★Nov – Break Curses, Release Attachments by Quantum Release, Nov 8th+. 23rd Gemini Full Moon Meditation, 20th Angel Sacral chakra clearing & transmission.


It is November the 1st.

What have you achieved so far? or
What have you been working on?

We are working in progress.

Energy is already shifted as the Scorpio energy, so it is related to the life and death, deeper aspect of truth seeking in life. What do we need to do in Nov till the end of Dec? 

“”What is it if you pick something outstanding happened to you in Oct?””
My friend asked me this question. 

My answer was I met someone who let me think deeper of my divine path. 

Ascension technology and Attachment & Curse removal
I have the duality within me, as a galactic ascension technologist which my previous psychic and channelling mentor and trainer channelled for me back in 2007.

Another aspect of me is a trained ritual master, in another word, exorcist, helping you release attachments, ghosts, demons, curses, spells and contracts and more as a energy cleaner and trainer to help you build your life. Many people who were suicidal, attempted suicide, self harm, cursed, black-magicked, etc have come to see me  in London to release these sometimes from overseas over 11 years. I still help people release these but please bear in mind I don’t deal with the black magic any more. 

Your own evolution has two aspects you need to deal with. One, removal of the above mentioned lower energies. Without releasing these, including generational curses, family karma, your own karmas and more, you are still blocked and would more likely experience repeated bad cycles and get stuck in life. If you release more, you have more space to receive the light to move on in life. 

I have this dual nature as  astrologically I was born with these gifts as well, and have a capacity to help you further. 

So what you need to do this month in Nov is the dual aspects of your energy;
– Release curses,  attachments, demonic contracts, and clear your energy by Quantum Block Energy one to one session  / Skype
– get activated with the DNA activation and Spark of Life session. 

“Do I need the Clearing session?” -> Yes, if you have done following things… 
Lots of people think they don’t need any clearing session as they are clean or religious.

Our sessions is beyond religions and it is offered under the name of God and Jesus.  We work together with the archangels, ascended masters and cosmic police, etc. It is effective as they have the authority through us to do the service for you to heal and clear the negative debt.

If you did below in the past, or have issues, it is highly recommended for you to come and receive our sessions and receive more light and move on in life. If you keep the patterns and curses, your life would not get changed. 

– You celebrated Halloween -> You opened up the demonic gateway and get cursed for generations. -> book a Quantum release session on Nov 8th night  or other time
– You or your ancestors had love affairs outside of the relationships and marriages, had an abortion. Sexual sins. 
– you/ancestor are a mistress or you have a mistress. 
– you are promiscuous and have sex with anyone like rabbits. 
– You or your ancestors deceived others financially, sexually and troubled others massively.
– Alcohol addiction, drug addiction
– self harm, suicidal, chronic depression
– financial debt
– generational family’s illnesses
– Depression, personality disorder
–  I often find attachments with clients who suffer from this. 
– your family or ancestors died young, committed a suicide, etc. 
– You are stuck for years.

There are more but you can ask questions a the sessions.  You already got a fairly good idea here. 

Support is offered for you.  – Nov 8th night and other dates. 
Have a look at the following sessions and book  them in this Scorpio month (you get extra energetic support)  to clear your energy and curses before the Christmas and the new year. Especially on Nov 8th – in this month 

– Quantum Block release session including ancestral healing to release generational curses
– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation 
– Class 1 – protection and energy management 

Or you can attend our group events. 

 Sacral chakra energy clearing work this month 
This month, there are two opportunities of Sacral chakra energy clearing in a group session for you.  Sacral chakra is related to your creation, sexuality, fertility, self-esteem, relationship  and lots of blockages in the real life. Come and join us to this special opportunity.

1) Nov 23rd Gemini full moon day face to face  at Covent Garden.
★  23rd Fri   Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★  23rd Fri   Part 2A  Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment& Angel Healing

2) Nov 20th from 10pm by remote session. You can be anywhere you want. 
★ 20th    22:00 – 23:00  Remote session – Archangel Healing on Sacral Chakra & Galactic Light Clearing and Light Body Transmission. 

If you prefer to have a private session, you can book a cord cutting session, Reiki or any other healing session  to clear your energy. 

If you are not sure and have personal  questions, you can book a psychic consultation. 

(* For bookings – please simply email me 3-4 preferred time to book, session, length all together. Any personal questions will be answered at the psychic consultation session). 

NEW – Pruba- protection
In our magical traditions, we have protection items to wear and Pruba is one of them. It protects you and you can leave it at home or carry it with you in your bag. Energy will be charged  specifically for you.
For further details, please click here.  

Please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week and see you soon.


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