★Sep Events – Syncronicity.


How are you? 
Things are moving forward or stuck somewhere? 

Up to Sep 21st, it is still a good time for you to release the past, unwanted relationships and move on in life. You may want to seek for guidance and consultation to see things from different angles. 

If you are clearer in mind and energy, synchronicity is easier to happen. For example, I was thinking of looking for a psychic consultation’s new venue locally. I just got off a bus and found a candle place in front of me. I went in and saw the psychic tarot reading space. Just spontaneously, the owner hired me as a psychic and tarot consultant on the day and I was busy in the afternoon.

Another example is I was invited for a social occasion  with people who have the older vibration which I was not really resonating with currently, just to catch up. Reality created from there was based on the older vibration which I was not interested in in at all.   It gave me a good insight where I am and where I want to be at. 

These are  simple manifestation quickly happened within a couple of days.  

In order to make a change in your life, energy work helps as it changes your vibration to a higher resonance. 

Sep 23rd is the Autumn Equinox day and you can have a special boost by our Galactic Light Transmission. Month energy is changing as well around this day and you will be tested in the fields related to a relationship, friendship, your love life, inner beauty, creativity and more in the Libra month coming up.

Today’s question is
– What are you attracting in your love life or in relationship?
– Where are you vibrating?
– What do you want in life?
– Who has power over you if that is the case?

Libra people usually have a very charming energy to attract people and you can also learn how to be more charming and loving. 

Who is a charming person to you? 
Who is ugly as a person to you?
How do you want to love and be loved?  
We will look into your mind body and emotional patterns with magic transformational work on Sep 28th if you fancy. 

On Sep 28th Fri night – Law of Attraction and Venus Magic
Would you like to attract an ideal partner?
Would you like to know how to attract attractive partner?
If you attend with a friend of yours, you will have a special offer.
For further info, please click here. 

On Sep 25th Tue around noon, Aries Full moon Meditation and Galactic Light Transmission event will be conducted. This event has a combination of removing negative energies and empowering you with the Galactic Light. It is the time for more Galactic people to be awakening but you need to step into the process of remembering ‘who you really are” by healing the past and removing unwanted painful emotions and memories. This event is one of the gateways to step into that.

Sep 23rd Sun  – Remote Galactic Light Body Activation session
– On the Equinox Date, have a special booster to make a change in life. For further info, please click here.

or have a look at 26/28 DNA Activation or upgraded 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation for your own evolution.

Please feel free to make a query and bookings.

Have a good week and see you soon.


Our Events 
★  25th Tue 11:00 –  Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★  25th Tue 11:45 –    – Part 2A  Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment
★ 28th Fri 11:30 –  Psychic Reading Practice and GF Gathering @ Bond
-Life Consultation – Psychic Reading
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