★April Newsletter – Why Corona is happening?? Free Corona Protection, Libra Full Moon Meditation, Christ Consciousness Work. Dimensional Shift Work to create your new life.

April now 
– Channelled guidance
– Another Free Corona Virus Protection session
– Libra Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galaxy Transmission
– Dimensional Shift Work to Transform Your Reality, and more.


Hello, how are you coping with? 

Latest video is available from the link. 

Firstly, since there was a possibility of the border line closed, I made a last minute decision and got back to Japan for now to spend time with my elderly parents. Due to the self-isolation requirement, location does not matter to me, so now everything is switched to online sessions. I will go back to London once the pandemic calms down. 

As you know, in the UK, Corona death is over 3600 now and the increase is steeper than the one of Italy, very dangerous. In Japan, it is not locked down at all, and I find it dangerous as so many people are out here coughing, and no awareness of 2m distance. 

We need to tackle as one team and stay home, stay safe, stay sane and stay alive.

1) WHY is the Corona Virus so deadly dangerous? 
Within a week, 3000 people died in the UK. Why is it so dangerous? 

One of the Japanese TV programme tested how coughing can spread the virus, and found out this. 
– If a contracted person coughs, virus can fly in the air with a light particle together. 
– Since it is in the air, you may breathe it in and get contracted. 
– Danger is, once you get contracted, your condition can deteriorate quickly and within 3-5 days, you may die without seeing your family, ALONE. This is already happening and some people died so soon. 
– That’s why it is SAFER for you to stay home as there are so many people out contracted without the Corona symptom. 

If each one of us does not stay home together, this situation would prolong and you would not be able to get back to a normal life. Additionally, in Australia, it is regarded as a life or death situation, so unessential outing is heavily fined or jailed.

We need to follow the guideline of the government, and get over this crisis ASAP. We need to do this together. 

2) How to stay safe but also stay sane too in the isolation?
Since we are requested to stay home, you also need to be aware of how to stay sane.
Please communicate with your friends and loved ones by actual phone calls or social media.

If you need to calm down and reduce worries and fear, you can utilize the various offers and guided meditations from the school. 

★ 6th Mon. UK 11am / Japan 19:00  – Remote Group Reiki session 
★7th Tue UK time 11am / Japan time 19:00 – Online Live Guided Meditation
★ 8th Wed 11:00am – 12:25 – Libra Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission.

– Special offers are available for now to combat anxiety at a special rate for counselling, psychic reading, coaching and reiki session. for more info, please see from here and feel free to use it. https://uk.gfls.co.uk/whats-on/

3) April  8th Wed 5:30 UK time – Free ANTI-CORONA Protection REMOTE GROUP SESSION – FOR Frontline medical professionals
– This is another free session but this time, please let me know the info of medical professionals and people working at the frontline and hospitals to protect them.
‐ They don’t need to do anything, but just need to agree to receive a protection remotely. 

4) April 11th Sat – Christ Consciousness – Blessings, Prayers, Clearing, Karma Removal, Healing, Protection and anti-Corona work by a Remote Group session.
– All of us should have a Christ consciousness but the question is if it is activated or not. You will receive the energy to release unwanted energy to shift, as well as blessings and prayers. Christ has the highest power on this dimention to release unwanted energy.


5) 14th Tue UK 8am / Japan 16:00 – Online Live Dimensional Transformation Work – Shift Your Reality and Start Your New Chapter. 
– Have you ever wondered why you and the world are experiencing this pandemic? I did. I channelled many beings and have my answers. You will experience a lot of dimensional work and shift your consciousness. Nothing happens randomly. The nature, the earth, and your higherself, are trying to communicate with you with their messages.
– Let’s find out and understand this crisis from a different perspective and open up the new chapter in your life to create a higher dimensional reality.
– Highly recommended to everyone as it is designed to create your new reality and new world based on your higher vibrations!.  
– Special offer is available for the first 10 people. 

6) April 23rd  Thu 7-8am UK time  / Japan time 15:00-16:00 –  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Throat Chakra block release 
– Monthly energy clearing and galactic transmission.


7) How are you utilizing your self-isolation time? 
– Due to a drastic change in our daily life, our time and energy  have been so consumed to find out what to do and what the government is telling us to do. Probably we also spent a lot of time on social media, messages, etc. Then now it is April. 
– If you allow, this will be continued,and Dec will come, if you don’t manage your life and time. 
– Since we have plenty of time at home now, it is a good time to learn something to get some skills and knowledge. Below is not lmited, but it is highly recommended to sign up to build your value and knowledge. 
– Class 1 and 2 – work your psychology and energy 
– Mind Revolution course – especially at this pandemic time, learn how to manage your life. 
– Psychic development course 
– Private sessions to heal your wounds and set your energy to manifest your wishes.
and more.

You can utilize any sessions and courses for you to transform your life. 

Stay safe and feel free to contact me. 

Thank you.

Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session – SKYPE
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 

Vibrational and psychological work is like a very new concept I think but it is essential. That’s why in this session, it is integrated. It works on the vibrational level and you may not even realise how it is working. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.

Offers  and Events
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———————————————————————————-– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face. 

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