★Dream Manifestation – Block Release & Your Divine Energy Alignment Creation – Private Session

We are here as a human to perform our missions, and learn and grow from various things.

Since we tend to focus on tangible things going on in the physical world, we may not understand what is going on at your soul and spirit level and in your energy field.

If you want to change your reality, you need to change energy, but how and where?

In order to change your reality, you need to understand where you are and who you are and release blockages stopping you to move on in your thought, belief and emotional patterns, and align with your own divine light.

Your mind and thought patterns are all reflected in your own language; how you say and what to say. If you change it slightly, it may have a huge impact on your reality. Our NLP approach finds quite often some blockages from words people use, literally, though sometimes blockages are found in the energy field and their way of thinking.

This session is a shorter session of the Quantum Mind Body Emo Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring session as an offer for you to experience how it is like. You can book the standard session straight away to receive its full benefits of its multidimensional energy work, otherwise, you can try this offer and find a clue of how you can move on in your life. It’s a limited offer.

– When you book, please email us when, where and what you were born, if you would like (as a reference).
⁻ We will combine various methods depending on your needs.
‐ Main tools are psychic consultation, coaching elements, and NLP so you will have many questions to explorer yourself. Then, we are releasing blockages using NLP and hypnosis, and support you to manifest your reality to change.
– It is not a full psychic reading. If you would like to have a full psychic reading, please book a psychic reading session, instead of this session.
‐ We will scan and analyse where your blockages are in your emotions, thought patterns, energy bodies, environmental influence, etc. You will receive a guidance, psychological work and energy work to release blockages.

Time and Date: please send us your 2-3 preferred time to book (Tue – Sat).
Location: Online, Zoom or Skype. Or face to face if you have to.
Fee & Payment: You can enjoy the following offer for a time-being. If you want to, you can receive further sessions. (If you would like to have a face to face session, you can have it with+£40 payment).
First-time customer for the first session:
60 min at £60 / 80min at £100
Repeating customers for the first session:
80min at £140, 110min at £190
– Second session for everyone:
80min at £150, 110min at £220.
– Third session and after – Please book the standard rate from
the Quantum Mind Body Emo Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring session.

Please read in advance.
– When you book, please email us when, where and what you were born, if you would like (as a reference).
‐ If you have any physical and mental symptoms, please email us and let us know which illness you have with symptoms in advance, at least 3 days before of your session.
‐ This session is recommended for people who are ready to explorer within, face your own emotions and thoughts, not wanting to be affected by other people.  

Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy: Within 48hours of your session, 100% fee will be charged.

Client feedback
”Everything been so much calmer today – and I sat still for 30 mins with my face to the sun. Felt so good. Thank you for a wonderful session – my boy friend has been super calm today too. We’ve both had lots of space.”
(English female, 30s, London, Health, UK, 2020 Sep)

”My chest heaviness and tightness is gone. Thank you! I will find more time to do hobbies.”
(Japanese female, 40s, corporate, Tokyo, Japan, 2020 Sep)