★April 1st – Christ Consciousness & St. Germaine Purification, Healing and Negative Energy Release Remote Session

★April 1st – Christ Consciousness & St. Germaine Purification, Healing and Negative Energy Release Remote Session

Easter is coming and during this period, it is easier for us to access the Christ consciousness and it is also a good time for you to receive  this energy to purify and heal your energy from the Christ consciousness. Because of this Easter period, energy is more amplified to purify the energy.

We are not directly working on the dark forces to get released as the main focus is for you to receive the energy to purify your energies into your multi-dimensional energy bodies, but negative energy release would be also possibly happen as a bi-product

It is important for each one of us to be connected with the light energies and light beings however many people have spirit attachments and negative energies, so that their life is very much interrupted by all sorts of dark forces and attachments.

If you have any
– consistent troubles
– chronic family issues including addiction, abusiveness, DV
– unknown cause illnesses and injuries
– lost love, financial troubles, lost jobs, redundancy
– no friends, loneliness, negative self talk
and more,

receive this group session and make a change in your life.

If you would like to learn about how to protect you, have a look at the What’s on page, as we run on April 7th Sat,

– Class 1 – meditation and energy management
– Psychic Attack and Energy Vampire Protection Class
– Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar

and more.


Time and Date: Sun April 1st, 2018.    10:00-11:00am

– Energy clearing

– Jesus Christ consciousness Transmission
– Purify and release negative energies out of your multi-dimensional bodies.
– After the remote group session, brief channelled message and guidance  for the group to receive by email within a couple of days.
 * Please email your full name, address you will be at( post code and town’s name is fine if you don’t want to give your full address)  and your birthday info.
* It is not refundable.
Booking and Payment – please pay from the Paypal link below. Paypal charge is included.
Booking and Payment Deadline: Sat Mar 31st, 20:00. 
Terms and Conditions
– As much as possible, stay in a private place, become connected and receive a transmission though whatever you do and wherever you are, energy will be reached.
– We highly recommend you to avoid driving a car, bicycle or a bike, any vehicle and such, during a session if you are outside.
– There is an individual difference of how you feel the energy and its effects.
– If you need further help, please look at our menu and receive a private session and a class.