★2022 Sep – Tribute to the Queen and the Energy change


We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Royal Family following the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

A beacon of calm and stability: World leaders pay tribute to the Queen (msn.com)

The 8th of September when she passed away, was the day of ending one cycle by the KyuSei Kigaku analysis which is like a Japanese version of western astrology. She died on the last day of the period with full of imperial energy right before the beginning of a new cycle started.

She was a much loved and respected figure across the globe, and we join the nation in mourning her death and in recognising her long service to this country.

While there are still very few women in the world who can reign as queens, become prime ministers, or stand at a top position and serve in the world, she was the one who was the catalyst to break the old tradition where women were expected to live in a house cooking, cleaning, delivering babies at home and being child-rearing personnel, and to create a flow that allowed women to play an active role in a local community, the society and the national level.

There were problems like Prince Harry and his wife’s books with full of disrespect to his own family’s privacy, but nonetheless, she focused on stabilizing the UK as a nation. Even if you don’t like royal families, we can respect her rein over 70 years for such a long time with commitment and dedication to people.

What can we learn from this?

Wish her to rest in peace and reunite with her husband.

Since the ascension started in 2012, the flow has been changing drastically. While changes have been fast, what is becoming noticeable is a recent change in space and time. It is becoming more obvious which dimension each individual chose, which shows differences in reality.

Some people continue to learn in the same cycle with the same karma not settling yet.

Others have settled some karmas and moved on to the next dimension.

It’s already coming out energetically and clearly in the reality.

Either way, learning is learning.

Are you stubbornly thinking only of yourself and continuing to act with no consideration for yourself or those around you? (Not in a superficial sense).


‘How’ do you understand why you are alive, and how do you utilize of what you are born for and are alive to live your life and contribute to society?

 These are just polar opposite ways of ‘being’ just as an example, but they are making huge differences in reality.

There are underlying psychological patterns involved underneath, but in the case of the first pattern, it would be difficult to notice it yourself, as it is a human nature, and we don’t want to see our own darkness and avoid looking at them.

Summer is over and we are entering into a new cycle, fruitful autumn.

Hope you become rested well and utilize the new energy in a new cycle.