★Jan 21st Mon – Online Eclipse & Super Blood Full Moon New Year Energy Activation

★Jan 21st Mon – Online Eclipse & Super Blood Full Moon New Year Energy Activation

Happy New Year to you all.

How was your 2018?
How have you set the energy and manifestation for the near year 2019?

Jan 21st Moon is a super powerful day as it is the Eclipse, Super Full Moon in Leo, so whatever the work you do with us on this day can potentially have 1000 times more powerful to manifest.

Up to 2018, there have been energy available to mainly work on your inner aspects such as releasing the shadow, past painful memories and trauma, and exploring what you really want to do.  But 2019, the energy is changing.

Many people who are studying spiritual matters and practice them may not be taught the importance on working on themselves and making a change in their physical aspects on top of the energy /spiritual aspect, and they may tend to passively just receive psychic readings  from someone who may look having an “Authority or power” to them and live a life as a powerless human being giving away their own power.

How are you living as a queen or king of your own kingdom?
Where is your power?

You need to regain your own power and stop living as a passive and powerless being if that is the case.

At this group online workshop, you will learn how to make a change in your life, and have time to make a change in your own patterns to manifest what you want to do in your life. You will be guided to become connected with the higher dimension and have time for the an energetic transformation.

– What is a real spiritualism?
– Regain your power as the queen or the king of “your own kingdom”
– Mind template
– Emotional template
– Physical template
– Energetic template
– Hands on work – Recharge your energy with the Super full moon energy : This is a guided energy work and Kei will guide you to take to the higher dimension.
– Short Q&A session – one person can ask one personal question

Time and Date
– 2019, Jan 21st Mon. 17:00 -18:30 (90 mins). London, UK time. 

How to Attend
– This workshop will be organised by Zoom (Online).
– You will receive a link and need to download the free Zoom app on your laptop or mobile phone to attend in advance.
– At the beginning, it is a seminar style. After that, there is a hands on practical work for you to transform your energy and manifest your dreams.

Booking and Application – Early bird offer
– Please make a Papal  payment from the link below. (Paypal fee is included already, no additional charge)
– By Jan 17th, you will receive a link of the seminar by email to your email address of payment.
– Please note this is not refundable once you book your seat.


Please note
– Since you will have time in the latter part of the workshop for the guided and quiet time to connect, please make sure you are in a quiet environment for your own benefits. At that time, all participants will be muted so it won’t affect other participants.
– You are allowed to join the workshop even if you are late till 17:30, but after that, please note that the attendance is not possible.