Dec 6th Noon- End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection

Dec 6th Noon – End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection


There are various types of meditations out there and this clearing meditation has been tested in the research at the university. Research participants felt less stress and became more mindful on average 25%, maximum 63% after only 15 min experiment as a result.

In order to receive more light and transform you and your life, you need to clear your energetic blocks and stuck energies as much as possible, which you will experience at this gathering. You will be gently guided to clear your energy in a group, and become connected with your true essence. It gives you the peace of mind and inner connection.

Since we are in the ascension time, after the Clearing Meditation, each participant will be guided to adjust the energy balance, and Kay will connect you with the Galaxy Energy for each participant quickly. It will connect you with the planet in the Galaxy which you are most related or needed, and it differs for each person. If you receive this connection more and more, you will start transforming your energy to fulfill your life purpose on this planet. Planets in the Galaxy are many, not limited to Pleiades, Colob, Sirius and more. If you are an indigo kid (especially born after 1975) and starseed, this connection is very much needed to awaken you as a gateway. You don’t have to be a starseed and everyone can experience the most needed energy for your own.

If you attend this gathering more, your energy will be built up and activated more. It you want to be awaken or a starseed, you will experience the Galactic Universe energy coming down to the space to transform you.

Time and Date – Sat Dec 6th from 12noon-13:00

Location: 3min walk from Russel Sq Station. Please arrive in time. Location will be notified after you book. If you booked from this website, please add a note to let us know with it when you book.

Fee:  Current Early Bird Offer,  £10 (by door, £20).


– Please pay in advance by Paypal for you to reserve your seat.
– Fee will be increased towards the event day (by door, £20). You can utilize the Early Bird offer.
– Fee is not refundable unless we cancel the event.

Looking forward to meeting you.