★Dec 24th remote Group Session and 2018 New Year Events to become Magnificent YOU


How are you?

Many people are so busy at this festive season. How is your Christmas shopping?
When you are on holiday, it is important to rest your brain, your mind and body all  and detach from all the busy busy day-to day matters as much as possible.

The New Year 2018 is a year for us to upgrade our self-image and self-esteem, so it is important to release whatever unwanted energies, memories and emotions as well as setting your energy to become ‘MAGNIFICENT’ YOU.

In many cases, many people take actions or willing to take actions ONLY after they see opportunities are coming. However in this way, they most likely would miss grabbing important opportunities in relationships, career, business, promotions, etc.

It is more important to PREPARE to get opportunities even if you don’t see anything in horizon. Even if you get a good job interview, if your skill sets are not up to the good level, you would miss it.  Even if you meet a person who seems to be your type and long-time waiting ideal partner candidate, if you are still having lots of emotional and mental wounds, your lovely essence would not be radiating enough to attract that person.

So, now is the time to take action actions to prepare you to grade you up for 2018!

New Year, New YOU!

I will be away soon so the last group remote session this year is Dec 25th’s work to clear your emotions and energies, and receive Christ Consciousness and Archangel Tzadkiel’s love, forgiveness, abundance energy.


NEW! – “Magnificent YOU” Intuitive& Psychic Consultation
You can also have a new type of “Magnificent YOU” Intuitive& Psychic Consultation to attract what you want and who you want to become till the end of Jan. This session will help you to get guidance from your ancestors, guides and Angels and Ascended Masters to maximize your happiness in life full.

Jan events to maximize your capacity. 
Next year is the key year for us, so Jan 17th is planned for a special new moon, event. On Jan 20th Sat is for also a deep workshop to unmask who you are and radiate your true essence.

Each event information will be updated one by one but you can have the further information from the link below.



Thank you so much for this year and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you soon and next year.


Love and Light





0) 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation and Spark of Life
DNA Activation is the very first session we recommend to everyone as you can become connected with your own power and essence to fulfil your life.

If you received once, we recommend you to receive 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation as well as Spark of Life, because….. every single time you receive more light into your core, you would be more and more awakening, which is based on our spirit awakening as well.

There are so many new age modalities out there, but we recommend the DNA Activation to receive first  as this was tested and verified by Wise King Solomon over 3000 years ago. It works for everyone beyond nationalities and colours, etc.

If you had a DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is highly recommended as it awakens your spirit side.


1)Dec 24th Sun midnight – Jesus Christ consciousness and Archangel Tzadkiel’s energy. 

2018 is the year to master you and you can receive the energy transmission; Jesus Christ consciousness and Archangel Tzadkiel’s love, forgiveness, transformation and abundance for your transformation.

Time and Date: Dec 24th Sun Midnight –  24:00-25:00/1am Mon

– Jesus Christ consciousness
– Archangel Tzadkiel’s love, forgiveness, transformation and abundance
– 8th dimensional light transmission
– After the remote group session, channelled message and guidance to receive by email.
 * Please email your full name, address you will be at and your birthday info.
* It is not refundable.
Payment – please pay from the Paypal link below. Paypal charge is included.


2)Until the end of Jan  - Magnificent You, New Year Intuitive & Psychic Consultation

2018 is the important year for you to master yourself with your gifts and powers. It is not a normal psychic reading but you can also have guidance how to move on forward with possible solution ideas and guidance.

If you would like, in order to release blocks out of you, NLP and guided work are also included to manifest your dreams.

Time and Date: Anytime. Please email us 3-4 preferred time you would like to book.
Fee:  85minutes at £150 / 115minutes at £210

*Please pay in advance by bank transfer.
* Within 72 hours of  your preferred date to book, Paypal payment is requested but Paypal charge is additionally added by +5-10 pounds.
* Within 48h cancelation and rescheduling request of your appointment,, cancelation charge is 50%. 100% charge within 24hours.

3)Wed Jan 17th 12:00-13:20 2018 New Year New Moon Meditation and &Magnificent You Energy Work

Since it is a new moon day of the new year, we will do deeper work on this day.

- Short Clearing Meditation
–  Mindfulness New Moon Meditation to focus on NOW, not the past
–  Ancient ‘4 World Energy’ work to balance your energy.
–  Set your intensions and goals for the near year 2018. (Short Coaching session)
–  EMDR light workout In order to manifest your wishes and dreams about for 10 min.

4 World is the ancient rituals handed down in our Mystery School lineage. At this workshop, we adapt its form and make it available to everyone to manifest their wishes. If your energy is not balanced, nothing would work well.


Fee: Early bird offer. better fee to book online in advance.  (on the door, £50 by cash)

Location: Covent Garden, 4 min walk.

Booking: Please make a payment from the link below.
Deadline of booking:
24h before.

*It is not refundable unless we cancel the event.
*Once you book and pay from the link below, we receive a notice, so you don’t need to email us separately for bookings.
* Exact address will be notified 2-3 days before by email.


4)Sat Jan 20th 10:00–. 2018 New Year Special, Become Magnificent You Energy Work& Abundance work.

Details will be posted later.

After the Karma release and Ancestral Healing vol 1, this is the volume 2. We will work on your career/life direction including abundance. It is important to release blocks related to your life direction and abundance.


For example – There are different types of products, shops, schools available. In order to get something you want, how do you choose and how much do you pay?

Some people choose based on the price whilst others choose based on qualities and their preferences.

Some people criticize if something is expensive and they would not approve the price as usually they have their own ideas and set rules prices has to be based on something they think they have to be.

Point here is if you are one of them and keep criticising a price  someone else set with a reason, you would have probably difficult to get abundant. Money is just the energy but people add their judgements there.

We will work on a lot of money related aspect at this workshop.

5)Jan 31st lunch time  – full moon meditation with EMDR short workout. 


Following workshops and seminars are most likely planned in Feb or March.

- AK2theory seminar – Feb
- Sacred Geometry Site Protection – Feb
- Reiki Seminar 1&2 =>Feb
- Dating & Relationship, & Communication Seminar ⇒Feb
- How Psychic are you? => Feb or March
- Psychic Development Open circle practice session for non-initiates. -> Feb or March