and Part 2. with a  present
– You will receive a 30 ml holy water & Energy clearing bottle as a present if you attend the part 1 and 2 (for online booking before Jan 15th).  Link is from here. 
– Part 1 & 2 attendance is limited. The remaining is 7 seats only.
– Part 1 – plenty of seats available

NEW ★ 21st Mon 17:00 – – Online Eclipse & Super Blood Full Moon New Year Energy Activation – group work
– This is a seasonal workshop. 21st is a super powerful day. If you want to learn how to make a change and balance your life overall, this online workshop is for you. 

 ★  22nd  Tue 22:30-23:30 remote session –  Galactic Light Clearing and Light Body Transmission. 
– This is the monthly session to heal you and activate your energetic template. 

NEW – ★  28th   20:00 – 21:45/22:00  – 2019 Online Dream Manifestation New Year Group Coaching session 
– This is based on the basics from the Law of Attraction Seminar and the group coaching session. It is consisted of 3 monthly sessions starting from Jan 28th Mon night with limited number of participants as a semi-group session. Click here for more details. 

Feb 8th Fri  planned from 11:15 – 12:25   
Cord Cutting and Aura Healing special offer by our student and therapist  at non-refundable 20 pounds at Bond st. Please contact us.  (Payment is from the online Paypal link here. Please choose 10 pounds for twice).

-Life Consultation – Psychic Reading
How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email.