★Class 1 -Level 2 – Higher self Connection Guided Meditation For Your Life Creation and Psychic Development

Class 1 – Level 2

Many people are asking us questions of how to connect with the higher light-beings as they want to become connected with them such as higherself, angels, ascended masters, Asthar and Higher-beings.

They are out there but their energy and vibration is higher than ours. If you don’t clear your negative emotions and energies, attachments, and heal your wounds, your connection would be most likely not the light-beings but the dark-beings and so called “shape-shifters” as pretenders. I saw so many cases where many people become connected with non light-beings, and their energy or sometimes their lives are messed up.

In any energy work,

there is no short cut.

If you want to have a higher light-beings’ guidance and connection, you need to learn how to discipline yourself and clear your own energy first and for most, step by step to reach to the certain vibration without a huge ego, dishonesty, lies, arrogance, competitiveness, rudeness, judgements, manipulation and a sense of taking care of others people beyond your self- centeredness and desires to seek for a short-term gratification without a mental disorder, substance use and alcohol addiction.

We help you to transform your vibration and build up your energy step by step.

This level 2 helps you to build up your energy step by step and become connected with your higher self, not being disguised by other shape-shifters, and receive guidance and support from them. If you want to develop your psychic senses, this is the first gate-way for you to become connected with the higher dimension in a very safe manner.

In other words, we would like you to understand it is nothing fluffy dealing with the energetic-beings, and not heavenly all the time, so you need to learn how to safely and securely develop your vibration and become connected with the light-beings.

This course is designed to heal your wounds and develop your vibration, and raise your awareness. Higherself connection helps you to guide you, heal you and live as who you are.

Our school method requires a proper meditation to clear and manage your energy with a regular meditation practice as the essential daily practice. If you are interested in, please sign up from the class 1 level 1.

For further information, please visit the class 1 level 2.