★ Detoxing – food, drinks, body, energy, emotions, all levels

★ Detoxing – food, drinks, body, energy, emotions, all levels

In order to detox, many people choose fasting but I have lots of appetite so fasting is not ideal. Based on the famous, food detoxing method,  I have detoxed for 42 days from July 1st till Aug 11th, strictly only some veggies. It could detox my body aiming to improving a blood and energy circulation, killing abnormal cells which everyone has, just not activated, better skin conditions, etc.

Results are;
– much clearer energetic connection
– better psychic senses
– Clearer to see where the ailment is during sessions
– more balanced in many ways
– better skin conditions
–  by product, 8 kg weight loss. It went below 50 kg after many years. – about 1.3 stone loss.
– my abdomen’s size is much smaller than before. I could see how much fat I had around my stomach, quite shocking as I didn’t feel so before but now I really did.

– Food advert and food are everywhere. Temptation is really everywhere. Good opportunities to train your mental muscle to discipline and resist temptations.
– Since almost no protein diet, I was hungry all the time and got tired more than usual.

If interested in detoxing, please refer to below (if you have any illness, please consult GP first).
– Drinks: Water, herbal tea only, turmeric, ginger & black pepper boiled water – no caffeine, no juice, no alcohol, no drugs
– No protein excluding 4-5 organic apricot  bitter nuts
– No sugar, no ready-made food, no meat, no fish, no milk products, no snacks, no bread.
– Veggies: beets(50%), carrots(20%) and celeries(20%), radish(5%) and potatoes(5%) as your main at every meal – Flavour-wise, only herbs, salt and pepper, no mayo, no ketchup.
– Optional: grilled potatoes or peppers (home-made with an olive oil), cabbage (low sugared-vinegar if you want to),  not recommended but occasionally avocado (once a week).

  • A much as possible, no grilled, no cooked food, Only fresh organic veggies recommended.
  • beets is better to boil as toxin can be released while they are boiled.
  • If you want to, juicer would be good, but I personally preferred to eat veggies.
  • point is totally cut out sugar and protein, to kill abnormal cells and restructure your tissues and your body. But protein cut-out may be dangerous if you are ill so please consult your GP.

How do I taste normal food now after 42-day detox. 
– I had cookies but it is too sweet. You want to check how much sugar it is contained in a package. Daily consumption is only 20 or 25 g a day, which you take enough from fruits and veggies.
– vegan sausage – ready-made food taste is horrible.
– buttered toasts – I like it but still it does not really give a feeling of absorbing nutrition.
– milk – Since I saw lots of horrible videos how milk is made, I buy an organic one now.

How is my body and mental conditions
– Simple, very clear. After 8kg was shedding off, below, 50kg, after so many years, I feel lighter, better and clearer. Clothes are bit too big now but I can wear size 6 again.
– I will re-build my body with better nutrition and food, so weight will be back more or less but weight reduction was not the main purpose so it does not matter.
– Body needs fresh fruits and veggies, not ready-made, processed food.










– Drinks: Wate