★Aug 11th Sun-Field Day Trip to Avebury – Ancient Power spot

Trips’ photos are available from here now. 


Would you like to have a spiritual whole day trip to the ancient power spot?

Many people go to Stonehenge but the energy is not really clear there as it is so commercialised. With out trip, you would experience various activities to raise your vibrations.
You will talk to the nature, have a conversation, tune in with the energy, and develop your psychic senses as well. Energy is very strong especially at the second power spot destination, and you will have a time to be guided and become connected with the higher dimension there.

If you are interested in, please contact us and book your trip. Since it is organised by non-travel agency, it will be a customised holistic experiences.

What is Avebury?
Avebury is a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles, around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, in southwest England. One of the best known prehistoric sites in Britain, it contains the largest megalithic stone circle in the world. It is a tourist attraction and still a place with spiritual significance.

– Once you book this day trip, you will receive more information.
People who can join this day trip: You need to have had minimum
———26 DNA Standard Activation with a cord cutting private session/40 DNA Activation Standard session, and
——– Reiki 1 seminar / Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar attendance with our school in advance. (please email us for booking).
Reiki 1 seminar is organised in Aug as a group seminar, or you can book it when you want to separately.

Time and Date: Aug 11th Sun. Starting from 8:30am depart from London. Return: around 9pm.

Itinerary and Transport: 
-8:30 gathering at the departure bay at the coach station. 

– departure: From London  – we will use a National Express service for about 2h 15 min (return ticket is about 15-21 pounds depends on a ticket) by bus and the local bus for about 30 min (return ticket is 5.1 pounds).
– 11:15/11:30  Arrival at the local coach station and wait for another bus. Time for break and lunch.
– 12:05 departure by local bus.
— * In case if we miss the limited bus service at the local transfer, we will take a taxi and share the cost (one ride is about 35 pounds, about 30 min).
– 12:35 ish – Arrive at Avebury. Visiting power spots including the place not known to public.
17:30 – Leave the Avebury by local bus.
– 18:30 – Transfer to National Express bus and head to London
20:40 ish – return in London by National express bus

  • If you are coming by car and meet us at the local site, it is also possible (attendance fee is still the same).

– In order to raise the vibration and connect with the nature and energies, you will have various activities. 

-On the way on a bus
—– You will have time to meditate, and will be given couple of tasks to raise your vibration. If you are sleepy, you can take a nap too.
—– Please also bring your lunch pack. In order to have more time to wonder around on site, we will eat lunch on the bus. (Please make sure not to drink too much water after 12noon as on site, there is no toilet where you will be taken to once you leave the bus stop area).
– On site: 
—– about 12:40 – first power spot visit and wonder around.
—– Guided meditation
—– Short toilet break
—— Special path
—— Second power spot visit which is not well known to public. We will do guided meditation and please bring a small picnic mat or something as the ground can be wet.
——- If time allows, something else.
——-16:30 ish – Return to the first power spot and free time for meal, crystal stone shopping or museum visit if you want.
——–17:20 Gathering to take a bus
——–17:27 local bus departure.
——– 18:00ish get off the local bus.
——–18:34 National express bus departure
-On the way to London on a bus
—– You will have time to meditate, and will be given couple of tasks to absorb and keep your vibration. If you are sleepy, you can take a nap too as you may be tired after wondering around a lot.
——– 20:50ish return in London.

Your fitness level:
– You need to be fairly fit and healthy and you are between 18-60 years old.
You need to be fairly fit as we will be walking around for minimum 2-4 hours and take buses. It is not a fast pace but make sure you are not ill for this trip. In case you become sick on site, we may ask you to stay and wait for us in a local café or a pub around the bus stop to make sure you will be somewhere inside, but without the attendance of the organiser.
– no pets, no kids are allowed.

Booking deadline: Aug 10th Sat 17:00 (After Wed 8th, payment is only by Paypal).
– Once you make a payment, you will receive the details of the trip, gathering place, buying tickets from National Express website, etc.

