Dec 14th – Emotional Wounds & Energy Healing

Emotional Wounds & Energy Healing


“I was in a very depressed state as I got divorced and was struggling to find a way to feel better. Clearing Meditation was very simple but I felt much better and calmer. Kay has a voice with compassion and care.”
(English male, 50s, office worker, London, April 2013)

“I knew there was a block in my heart chakra but I could not remove it by myself. With the emotional healing work, I could feel when it was released and light was coming in. She downloaded the starseed energy for healing. I’m happier now.” (Japanese female, healer and psychic, 30s, London, Oct 2014)


Our Body and Mind is well connected and our thoughts and emotions can create energetic wounds, scars and blocks within our energetic bodies. If it goes on for years and years, it can be manifested as mental and/or physical illnesses.

But regardless of whatever the wounds and scars you carry, it is YOU being affected and it is difficult for YOU to move on or become happy. At this group healing workshop, you will have time and space to heal you through

– talking and sharing what is bothering you (you can limit how much you want to share. Please respect each other’s privacy as well)
– gentle and compassionate guided energy work and healing to locate your blocks and wounds
– Energetic cord cutting to release you from whatever you are tied up in, ex partners.
– Release and heal your energies and emotions in a group healing setting for you to become happier!

If need be, Archangels will be called in and Medical Intuition Healing Therapist Kay will also support you through the process of healing. You will be aided to ease and resolve your mental and emotional conflicts.

** Highly recommended to attend the 3pm- End of the Year Energy Clearing Gathering First. (Same Venue for 3pm and 4pm)

‐ 3min walk from Covent Garden Station.
‐ Location is shown only to members.
– Please arrive 5 mins before so that we can start as scheduled.
–  No entry for late comers (not more than 5 minustes).

★Fee: Current an Early Bird Offer £20 (On the door, £20)
– Please pay in advance to reserve your seat from the link below. Seats are not guaranteed without advance payment.
*** Fee will be increased towards the event day, so  please utilize the Early Bird offer if you would like.***



Looking forward to meeting you.