★ End Aug Newsletter – Have a Fresh Start in Sep with Our Events.


How was your summer? 

We have gone through the very challenging time by planet positions over the summer and finally things are falling into places one by one. The energy started moving forward finally. 

How would you know? Your life observation can tell you. 

Have a fresh start in Sep. 
So what is happening in your life?

I’m still reviewing the school menu but one thing I will introduce more is the Galactic Light transmission and the Archangel energy as their energy is getting more and more influential for us.

On Sep 13th Thu night, our Reiki and Meditation event will have a new element, Cord cutting by the Archangel Michael and you can have truly a new and good start for your work, relationship and schooling. At this time in your life, you don’t want to be affected by the past negative energies and you need to move on in your life. If you attend with your friend or a family, you can have a special offer too.

On Sep 25th Tue around noon, Aries Full moon Meditation and Galactic Light Transmission event will be conducted. This event has a combination of removing negative energies and empowering you with the Galactic Light. It is the time for more Galactic people to be awakening but you need to step into the process of remembering ‘who you really are” by healing the past and removing unwanted painful emotions and memories. This event is one of the gateways to step into that.

Galactic Activation – First step 
I am now aware of who I am but I was not aware of it back in 2005. DNA Activation was truly the first step even though I had had some Archangel connection activation sessions in prior the DNA Activation. This modality comes from the ancient King Solomon time and it was given only to Royals and nominated upper class people.

Activate your energy or upgrade it to the Galactic level, especially at this fresh start time in Sep. This earth is evolving further with the Galactic energy, and why not you?

Have a look at 26/28 DNA Activation or upgraded 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation for your own evolution.

There are some people who have received already AK2 and AK3 DNA Activation, which is the Galactic Activation.  If you would like to deal with the multi dimensional energies and evolve further by getting out of this heavily-densed earth dimension, this is the way. 

Usui Reiki and Ascended Master Reiki
Different people receive our Reiki for different reasons, such as for
– Relaxation
– Stress reduction
– Pain relief
– Anger, anxiety and fear to ease
– Clearing energies and emotions
and more.

You can receive it in central London or by remote session at home.
For further information, please visit our webpage  from here. 

Psychological work with the energy work for your transformation
If you are interested in making a change in your life, our classes and workshops are recommended as it is the combination of the theory and practice and you will learn how to develop yourself. You can start from the class 1 and class 2.


Sep 8th Special offer 
One slot is available for the energy assessment and Reiki by our trained initiate and therapist. Please check our What’s on page and book your slot if you are interested in. Please email soon.

Please feel free to make a query and bookings.

Have a good week and see you soon.


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