* Please note that you need to book bus tickets by yourself online. It is easy. 
– Participation fee: 30 pounds by bank transfer. From Aug 9th, 35 pounds by Paypal. Advance booking only to attend. No drop in without any advance booking. 
– Transportation fee: The participation fee does not include lunch, dinner, and transportation fee, so you will have  instructions how to buy tickets when you book this trip.
– 1) You need to by National express bus return tickets in advance: 15-21 pounds(online booking possible from their website).
– 2) Local bus return ticket is 5.10 pounds by cash.

* Price may go up and change due to their bus services and type of tickets.  Non refundable and no change restricted tickets are cheaper.
* In case if we miss the transit local bus on the way, we will take a cab and share the cost (one ride is about 35 pounds) only on the way. So please expect there may be additional 10-17 pounds. Thinking about this, restricted non-refundable 15 pounds tickets would be ideal.

– We won’t use the railway transportation as the fare is more expensive and the engineering service would probably divert trains or cancel trains. Therefore, this route is the least distracted route though there may be delay or traffic jam possibility.

What to bring
– (cold) lunch and water/something to drink, snacks. Please note any smelly hot food is not allowed to bring in.
– dinner: depends on what time we will be back to café area on the power spot, you will have time to buy a snack, and  may have time to have a quick meal at a pub which is time restricted. Recommended to have something to eat for your evening meal as well just in case.
– Local shops should be open till 17:00 so you can buy snacks, ice cream, drinks and sandwiches (limited selection, as they are small shops).
– hat, rainwear just in case.
– small picnic mat or plastic bin bag to sit on the wet ground.
– please wear a walking shoes, not a sandal or high heel shoes.
– Cash for bus ride and taxi ride (about 20 pounds). It should be a smooth trip but in case of any troubles, please have about 40-50 pounds by cash.
– something to wear in case air cone is cold on a bus.
– tissue paper ( in case you really need to go for a toilet in a bush!)
– pen. 

Terms and Conditions

– Since we are not the travel agency, you need to have your own travel insurance in case of any accidents and injuries with your full responsibility. We regard your participation with understanding this conditions.
– Insurance cover is available for your National express bus journey when you book online with additional 2 pounds.
– In case a trip is cancelled, participation fee will be refunded to you. Transportation fee refund depends on a type of ticket you buy by National Express, so please check with them. We do not refund  and do not deal with the transportation ticket’s refund and rescheduling.
– Please wear a suitable walking shoes, hat and rain jacket in case the weather is not favourable.
– Unless it is a terrible weather with a warning, we will conduct this trip.
– Since a toilet facility is limited on the actual power spot area, away from the bus stop area, please make sure not to drink too much water or tea and eat after 11:30. We will head to the away-area after 1:40 ish. and will stay away for good 2-3 hours.
– Toilet and air con facilities are available on a National Express bus. It may be cold and you may want to have something to wear.
– WIFI reception would not work at the away area, so please do not expect you can wonder around feely and please stay in a group together until you will get back to the bus stop and café area.
– You need to come to the gathering time and place in time. In case you miss busses, you need to arrange your alternative transportation and pay fee by yourself.
– It is not expected to have a taxi ride back to the local coach station unless the local bus schedule should be changed or cancelled. In that case, we will share a taxi and cost.
– In case you miss a National Express bus from the local coach station, there are plenty of other buses available going back in London and you can arrange your alternative bus at your responsibility.
– Depends on the weather and flow on a day, we reserve all rights to make a change of an itinerary if needed.
– You are expected to travel together in a group but in case you want to go own your own and depart the group, please notify the organiser Kei and you can freely wonder around with your own responsibility (But please note it is allowed only after we return to the local bus stop area after visiting the sacred area after 16:00sih for your own safety).

Cancelation policy: Fee is non-refundable after Aug 3rd.
– Please make your bag as light as possible as we will walk a lot.