★Special Offers on Nov 11th, 11.11.11. gateway & 17th cord cut – 20th Sacral chakra clearing & transmission, 23rd Gemini Full Moon Meditation, and more


Time is relative but I feel it goes by so quickly in Oct and Nov, so I have realised I have couple of announcements to make, including special offers, which you will find below. Remaining months o f 2018  is really important to prepare for the new year 2019.

Get rid of old you, and awaken the dormant part of you.

FREE One-off Special OFFER – Nov 11th –  11.11.11 Awakening Galactic Transmission – Galactic Call!

* It is for up to 33 PAIRS (friends, couple, family, etc).
* This is for people who resonate with this offer. If you resonate, simply book your slot by email (no questions will be answered as it is a special free offer). 

First come, first served.

How is your life?
What is your own self-image?
How much are you worried/mind about how other people judge you to do what your spirit wants to do?

Nov 11th in 2018 is a special day. Galactic Gate of 11.11.11 to awaken you will be opening up.
– leave the past in the past with old patterns
– awaken you with your divine spirit energy and shift your life style with your purpose of life
– receive the galactic light transmission to awaken you.
– Additionally, 11.11.11. has a very powerful energy to support you to shift your consciousness to master you.

If you are interested in, please read the following first and send an email to receive the transmission. It’s time for more of us, Galactic beings to receive the Galactic light and awaken the dormant Galactic aspects.

Time and Date: Nov 11th from 11am for 15 min.
– Application is accepted only if TWO of you book the session. (It can be your family, friend, partner, 18 years+ only)
– Please email to kayarmsuk@gmail.com with below information all together.
———your full name, your email and your birthday
———your friend’s/family’s/partner’s/ full name,  email and birthday (please make sure to send all the info after getting their consent too).

* Please understand that due to the volume of bookings, you won’t receive any booking confirmation reply but after the session, you will receive a short group message.

Booking Deadline: Nov 10th 18:00
– If two of your full names, emails, and birthdays are not sent together before Nov 10th 18:00, you will not be listed to receive a transmission.

Offer – Nov 17th Sat – Cord Cutting and Aura Healing
You can have a cord cutting and Aura Healing session by one of our trained Reiki therapist and initiate. Kei will be on site too.
First come, first served, please email us to book your session.

Time and Date: @ Liverpool street station, face to face only.
Nov 17th Sun  15:20- 16:30 (70min)
Nov 17th Sun  16:50- 17:40 (50 min)

– 15 pounds, including a brief counselling and feedback.
(After Nov 15th, by Paypal payment at 20 pounds)
– Non-refundable.

– Please book by email.

Offer – Nov 17th Sat Night – Psychic consultation between 19:00 – 21:00
You can have a psychic consultation for 25 min or 55 min (face to face @ Liverpool street , or Skype or Phone)
Please book in advance.

Psychic Consultation & Channeling 

Sat Night fee: 25 min at £45 /  55 min at £90  (After Nov 15th 18:00, By Paypal, 25 min at £50 /  55 min at £100)

Online payment – https://uk.gfls.co.uk/online-payment/
– Please choose £15 x 3 times, or 6 times.

Christmas  – Voucher for loved ones as a birthday gift or a Christmas present
Voucher for your loved ones as a gift?  Christmas is not so far away!

Gift Voucher

Support is offered for you.  – Nov 8th night and other dates. 
Have a look at the following sessions and book  them in this Scorpio month (you get extra energetic support)  to clear your energy and curses before the Christmas and the new year. Especially on Nov 8th – in this month 

– Quantum Block release session including ancestral healing to release generational curses
– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation 
– Class 1 – protection and energy management 

Or you can attend our group events.

Sacral chakra energy clearing work this month 
This month, there are two opportunities of Sacral chakra energy clearing in a group session for you.  Sacral chakra is related to your creation, sexuality, fertility, self-esteem, relationship  and lots of blockages in the real life. Come and join us to this special opportunity.

1) Nov 23rd Gemini full moon day face to face  at Covent Garden.
★  23rd Fri   Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★  23rd Fri   Part 2A  Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment& Angel Healing

2) Nov 20th from 10pm by remote session. You can be anywhere you want. 
★ 20th    22:00 – 23:00  Remote session – Archangel Healing on Sacral Chakra & Galactic Light Clearing and Light Body Transmission. 

If you are not sure and have personal  questions, you can book a psychic consultation. 

(* For bookings – please simply email me 3-4 preferred time to book, session, length all together. Any personal questions will be answered at the psychic consultation session).

NEW Pruba- protection
In our magical traditions, we have protection items to wear and Pruba is one of them. It protects you and you can leave it at home or carry it with you in your bag. Energy will be charged  specifically for you.
For further details, please click here.  

Please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week and see you soon.


-Life Consultation – Psychic Reading
How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email.